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Vallejo, California Mayor Under Fire for Anti-Gay Remarks


You my recall the November '07 election os Osby Davis as mayor of Vallejo, California. It was a tight, contentious contest between Davis and openly gay candidate Gary Cloutier. Cloutier was declared the winner by five votes and then ousted in a recount.

Now, Davis is under fire for remarks he made to the New York Times in an article published last week. Said Davis about gays: “They’re committing sin and that sin will keep them out of heaven. But you don’t hate the person. You hate the sin that they commit.”

Said one angry gay Vallejo resident to ABC News: "I would like to hear him explain in what context those comments would be appropriate coming from an elected public official."

A protest is being organized against Davis. Watch the report, AFTER THE JUMP...

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road.jpg Gay former Vallejo Councilman Gary Cloutier talks to high school students a year after his failed mayoral bid: "Cloutier, who delved into local politics in 1999, said he's always embraced his sexual orientation in office, but said that never defined him as a politician. He also criticized the media for paying too much attention during the mayoral campaign to his gay identity and Davis' race. The contest was often framed by some news media as a first for Vallejo no matter what - either the city would get its first openly gay mayor or first African-American mayor."

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Gay Vallejo Mayor Candidate Gary Cloutier Files Recount Lawsuit

Gary Cloutier, the openly gay candidate who was declared the winner of the Vallejo, California mayoral election by a tiny margin of five votes, and then declared loser in a recount, filed a lawsuit challenging the results of the recount in Solano County Superior Court yesterday.

CloutierNBC11 reports: "At a news conference outside the courthouse this afternoon, Cloutier said the challenge is based on discrepancies between the machine count of ballots and a manual recount in December. Cloutier won the machine count and was sworn as mayor. Davis then requested a manual recount and [Osby] Davis won by two votes and was sworn as mayor. Cloutier said a ballot in his favor was found in the trash during the recount at the Registrar of Voters office. Cloutier said that indicates the 'potential for mischief' tainted the recount, which he also criticized as unsupervised by county officials. 'The recount is in shambles,' Cloutier said. Cloutier is asking the court to annul the certification of Davis as the winner and to declare him the elected mayor of Vallejo."

Cloutier says he doesn't want another recount, but either wants either a special election to be held, or a judge to decide the winner.

Cloutier would be the city's first gay mayor if elected. Alternatively, Davis would be the city's first black mayor.

Gary Cloutier Alleges Fraud in Vallejo Mayoral Election Recount [tr]
New Gay Vallejo Mayor Gary Cloutier Loses Election in Recount [tr]
Gary Cloutier Declared "Unofficial Winner" in Vallejo Mayoral Race [tr]
Gay Vallejo Mayoral Candidate Arrested for Public Intoxication [tr]
Vallejo, California Mayoral Candidates Battle to Be a First for City [tr]

Gary Cloutier Alleges Fraud in Vallejo Mayoral Election Recount

Gary Cloutier, the openly gay candidate for mayor of Vallejo, California, who was named the winner by five votes and then ousted by a recount, is now alleging fraud and "sloppy tallying" after an absentee ballot for him was discovered in the trash.

Gary_cloutierCloutier, if elected, would be the San Francisco-area city's first gay mayor. His rival Osby Davis, would be the city's first black mayor if elected to office.

The AP reports: "Cloutier says the recount was riddled with problems. At one point, Davis led by three until an absentee ballot for Cloutier was found in a pile of plastic bags. Cloutier calls that evidence of fraud and went to court Tuesday, unsuccessfully seeking a court order stopping Davis from taking over as mayor. County officials deny that there was any fraud or that a vote was tossed in the trash. County spokesman Stephen Pierce said the ballot had been erroneously set aside and both candidates were immediately informed of the find. The seesaw results have divided the community, said Hank A. Howard, who was among those watching Cloutier's court challenge. But Howard, who voted for another of the four mayoral candidates, said there is one outcome everyone can agree on: Your vote counts. Cloutier can still contest the results in a trial and has said the issue is 'far from over.' After Davis was sworn in Tuesday night, Cloutier left the council chambers, but not before echoing actor and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. 'I'll be back,' he said."

Cloutier has already had his share of controversy in the process. Days before being announced the winner of the election, he was arrested for public intoxication in Palm Springs.

New Gay Vallejo Mayor Gary Cloutier Loses Election in Recount [tr]
Gary Cloutier Declared "Unofficial Winner" in Vallejo Mayoral Race [tr]
Gay Vallejo Mayoral Candidate Arrested for Public Intoxication [tr]
Vallejo, California Mayoral Candidates Battle to Be a First for City [tr]

New Gay Vallejo Mayor Gary Cloutier Loses Election in Recount

After a recount and the tallying of all absentee ballots, recently-sworn in openly gay Vallejo, California Mayor Gary Cloutier was forced to give up his office as it was revealed that his rival Osby Davis won the election by three votes, the SF Chronicle reports:

Gary_cloutier"Davis, 62, asked for a recount, and the results showed that he finished with 5,718 votes to Cloutier's 5,715. Cloutier made headlines after he publicly apologized for his Nov. 18 arrest in Palm Springs for public intoxication. He was sworn in Tuesday under a city rule requiring the mayor-elect to take office by the first Tuesday in December. He became the Bay Area's first openly gay mayor. Davis will become the first African American mayor in the city of 117,000. 'This campaign is not about me; it never has been,' Davis, a devout Christian, said in thanking supporters and family who joined him at a news conference Thursday night. 'It's about the things God wants to do in this great city of ours called Vallejo.' Cloutier called Davis on Thursday to offer his congratulations; however, the lame-duck mayor didn't say whether he was going to challenge the recount, Davis said. Cloutier declined comment when reached by phone Thursday."

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Gary Cloutier Declared "Unofficial Winner" in Vallejo Mayoral Race [tr]
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Gary Cloutier Declared "Unofficial Winner" in Vallejo Mayoral Race

Openly gay Vallejo, California Councilman Gary Cloutier was declared the "unofficial winner" in the city's tight mayoral race on Tuesday, just hours after he apologized for an embarrassing weekend public intoxication arrest in Palm Springs.

Gary_cloutierThe Vallejo Times-Herald reports, "The 45-year-old Cloutier, who has served on the council since 1999, was arrested early Sunday after officers found him sitting alone in the driver's seat of a friend's Cadillac in Palm Springs. Police said he was clearly intoxicated, and was pulling out of his parking spot when stopped. He was not, however, charged with an attempted DUI. Cloutier said [yesterday] morning he made a mistake 'I deeply regret' and also said, 'I accept full responsibility for my actions and make no excuses.' He said he will work hard to restore confidence that his friends and colleagues may have lost in him. He said 'thank you' and wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving."

Two hours later, election officials declared Cloutier the winner in his neck-and-neck race against Osby Davis, according to the SF Chronicle: "Gary Cloutier beat former Solano County Supervisor Osby Davis by a hair-thin 5,722 to 5,718 votes, according to final results from the Nov. 6 election. Solano County Assistant Registrar of Voters Lindsey McWilliams said he expects to certify the results as final on Monday. The mayor's race had been a virtual dead heat since election day, when Cloutier and Davis were tied in their bids to lead the Bay Area's ninth-largest city."

Davis would have been Vallejo's first black mayor. Cloutier now appears to be the city's first gay mayor. Davis says he will ask for a recount.

Gay Vallejo Mayoral Candidate Arrested for Public Intoxication [tr]
Vallejo, California Mayoral Candidates Battle to Be a First for City [tr]
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