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Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Leads Pledge of Allegiance at the Democratic National Convention: VIDEO


Wow. That's a leader.


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Former Gabrielle Giffords Aide Ron Barber Wins Race to Replace Her

Democrat Ron Barber, a former aide to Congressman Gabrielle Giffords, won the race to take Giffords' House seat, The Hill reports:

BarberIn what both candidates predicted would be an extremely close race, Barber finished 6 points ahead of Kelly, taking 52 percent of the vote to Kelly’s 46, with 100 percent of precincts reporting.

In Pima County, home to Tucson and the grocery store where Giffords nearly lost her life, Barber led Kelly by double digits. Even in the more conservative Cochise and Pinal counties, where Kelly got the most votes, Barber performed better against Kelly than Giffords did two years ago.

"A year ago I never dreamt that I'd be standing here, thanking you for your support," Barber said in an address to supporters, as reported by the Arizona Daily Star. "But, as you know, life takes unexpected turns," he added, as he stood next to Giffords and her husband retired Navy officer Mark Kelly.

Openly Gay Arizona Lawmaker to Run for Gabby Giffords Seat

Out gay Arizona Democratic State Representative Matt Heinz says he will run for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' seat in Congress, the Arizona Daily Star reports:

HeinzHeinz said he will be running in both the special election and the November general election. Touting his experience problem solving and creating consensus across party lines in the Legislature and as a doctor at the Tucson Medical Center, Heinz said he’s the best person to fill Giffords’ position. Heinz has served four years over two terms in the state legislature.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about how we can move forward and how we can best honor Gabby’s strength, conviction and leadership,” Heinz said Tuesday morning. “One of the best ways we can do that is by moving quickly and making sure that, in this very short time frame, we get somebody in there to fill that vacancy that is going to carry forward her tradition of common sense, moderate, consensus-building and problem solving.”

Arizona's special election primary is April 17, and the general election is June 12. Giffords has not made any indication of a candidate she'd like to fill her seat.

David Mixner noted last month that along with Heinz there is another possible gay contender for Giffords' seat, open lesbian State Senator Paula Aboud.

So far, Heinz is the only Democrat to throw his hat in.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Breaks Down at Farewell for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords: VIDEO


Congress bid farewell this morning to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, and DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz broke down as she said good-bye and read aloud Giffords' resignation letter. Giffords then presented her letter to weeping House Speaker John Boehner.

Watch the emotional ceremony, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Hugs Gay Intern Daniel Hernandez, Who Saved Her Life: PHOTO


Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who over the weekend announced she's resigning to continue working on her recovery, today finished the Congress on Your Corner event at which she was shot one year ago. Among those attending the event was Daniel Hernandez (above), the gay former intern who saved her life.

In case you missed it, I've reposted Giffords' farewell YouTube message, AFTER THE JUMP...

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NEWS: Gabbie Giffords Retires; Joe Paterno Dies; Rich Kids Love Romney, And Sex Ed -- Ugh!

Picture 27

Road Gabbie Giffords, sounding sure of voice and better than she has all year, nevertheless announces that she'll retire this week. Watch her announcement AFTER THE JUMP.

Road A Greek anti-discrimination bill is shelved.:

... in order to avoid a government crisis, plans for a parliamentary debate of a new bill that would  punish “serious manifestations of racism and xenophobia” are cancelled indefinitely. The bill would have punished those "who incite, provoke or promote violence or hatred against people or groups based on their race, color, religion, origins, nationality or sexual orientation” with a prison term of up to three years.

... The bill was a project of the previous socialist government, that was replaced by a three-party coaltion last November in order to come to terms with the escalating fiscal crisis that plagues the country.

...The bill was supposed to be debated in the full house last week, after being approved in a parliamentary committee with the support of the socialists and a smaller leftist party. Last Thursday it was revealed that the bill will be shelved indefinitely ... The contents of the bill was for many months the target of angry reactions from nationalist right-wing opinion in the country.

Road Ever visit Fox Nation? If not, here's what you're missing.

Picture 28 Road Aerosmith was my first concert when I was 14 years old, and I still incubate a special kind of love for Steven Tyler. Which is why I wish people would stop hiring him to sing the National Anthem.

Road It's a city of strangers: The subway as musical instrument.

Road Although adorable rich kids love Mitt Romney ...

Road ... The New Yorker thinks Newt might win this thing. John Cassidy invokes the Muskie Curse:

... the main reason I think Newt could win is what is happening to Mitt's campaign. Outside of his own backyard, the former Massachusetts governor has yet to win more than twenty-seven per cent of the vote. At this stage, he is beginning to look ominously like another establishment favorite from the North East who had everything going for him except the voters in his own party: Ed Muskie.

Road Of course, the real winner of the Republian primaries so far, other than Barack Obama, is the National Organization for Marriage.

Road A "coalition of health and education group" released new standards for American sexual education earlier this month ...

Road ... and wow! CitizenLink's Candi Cushman and Focus On The Family's Janet Mefferd are really unhappy about it:

Cushman: The important things for parents to understand is that these standards are supposed to start in kindergarten so at the elementary level students are going to start to be taught to ‘identify different types of family structures.’

Mefferd: Ugh.

Cushman: And then demonstrate respect for these different types of families. That’s basically codes for, ‘We’re going to teach your kids about same-sex marriage and homosexual relationships and this is an option worthy of being embraced just like heterosexual marriages and relationships.’ Not only are they going to be willing to embrace it but they’re going to respect it and they’re going to get that down by the second grade. So they will need to start that probably around kindergarten so they’ll have it down in their heads by second grade. That’s just one example of them dealing with the homosexuality topic.

Mefferd: Well and in most states we don’t have same-sex marriage, so why the need for that?

Cushman: Right, it’s totally undemocratic.

Road Joe Paterno, coach, philanthropist, and alleged enabler of child rape, is dead.

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