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Gay Couples Offer Dramatic Readings of Grindr Messages: VIDEO


Reading Grindr messages seems to be an endless form of entertainment. Especially for moms, as we saw yesterday.

YouTube couples RJ and Will, and Trent and Luke along with other gay YouTube personalities sat down for a riveting read of the lewd, and often hilarious, messages men send to each other on Grindr.

The messages they read run the gamut of everything from one user telling another user that they must ask their mother for permission to have sex first, to one user describing how his time spent in jail with tough men led him to "switch sides."

You can watch the group read the painful, yet humorous, Grindr messages AFTER THE JUMP

And if you missed Part 1, it's HERE.

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Adam Lambert Teases Followers With Instagram Snippet of New Single 'Ghost Town' - LISTEN

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 11.33.30 AM

Adam Lambert debuted a snippet of his new single "Ghost Town" from his upcoming third album The Original High, due out later this year, on his Instagram today. Lambert revealed to Billboard that the house-style track will arrive on April 21 and that his new album will be his first with Warner Bros. Records. Lambert spoke about his album with Billboard in January stating that the album is a surprising new direction for him.

Said Lambert:

"I think people are going to be really surprised. The album feels like a new era for me - emotionally, lyrically, sonically. It feels fresh, it feels new. It's still me. It's still stuff that fans know and love but it's a new chapter 100 percent."

Producers Max Martin and Shellback are executive producers behind The Original High. Lambert's sophomore album Trespassing topped the Billboard 200 albums chart in 2012, but Lambert later split from RCA Records and toured the world with Queen.

Listen to a snippet from the whistle laden, bass-thumping track, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Attention Cut Guys: Foreskin Regeneration Therapy Might Be On Its Way - VIDEO

Occupy foreskin

Though the vast majority of guys born in the U.S. are circumcised, there is a vocal contingent of men who strongly believe that those living without foreskins are missing out. More than mere fetishists who find uncut men more sexually appealing, many foreskin enthusiasts assert that circumcision can have detrimental impacts on the physical and psychological health.

Foregen, a non-profit organization operating out of Rome, Italy, is becoming one of the largest advocates for the future of restorative treatments designed to help men recover some of their lost sexual tissue. To be clear Foregen is not offering any particular procedures, therapies, or drugs that can instantaneously regenerate a man’s foreskin.

Rather, the company is working to shed light on the broader field of regenerative therapies, albeit with a specific focus on foreskin. At present Foregen, which also operates here in the U.S. has raised about $100,00 from private investors and has plans to crowdsource additional funding.

According to Foregen’s website “the demand for a cure for circumcision is overwhelming.”

“The body part that is in highest demand for regenerative purposes in the US is the kidney. About 100,000 people are on the waiting list for one. There are approximately 1,000 times as many men (100 million) who are in need of an intact penis in the US alone!”

Foregen also claims that by spearheading the menace of circumcision, development into the broader field of human regeneration with be spurred.

“The premise behind Foregen is that if we are regenerating entire body parts from more complex body parts, why not apply this to the only body part that hundreds of millions of boys are missing,” Eric Clopper, a Foregen rep explained to Motherboard.

Those in favor of foreskins agitating for circumcision solutions often point out valid point that the natural flesh fundamentally changes a penis’s structure just by virtue of covering the glans and being packed with thousands of nerve endings. But, as Arikia Millikan explains for Motherboard, quantitative studies into the actual experience of having a foreskin vs. not and have been dubious in the past:

“A 2015 paper by Jacobs and Arora claims that foreskin has basically no effec​t on sexuality, but it cites likely biased sources connected with Brian Morris, and, as Earp points out in a critique​ published in the American Journal of Bioethics, the research they cite relies mainly on a pair of clinical trials that were carried out—not on infants—but on adult men who were voluntarily circumcised.”

For a fun refresher on why Americans choose circumcision in the first place, check out College Humor's "The Real Reason You're Circumcised" AFTER THE JUMP...

What do you think? Is Foregen’s cause worthwhile one? Sound-off in the comments.


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'Hotness,' It Turns Out, Is A Contagious Idea Rather Than A Subjective Assessment

Screenshot 2015-02-17 16.59.15

Here at Towleroad we’re no strangers to ogling the occasional attractive man reading a book, rapping, or just sort of pretending to be gay. We’ve got an entire tag dedicated to “HOT MEN” because hotness as a concept is both as newsworthy as it is purely objective. Right? According to new research published in Advances and Consumer Research, that logic is somewhat flawed.

Our general perceptions of what’s hot and what’s not, it turns out, have less to do with our own inherent aesthetic preferences and are heavily influenced by what we perceive to be socially acceptable. The study, entitled "Instantaneously Hotter: the Dynamic Revision of Beauty Assessment Standards,” drew upon photos and “hotness ratings” from

Participants in the study were instructed to rank other people’s photographs. Occasionally after giving a numerical score, participants would be allowed to see how other people ranked them, though not every time. As Jesse Singal writes for NY Mag’s Science of Us blog, the study focused on the ways in which people ranked others’ hotness after they were allowed to see the decisions that other people had made:

"The researchers found that when people saw ratings after making their own judgement, in subsequent judgments they got closer and closer to other people's overall average rating of that photo. In other words — and I'm making up the specific numbers — if on the first photo they ranked they were off by 2 points on a 10-point scale as compared to the average, by the 20th photo they were off by, on average, 1.25 points."

Beauty, it turns out, isn’t as in the eye of the beholder as we might think to believe. The study’s findings can be interpreted in a number of different ways, but it’s important to keep in mind the specific circumstance under which the results were found. It’s not often that you’ll have a numerical representation of the public’s hotness score of another person. Thinking that the whole of your sexual attraction to another person is entirely skewed by societal expectations is a rather depressing thought, to be sure, but this isn’t exactly the first time that this idea has been substantiated with numbers.

Sound off in the comments with your opinions.

Some Helpful Tips For Being A Good Top on Valentine's Day: VIDEO

Screenshot 2015-02-14 11.06.48

Gay couples the world over are celebrating Valentine’s Day today with gifts, cards, dinners, and perhaps a little something extra. It almost goes without saying that for many people sex is an integral part of the full V-Day experience.

It stands to reason that like all other things one does with their significant other on Valentine’s Day, one would want the sex to be good if not better comparison to a regular old Saturday roll in the hay. Sex is a collaborative effort, but in his latest episode of Just The Tips R.J. Aguiar and guest Ricky Roman explore the ins and outs of what it means to be a good top.

Some key takeaways: communicate, be present, and maybe (just maybe) have a bit of experience sleeping on your bottom bunk yourself. What do you think?

Check out R.J. Aguiar and Ricky Roman’s tips on being a good top AFTER THE JUMP...

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Brush Up On Your Hanky Code History With Funny Or Die: VIDEO

Screenshot 2015-02-11 23.12.59

Way back when in the halcyon days of yester-queer, some gay men sought out sexual partners using a clever system known as the hanky code. Rather than listening to me explain the finer points of differentiating between brown lace and brown satin, we recommend College Humor’s highly instructive explainer. It covers pretty much all of the basics:

“Purple means you’re looking to settle into a sham marriage with a woman based on mutual benefit.”

It also means piercing.

Check out College Humor’s guide to hanky codes AFTER THE JUMP...(warning: NSFW language)

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