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Texas Fraternity Under Fire for Allegedly Banning 'Fagetry', Mexicans And Interracial Dating: VIDEO


A fraternity at the University of Texas (UT) has been accused of banning “interracial dating”, Mexicans and “fagetry”, reports NCRM.

Posted in 2007 on Flickr and earlier this week on Twitter, the Phi Gamma Delta document sets out a number of rules for pledges. It is assumed that “fagetry” refers to homosexuality.

Phi Gamma Delta last month held a racist party where the theme was reportedly "Border Patrol."

Despite originally indicating the racist party did not violate its rules, UT President Bill Powers released a statement on Tuesday that read, in part:

"Our dean of students has worked extensively with the [the fraternity] group to educate its members on the harm it has caused and to reconcile it to the greater community. The [members] have apologized, have been fully engaged with the dean of students’ efforts, and have reached out to Latino groups."

Powers also suggested that the rules photo may be a hoax:

"Additionally, a photo of alleged [fraternity] pledge rules has surfaced online. This ugly document appeared in 2007 and was largely believed to be a hoax even then."

Last year, the UT Austin chapter of Lambda Phi Epsilon was suspended following reports that a student had been denied a bid due to his sexual orientation.

Watch a report, AFTER THE JUMP...

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The Frat Brothers of Kappa Sigma Are Here to Gaybait You: VIDEO


The frat brothers of USF's Kappa Sigma chapter recently posted an ad for their bachelor auction that proves that everyone's a little bit g...



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University Of Texas Fraternity Suspended For Anti-Gay Discrimination - VIDEO

Lambda Phi Epsilon

The University of Texas (UT) has temporarily suspended a fraternity following reports that a student had been denied a bid due to his sexual orientation, reports The Daily Texan.

The UT Austin chapter of Lambda Phi Epsilon is under investigation by its national board after civil engineering senior Diwu Zhou said he rushed for the fraternity this fall but was asked a “derogatory” question in the initial interview process. He said that the interview panel included members of the official UT chapter along with members who ran an “underground” chapter that operated while the organization was banned from campus 2005-2011.

6a00d8341c730253ef01bb0794b2d4970d-800wiThe seven year ban came about after Phanta ''Jack'' Phoummarath, a freshman pledge at the fraternity, was found dead after a fraternity house party.  His body had been defaced from head to toe with tags including “FAG,” “I’m gay” and “I AM FAT.”

The fraternity restarted at UT in fall 2013 and is on probation this year.

Zhou said that when he was told he did not receive a bid, a member of the fraternity told him the reason he was not selected was because he is gay.

Charles Andrean, the fraternity’s national president, said:

“We have received a complaint about the undergraduate chapter, and our priority right now is a full investigation and finding out everything that potentially could have occurred here.”

Phil Butler, sorority and fraternity life advisor for the Office of the Dean of Students, confirmed that Lambda Phi Epsilon is currently banned from conducting any activity on campus but added that he is not aware of an “underground” fraternity organization.

David Chen, business graduate student and officer and media contact for the UT chapter, declined to comment on behalf of the fraternity.

Back in April, a student at the Central University of Florida claimed that he was rejected by the Beta Theta Phi fraternity because he is gay.

As part of their legal settlement following the death of Phoummarath, fraternity members participated in the production of an educational anti-hazing video which you can watch, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet Crashed a Frat House, Took Selfies: VIDEO


Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet paid a visit to Stonestreet's alma mater Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas and decided after their talk with students on campus to check out Stonestreet's old frat house.

Their timing couldn't have been more awkward. Turns out there had just been a party at the frat house and the Modern Family actors walked in on the aftermath, which included frat bros getting intimate with their ladies.

Ferguson tells Conan what happened when Mitch and Cam walked into the bedroom, AFTER THE JUMP...

Ferguson also talks about throwing out the first pitch at a Dodger's game recently ("gayest opening pitch") and making People magazine's "Best Dressed List".

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Pledge Says UCF Fraternity Rejected Him After Discovering He's Gay: VIDEO


A University of Central Student says that the Beta Theta Phi fraternity rejected him after discovering that he is gay, Knight News reports:

In a YouTube video posted last Thursday, sophomore George Dumont claims he was “balled,” or removed, from Beta Theta Pi’s Fall 2013 pledge process five days before initiation because of his sexual orientation. Dumont would later go on to file a report with the UCF Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life detailing the allegations.

In the video, Dumont claims to “have done some digging” and provides a screenshot of a text conversation in what he says is between himself and a brother of Beta Theta Pi.

He asks: “Was there a reason why?”

“They were ‘uncomfortable’ with things that were said. Aka they are homophobic. It’s disgusting and caused a late night meeting with me almost pulling my own pin,” the text reads.


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Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Chapter Placed on Probation for Rejecting Pledge Because He's Gay

Back in October, Towleroad reported that Alpha Iota, the Morgan State University chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, was under investigation at Morgan State University in Baltimore for rejecting Brian Stewart, who pledged the fraternity because his pastor and mentor from his youth was a member.

StewartStewart is gay, and that's the reason he was rejected, he said, a fact he discovered when a friend showed him some anti-gay online banter between two frat brothers.

Over the Christmas holiday, the WaPo reported that in early December the fraternity was placed on probation until fall 2015, and barred from participating in university events or hosting its own as a result of the investigation:

Kappa Alpha Psi leaders at Morgan State, and at the fraternity’s national headquarters, did not challenge the authenticity of the text-message exchange when it first became public, and they did not return requests for comment on the university’s probation decision.

Although it is unclear exactly what happened with Stewart’s application, the incident exposes a growing tension at many HBCUs between the conservative, religious values at their core and LGBT students who demand fair treatment. That tension comes as many of these schools struggle to attract and graduate enough students and stay financially afloat.

Stewart says he is no longer interested in pledging the fraternity but filed the complaint to raise awareness about the bigotry he experienced.


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