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Ireland Marriage Equality Referendum Round-up: VIDEO


After months of unpleasantness, questionable debate and outright lies from the No side, the referendum is almost upon us and the media moratorium is in place.

While many in Ireland are wondering what the likes of The Journal will do for content after the weekend, here's a roundup of some of yesterday's stories.



PMPaddy Manning, one of the two anti-equality gay men frequently trotted out by the No side to argue against same-sex marriage, yesterday joined representatives from Mothers and Fathers Matter, The lona [Fake] Institute and First Families First at the final No Campaign press conference in Dublin, followed by a demonstration outside of government buildings.

Along with gay anti-gay activist Keith Mills - who will be too busy attending Eurovision to actually bother to vote - Manning also appeared in a creepy recent Mothers and Fathers Matter video “I’m Gay and I’m Voting No”.




Meanwhile - comedian Steve Bennett has made a response to the infuriating video: “I'm homophobic and I'm voting Yes. Here's why.”

“Some homophobes want to ruin it for everybody by voting No and not allowing us to have a big laugh at gay weddings. I studied homophobia and geography in college and I learned all the words for them…”


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Former Bush Administration Official Compares Fight For Marriage Equality With Rise of Nazi Germany: LISTEN


Appearing on the equally deranged Linda Harvey’s “Mission America” last weekend, anti-gay author and former Bush administration official Robert R. Reilly compared the fight for same-sex marriage to laws revoking citizenship of Jews in Nazi Germany, reports Right Wing Watch.

After demon-obsessed Harvey warned of coming “civil unrest and conflict” if marriage equality becomes a reality, Reilly attacked the totalitarian gay rights movement which is aiming to provide a “rationalization for sodomy”.

Harvey“I point to 1935 Germany as an analogy because that’s when the Nuremberg Laws were emplaced by Hitler’s regime which revoked citizenship to Jews and forbade Jews to marry non-Jews.

“Undoubtedly there were many fine people in Germany at that time who did not believe in the race theory of history and weren’t anti-Semites, but they probably said to themselves, ‘Well this is a losing cause, let’s just let this one go and move on to other things about which we can do something, move on to something else,’ and they probably didn’t admit to themselves the real fear they of what this would eventually lead to. Of course it led to the Holocaust, World War II and the death of 60 million people.

“And so too people today, now that we are entering the enforcement phase of the rationalization for sodomy, say, ‘Well, you know look at the media, look at the American elite, the heads of corporations, we’ve lost this once, let’s move on and pay attention to the economy and the creation of new jobs,’ probably because they are afraid and don’t wish to admit to themselves what the long-term consequences of this are going to be for American society and what else is going to be coming down the line”.

Later, Harvey attacked the “demonic” notion of accommodating gender-confused children, arguing that “people don’t mess with children like this unless there is a huge spiritual evil going on.”


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Ireland Marriage Equality Referendum Round-Up: VIDEO

Stephen Fry

John watersWith two days to go - and a moratorium kicking in tomorrow - the anti-gay rhetoric from the "No" side is ramping up another gear and with that the friendly face of ‘concern for children’ is slipping to reveal the truth - while many people choosing to vote No are possibly not homophobic, those actively campaigning against equality clearly are.

Earlier this week, journalist, former Irish Times columnist, anti-gay activist and one of the biggest mistakes in Sinead O’Connor’s life, John Waters got close to how he really feels at a Mothers and Fathers Matter speech in County Kerry.

Waters was one of those who took offense to being labeled a homophobe by Rory O’Neill and subsequently sued state broadcaster RTE, winning an out-of-court settlement. Therefore, please note that whatever comes next, John Waters is without any doubt not homophobic. In a non-judgmental, loving, Christian way he just thinks that if the referendum is passed it could mean that sex between two men or two women will be seen as “just as natural as the sexuality of a heterosexual couple.”

As ever with Iona Institute / Iona front videos, comments are disabled because they don’t like to be either bullied or silenced. 


Stephen Fry meanwhile is not so surprisingly calling for a Yes vote.


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Ireland Marriage Equality Referendum Round-Up: VIDEO


If Ireland passes the same-sex marriage referendum on Friday, it will be an emotional day for the country’s LGBT community and friends, perhaps especially for those who remember the fight for gay rights and the legalization of homosexuality in 1993. If the result on Saturday is a resounding Yes, it could become the gayest day in history if Ireland wins the Eurovision (but it's a big 'if').

In an interview with GayStarNews, 2013 hopeful Ryan Dolan - who came out last year - talks about Eurovision and marriage equality.



YesEquality’s latest video features 90 year old great grandmother Madeline Connolly, who believes that God made us all equal and that everyone should have the opportunity to get married.

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Ireland Marriage Equality Referendum Round-Up: VIDEO


6a00d8341c730253ef01bb082da598970d-800wiIona Institute mouthpiece Breda O'Brien has been quiet for a few weeks.  A consistent whinger that the No campaign is being "silenced", Breda once again missed out on the irony of it all by taking to her column in the Irish Times on Saturday to argue that the "thought police" are forcing the poor old bigots to vote Yes at gunpoint.

Breda is also appalled at the notion that the Irish National Teachers Organisation's LGBT group intends "to normalise same-sex marriage in the teaching of children as young as four."

Despite what you read in her spiteful column, please do not call Brena a homophobe.  She will cry and is likely to sue you.

Here's what that nasty, vile, homosexualist propaganda - in reality teaching about all sorts of diversity issues - looks like.




The Sunday Independent reports that the Yes vote is in "freefall" having dropped 13 percent over the last month to 53 percent. 

An Irish Times survey finds that the yes vote is 73 percent.



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Irish Religious Right Mouthpiece Refuses To Debate Drag Queen Panti Bliss On Marriage Equality: VIDEO


Irish anti-gay activist and Iona Institute mouthpiece Breda O’Brien (above left) has declined an invitation to debate Rory O’Neill - aka Panti Bliss (above right) - on grounds of illness, reports the Independent.

Last month, O’Brien, a teacher and columnist with the Irish Times, misquoted former Irish President Mary McAleese while attacking the latter’s pro-equality comments.

Although O’Brien initially challenged O’Neill to a debate, she has now claimed that she cannot take part as she has a "very bad case of bronchitis".

Oddly, she also claimed that a debate before the referendum would not be appropriate. Not so oddly and true to form, she made a lame attempt to muddy the waters by attacking the “systemic removal of No posters” and the decision by the Irish police force to support a yes vote.

Additionally, the officially non-homophobic journalist attacked the international financial support given to the ‘Yes’ side, neglecting to mention that the Iona Institute’s donations cannot be verified because the fake institute has refused to issue its accounts.

Obrien"I'm absolutely willing to have a debate, or preferably a conversation with Rory at the right time and the right place. But I don't believe now is the right time because it will only distract from the referendum campaign and the proposed massive constitutional change. Why do I say that? There was a deluge of offers from media outlets offering to host a debate. However, none of them showed the slightest interest in looking at the systematic removal of No posters throughout the country, or at the worrying intervention of [the police force] apparently advocating a Yes vote.

"There was no interest in investigating the distorting effect of millions of Atlantic Philanthropy dollars given to only one side of the debate for nearly a decade, with the aim of securing same-sex marriage. It made me wonder whether programme makers were seriously interested in informing the Irish public or simply interested in boosting ratings."

Despite the claims of media bias, Larry Masterson, producer of state broadcaster RTE’s The Saturday Night Show, said no parameters whatsoever had been discussed when O'Brien said no to the debate:

"We told Breda we would give her an equal time of four to five minutes for each side. There would be silence throughout and that the audience would be split fairly 50/50. There was no discussion of parameters but I would be happy to sit down and discuss anything she would like, even at this late stage. We are making ourselves available to her. In her allotted time she is also free to discuss any issue she wants. She can dedicate it all to talking about the [police] advocating a Yes vote or the removal of No posters, if she wants. We are still available this week. We rang Rory and within minutes he got back and said he would do it."

Rory O’Neill said he has been approached by "every TV and radio station in the country" and is ready to debate with Ms O'Brien "if she wants to".

But Ms O'Brien earlier this week told the Sunday Independent: "The point is that no journalist has undertaken to investigate any of the areas I spoke about. Offering me time to make the points in a debate with Panti hardly counts as investigative journalism undertaken by the Irish media into areas of grave concern for Irish democracy."

Translation: O’Brien can lie and abuse people as much as she wants and ignore the actual issues but it’s up to someone else to deal with actual facts.

Watch the Iona Institute’s latest factually incorrect attack on equality, AFTER THE JUMP...

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