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'Q' Wants To Be The First Social Network For Queer-Identified Folks: VIDEO

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Q, the new social network developed by Eric Cervini, wants to do away with the left-swipe. As apps like Grindr and Tinder have come to changed the way that we date and interact with one another, online dating has become something akin to a digital meat market. Q, as Cervini’s Kickstarter describes, envisions a different future for romantic, virtual connections. Rather than separating its users by gender identity and sexuality indiscriminately, Q promises to be the first social network for people who explicitly identify as queer.

Q“Right now, the largest gay app prevents access to everyone but men, and it has an irrevocable license “to reproduce, distribute, [and] publicly display” everything we share. It’s exclusive, and it invades our privacy—we deserve better,” Cervini expressed via the project’s Kickstarter page. “That’s why I’ve created Q, a community-driven social networking app for humans - of all genders and sexual orientations - who identify as queer.”

Q wants to incorporate all of the progressive measures that companies like Facebook have implemented as they’ve worked to become more inclusive spaces for queer people. Where networking apps like Grindr and Scruff have generally limited their users to identifying as male, Q aims to be open and accessible to all people regardless of their gender identities.

Cervini’s project is looking to raise some $25,000 and as of the publishing of this post his Kickstarter has raised nearly $4,000. If you’re interested in bringing the first queer-positive social networking app to market then click through here, and let us know if a service like Q is something you think is worth investing in the comments AFTER THE JUMP...

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VIDEO: Pilot Takes Drone Aeronautics To New, Frightening Heights

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A drone pilot posted a video to YouTube showing off his impressive, yet frightening drone piloting abilities with his tiny but incredibly nimble quad-rotor drone. The pilot has the drone perform several tricks such as barrel rolls and loops at dizzying speeds with deadly precision that evokes ideas of its potential future implementation in combat situations.

Watch as the pilot puts the drone through its paces, which the drone handles rather easily, AFTER THE JUMP

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Elon Musk's Tesla Energy Wants To Be The Future of Clean Power: WATCH

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Last night Elon Musk took to the stage to unveil the next step in his ultimate plan for a more accessible energy efficient future. While Tesla, Musk’s company, is best known for its high-end electric battery powered cars, Musk explained that the next big sustainable push he wants to bring to the market lies in a smarter energy grid. Tesla Energy, the company’s newest product category, consist of two affordable home battery systems--the Powerpack and the Powerwall. Both batteries that can be wall mounted inside or outside of the home, and are able to soak up enough solar energy to efficiently power households without relying heavily on the traditional power grid.

TeslaAccording to Musk the Powerwall and the more scalable Powerpack will allow consumers to create micro smart grids of their own that can run on solar energy as well as storing excess energy generated by the regular grid when it isn’t under heavy use. At different points in any given day the cost of electricity fluctuates based on a number of factors like the total number of people accessing the grid and how much electricity they’re using. According to Musk, Tesla Energy products monitor the overall stress being put on the grid and intelligently saps energy from it when it’s at its cheapest.

Check out Elon Musk’s keynote speech introducing Tesla Energy AFTER THE JUMP...

Both Tesla Energy products are priced competitively with the Powerwall ranging between $3,000-$3,500 for different configurations, but Musk’s vision of a carbon neutral future isn’t without some economic drawbacks. Tesla Energy presumes that homeowners already have their residences outfitted with the necessary solar infrastructure that the batteries rely on to capture energy.

Additional costs include buying an AC/DC power inverter and having an electrician install the batteries. The biggest challenge facing Tesla Energy at this point is the market for energy. Put simply--fossil fuels and other traditional energy sources still work out to be way cheaper as opposed to a blend of solar and something like gas. Writing for Gizmodo, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering professor Dan Steingart explains that even under optimal conditions, Tesla Energy shakes out to being cost-prohibitive:

“On a per-kW basis installed it’s roughly 10x the cost of a standard generator system, not accounting for the price of gas. Assuming gas is ~$0.03 to $0.05/kWhr and the generator setup is 20% efficient, the cost of energy is 4x to 8x, depending on hours of use.

Musk himself admitted that while he currently uses two Powerwalls in his own home, the “configuration of his roof” isn’t quite what it needs to be to take himself completely off the grid. Tesla’s vision is ambitious, to be sure, but it isn’t quite attainable as of yet.

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1 World Trade Center Serves Up Stunning, Time-Traveling NYC Skyline Elevator Visuals: VIDEO


1 World Trade Center’s elevator to the building’s observatory level offers a time-lapse display of New York’s urban development history that plays within the elevator as it ascends toward the observatory reports The New York Times.

The video is presented from the perspective of where the 1 World Trade Center building stands, spanning from the year 1500 to the present. Although animated displays are hardly new, the elevator’s visuals are composed in a fresh manner including stylish elevator level and timeline indicators superimposed over the developing New York skyline; as the elevator ascends, the visuals progress through time.

Watch the elevator ride for yourself, AFTER THE JUMP

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Magic Leap Is Bringing Us One Step Closer To The Augmented Reality Of The Future: VIDEO

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Augmented reality has long since been one of the most promising visions of the future presented by Silicon Valley. As cell phones have grown more powerful and wearable devices have become more ubiquitous, that vision has come increasingly closer to realization. In a new video originally meant to be screened at South By Southwest, Magic Leap, a company specializing in AR and backed by Google, shares a little bit of the software its been working on.

Most forms of AR--like Microsoft's HoloLens--are a virtual overlays projected onto physical objects that can only be seen through a digital lens. Magic Leap’s take on the tech showcases a literal first person shooter game in which static physical objects become weapons that can be used to fight enemies in a video game.

Magic Leap also shows a few brief moments of interacting with e-mail as if it were a tangible thing and sending it with the flick of a wrist. It’s difficult to say just how close this concept video is to what Magic Leap may eventually bring to the consumer market, but the company’s PR director says that the Magic Leap team is playing a version of this game around the office right now.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Disney's New 'Tomorrowland' Trailer Shows A Future In Peril - WATCH

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Let it never be said that Disney doesn’t know how to turn a ride, or in this case a land within its own theme parks, into what appears to be an epic film. The latest trailer for Tomorrowland gives us a better--though still cryptic--idea of just what Brad Bird has in store for his second live-action feature film.

The future, as luck would have it, seems to be in some sort of dire peril at the hands of a nefarious Hugh Laurie. Helpless to fend off the forces of evil himself, Amal Alamuddin’s husband enlists the help of a young girl whose imagination will probably save the day. Silly as it all may sound, the film’s visuals are absolutely gorgeous and just might convince you to give it a shot when it hits theaters in May.

Check out the new trailer for TomorrowlandAFTER THE JUMP...

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