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Barcelona Bars Raided During Pride


Pride ended poorly for the patrons of La Bata de Boatiné and El 23, two bars in Barcelona, Spain. At 3am on June 29th the gay bar La Bata de Boatiné was raided by about 20 Mossos, the civilian police force, as they broke down the door to the bar. According to News Vine, the Mossos wore bulletproof vests and masks but no identification, which is illegal in Spain. The Mossos in turn only asked for the ID of the bar owner, Miquel, and performed a cursory search for drugs with a police dog, which found nothing. Customers found the raid to be unecessary and violent, and done only to intimidate. Miquel told the El Diario newspaper: 

[...]he believes the tactics used by the agents were due to "homophobia" otherwise "it makes no sense to have all this police presence just to ask me for a document," especially when the bar passed a city inspection only four months ago.

The night went even worse for El 23, the straight bar next door. One of the patrons, Sergi Boal, complained loudly during the raid and as a result was kept in the bar as the rest of the patrons were escorted out. When left alone with the Mossos, things allegedly turned violent as Boal was then grabbed by the throat, called cowardly scum, and beaten until the thought he "was going to die." They examined the contents of his wallet and then left. It is suspected that because El 23 shares an address with La Bata de Boatiné that the Mossos thought it was a gay bar as well. This suspicion is supported by one of the Mossos calling one of Boal's friends a "maricón," which as we learned from the holy Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez is a slur that generally translates as "faggot." Across town other gay bars such as El Cangrejo were the victim of similar raids.

El Diario's sources at the Mossos and at the city police force Guardia Urbana say that these incidents were routine and merely a coincidence that they happened at a bunch of gay bars during Pride. Barcelona city counselor Mercè Homs offered a weak "apology" for any "inappropriate attitudes." Bar owners are considering legal action and liberal political parties are asking for investigations. The Mossos would do well to look at the history they are repeating that happened at Stonewall or, more recently, The Rainbow Lounge and the fallout that they may well be bringing down on their own heads.

NYC Gay Western Bar 'Flaming Saddles' Gets Reality Show

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Famed NYC Hell's Kitchen country'n'western bar 'Flaming Saddles' is getting its own reality TV show.

From The New York Post

[The show] will follow the straight couple Jacqui Squatriglia and Chris Barnes, who own the saloon that’s hosted “Modern Family” star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Anderson Cooper and members of “The Book of Mormon” cast. Apparently the stress of managing the venue and its cast of muscled, dancing bartenders is enough to require not one but two couples therapists. Squatriglia was a chorographer at another party-hardy dive, Coyote Ugly, before opening Flaming Saddles. Former “SNL” writer Margaret Oberman will produce for the production company Traveling Picture Show.

New York Magazine rated 'Flaming Saddles' the best gay bar in 2012.

Spain's Hot Summer: VIDEO


The Barcelona bar Bimbambum offers a taste of what a hot summer in the Catolonian city brings out to the city's beaches and may have you rescheduling your summer vacation, to Spain.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Plaque Honoring Victims of Nail Bomb Attack at UK Gay Pub Missing


In 1999, the Admiral Duncan Pub on Old Compton Street in London's gay SoHo district was bombed. Three people died. Now a plaque in memory of Andrea Dykes, John Light and Nick Moore has gone missing, No To Hate Crime reports:

Mark Healey from 17-24-30 noticed that it had gone during recent checks. “If anyone has taken the plaque I hope that they will return it. It is a shame that it has gone missing as we approach the 14th anniversary of these horrific attacks.”

Mark has been in touch with the Moore family, St Anne’s Church, the local police and Westminster Council – unfortunately no-one knows where the plaque is.

A new plaque is on order.

More background on the Admiral Duncan attacks:

The Admiral Duncan bombing was the third of three nail bomb attacks carried out by David Copeland who wanted to stir up fear and hatred so that the British National Party would be elected. Luckily his plan failed but not before he had planted three bombs over the course of three weeks targeting the Black communities of Brixton (17th April), the Asian communities of Brick Lane (24th April) and the Gay communities of Soho (30th April).

The three nail bomb attacks left three people dead in Soho and over 150 people injured (47 people in Brixton, 6 in Brick Lane and 97 in Soho).

Gay Bar Attacked Amid Marriage-Related Homophobic Violence in France: VIDEO


Three employees of a gay bar in the northern city of Lille, France were attacked and assaulted by four men who broke the bar's windows, The Local reports:

  Gianni_lilleThe bar's owner linked the incident to "tensions" surrounding the parliament vote.

"I was hit by a chair," thrown through the window, he told AFP. Police later detained the suspects.

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Atack_lilleMeanwhile, homophobic violence conbtinued elsewhere in France on Wednesday, The Local adds:

Several thousand opponents to the bill crammed the streets of Paris on Wednesday, waving banners that read "A father, a mother, it's basic" or criticised French President Francois Hollande. Interior Minister Manuel Valls condemned acts of violence during the protests "in spite of promises made by the organisers". Several people were detained for questioning after cars and public property were damaged and police officers and journalists attacked, said Valls. Police put the number of detentions at 11.

Organisers put the number of demonstrators at 8,000 while police said 2,400 people had protested. Twenty-four people who took part in a counter-protest denouncing homophobia were arrested, police said.

The day before, some 2,700 opponents had gathered in Versailles outside the capital to protest the bill, leading to scuffles with police.

Opponents have vowed new mass demonstrations in the next week.

Watch a French news report on the gay bar attack, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Chelsea's 'Rawhide' Bar to Reopen on Upper East Side

Rawhide, the longtime Chelsea gay bar, is now closed. The owners are going to reopen it near East 58th street and 3rd Avenue, DNA Info reports.

RawhideSo what of its space?

"A lot of people know the history, everyone knows Rawhide, so we've gotten a lot of calls looking to open up another men's bar or another restaurant that supplements the area," said JD Sutro, a broker with Lee & Associates.

Lee & Associates is advertising the 1,320-square-foot space at 212 Eighth Ave. for $25,000 a month. It's available immediately and perfect for "all uses."

...Despite being surrounded by chains, Sutro said that most of the interest in the location was coming from small and medium-sized restauranteurs — not big companies or franchies.

"They know residents around there are great to their neighbors and patronize local businesses," Sutro said.

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