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Sponsored Posts Launch: Milk on the Move

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With this, we're pleased to announce the launch of Sponsored Posts. They won't appear every day. Just on special ones. And to avoid any doubt, they are not tied to nor do they influence our regular posts. The point is to try to make it easier for certain companies and brands to connect with our users (so they can contribute to footing the bill for keeping Towleroad growing and improving). We hope they're compelling to those who are interested and are only a minor inconvenience to those who prefer to wait for the next one.


It seemed auspicious to broaden our offerings as Milk, starring Sean Penn, increases its number of theaters. More cities are being added to the initial limited release because of the response so far. This means it's coming to more Americans in their hometowns. We're pleased to now partner with the film's distributor, Focus Features inaugurating Sponsored Posts with dispatches from a few major gay organizations. We asked for a quick dispatch on something that seems remarkable for how much (or little) it's changed since the Milk era, 1978 to be exact.

Guess which sector of American society has made the biggest gains for our equality since those days? It's in the first dispatch later today....

And if Milk is meaningful to you and something you can get behind, it could be a very good thing to let family, friends, and allies know about the film and its expansion to more cities. And please get in touch for more information on what we do, who reads our site, sponsored posts, and other advertising programs across Towleroad and our ModUrban Media partners. We are able to offer efficient ways to reach highly influential segments of consumers. Thanks again for your continued support. That really is the only way we're able to pull off what we do.

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