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Robert De Niro Cries in Emotional Interview About His Gay Father: VIDEO


We previously reported on the new HBO documentary, Remembering the Artist: Robert De Niro, Sr., a passion project for his son, actor Robert De Niro. The documentary not only discusses the artistic merit of the late painter, but also his homosexuality. A new clip from the film, which premiered last night, highlights some of De Niro, Sr.'s diary entries regarding his sexuality.

Here is just one excerpt:

If God doesn't want me to be a homosexual, about which I have so much guilt, he will find a woman whom I will love and who will love me, or at least create an interest in women [as] sexual partners.

De Niro reveals that he discussed the issue with his mother on several occasions, but never with his father. "I was his son. I was the last to know," he says. He also mentions the dissolution of his family and his father's new life in New York City.

De Niro says he kept his father's studio intact to help his kids know what their grandfather did.

"I realized how important it is for children to appreciate the things that your parents did if they want to share them with you," he says, choking up. "Cause I regret certain things with my parents...that I didn't follow through on."

Watch the emotional clip, AFTER THE JUMP...

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UK Teen Who Committed Suicide In 2010 Had Allegedly Been In Relationship With TV Star

In December 2010, 18-year-old UK fashion student Ben Cowburn (right) overdosed on drugs, killing himself and leaving behind a baffling and unnerving story. Cowburn, who had moved to London in 2009, had reportedly been in a relationship with a famous television actor that may or may not have led him to a compromised emotional state. Fueled in part by promises of gifts (in exchange for Cowburn's styling work), the romantic relationship was also heavily infused with drugs, alcohol, and, as some believe, unwanted sexual attention.

BencowburnPinkNews reports:

The comedian, who in the inquest was referred to only as “Mr X” to protect his identity, allegedly showered the teenager with gifts before taking him to drink and drug-fuelled parties.

The inquest also heard of how Mr Cowburn was persuaded to strip in front of a group of men and of how the comedian occasionally crept into his bed for sex.

Cowburn's parents were reportedly wary of the situation from the beginning as the comedian likely already had a stylist and did not need the student's help. When their relationship did end, Cowburn attempted suicide several times before being admitted to Longreach hospital. 

David Taylor, a nurse, told the inquest that the student had felt embarrassed and ashamed and thought he had been groomed by the man, although claimed the sexual relationship had been entirely consensual.

A different story from the Metropolitan Police claimed that when Cowburn could not pay for a cab to leave one of the actor's parties he was offered a bed and woke up to find the man lying next to him. The police noted that Cowburn's sister, Laura, said that she had been led to believe that he had been raped.

However, police decided there was no conclusive evidence that the teenager, who had sent Facebook messages to the celebrity, had been physically coerced into sex and therefore there were no grounds for questioning Mr X.

Sir Ian McKellen Says He Took On 'X-Men' Role Due To Gay Rights Allegory


Sir Ian McKellen has been out since 1988, serving as one of the gay rights movement's most revered (and Oscar-nominated) celebrities. Now he has revealed that an appeal to gay rights was the reason he took on one of his more iconic roles. It is no surprise to movie-lovers that the "X-Men" film series could stand in as an allegory for civil rights battles, but knowing that Magneto may never have been embodied by McKellen makes the comparison all the more important and intriguing.

Yahoo! Movies reports:

“I was sold it by Bryan [Singer, the director] who said, ‘Mutants are like gays. They’re cast out by society for no good reason,’” [McKellen] explained to Buzzfeed.

“And, as in all civil rights movements, they have to decide: Are they going to take the Xavier [Stewart’s character] line — which is to somehow assimilate and stand up for yourself and be proud of what you are, but get on with everybody — or are you going to take the alternative view — which is, if necessary, use violence to stand up for your own rights." 
"And that’s true. I’ve come across that division within the gay rights movement.”

McKellen said that though he had partners throughout the 70's and 60's, there were still societal limitations which made him think small in regards to the future of gay rights.

 "There we certain things we weren’t allowed to do and I’m afraid I rather went along with that because I was having a rather good time being an actor.”
“But I realised my position was not a sensible one. I realised what I had to do was ‘come out’.”

He also said that another coming out moment, that of Ellen Page who will also star in "X-Men: Days of Futures Past," is important for a new generation of comic book readers and movie watchers.

“Marvel told me that the demographic for the readership of the comics is young blacks, young jews, and young gays. These are all young people who feel a little bit like mutants, so they sympathise with [the X-Men] and want them to thrive and do well.”

“And all this has come to a happy conclusion hasn’t it, with Ellen Page coming out. That gladdened my heart so much.”

The new movie arrives in theaters on May 22nd!

Neil Patrick Harris Inspires Sweet Dreams in Sultry Ad for Sleep: VIDEO


Want to get in bed with Neil Patrick Harris? Neuro's new music video advertisement for their beverage, Sleep, gets you about as close as humanly possible. The hilarious ad finds NPH singing sultry lyrics about how much he loves to, well, sleep. Rapper Problem and singer Asher Monroe accompany him, and the result is a mystifying blend of humor and heat. 

Harris reportedly won in a survey of Neuro drinkers that asked what celebrity they would most want to have at a sleepover. Good choice!

Watch the steamy, sleepy slumber party, AFTER THE JUMP...


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'Same Love' Songstress Mary Lambert Reflects on the Last Minute Macklemore Collaboration

MarylambertMary Lambert, the openly gay crooner who sings the beautiful chorus for "Same Love," the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis-helmed marriage equality anthem, has had quite a successful year. The tune is nominated for the song of the year award at Sunday's Grammy Awards, and her involvement on the track has helped push her solo career into overdrive. Funnily enough, though, she says that she very nearly missed out on the amazing opportunity.

HuffPost reports:

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis had written and produced a song called "Same Love," but they needed a special hook to finalize the emotional track. Like the rap duo, Lambert is from Seattle, though she had never met them before.

"I was sort of a last resort," said Lambert. "It was a match made in heaven."

Lambert was given "about two or three hours" to write the song's chorus and then record it the same night in front of the breakthrough newcomers, who were instantly impressed by the soft singer.

"They loved it. It was like this beautiful minute of silence after I sung the chorus," she recalled.

Lambert's deeply felt connection to the track, which was shockingly successful given the content, has pushed her deeper into her own music career as well.

She said it also has encouraged her to be honest in her own music. She released an EP, "Welcome to the Age of My Body," in December and it features a spinoff of "Same Love" called "She Keeps Me Warm" — a refrain from the original track.

Lambert signed to Capitol Records and will release a full-length album this year. She plans to sing about topics from female empowerment, fat shaming and domestic violence.

"I think people are figuring out there's no formula anymore. The things that used to work for record companies don't necessarily work," she said.

Check out Lambert's EP on iTunes, and tune in to the Grammy Awards this Sunday at 8pm on CBS to see if "Same Love" steals the show. 

Rapper LastO Unleashes His Inner Killer In Video For 'Pour A 40': WATCH


You may not have heard of out gay rapper LastO, but Out Magazine thinks that he is an artist to watch out for, and his bold statement of a debut video will certainly catch your attention. The video, for song "Pour a 40" off his second album, "Where's Vivian?," is a creepy, over-the-top ode to serial killers.

OUT reports:

"I knew what the video would look like if any other artist had done the song," LastO said, "so I was very adamant about doing something else."

That "something else" sees the New York-based rapper going the serial killer route, replete with a hefty blade and a bit of pseudo-gore. 

Check out the video, AFTER THE JUMP...

Warning: Contains strong language and violent imagery.

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