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Jon Stewart Interviews Gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson: VIDEO


Jon Stewart and Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson discuss the Supreme Court's consideration of same-sex marriage, the "religious hunger" to find a way forward on the issue, Jesus and gay people, Robinson's coming out, Sodom and Gomorrah, sodomy in Washington, and the history of marriage.


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Gay Bishop Gene Robinson to Attend 'Gay Marriage Summit' at San Diego Megachurch: VIDEO

A San Diego megachurch is holding a summit on same-sex marriage today in an attempt to ratchet down the rhetoric, the Union Tribune reports:

GarlowPastor Jim Garlow is promising something different as he welcomes several notable figures to his Rancho San Diego megachurch, including Gene Robinson, the first openly gay person to serve as a bishop of a major Christian domination.

“I feel like there’s way too much misunderstanding and way too much name-calling on this issue and not enough civil, respectful dialogue,” Garlow said.

The setting is not exactly neutral territory. Garlow helped spearhead the passage of Proposition 8, the 2008 ballot measure that blocked same-sex unions in California. His evangelical church, Skyline, is widely known for its social conservatism.

Robinson applauded Garlow's move: "I think the real goal is not to change other people’s minds, but to show that people with opposing views can have a civil dialogue."

Earlier this year, Garlow warned that gay marriage "may cost us our lives." Watch, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gay Bishop Gene Robinson's Message is 'Love Free or Die': VIDEOS


Check out these extremely moving clips from Love Free or Die, the new documentary about gay New Hampshire Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson which is premiering this week at Sundance.

LovefreeordieIn one clip, he gives a sermon to fellow clergy and volunteers on Gay Pride day before handing out water to marchers in the parade.

Says Robinson in the clip: " is a very holy thing that you do when you offer that cup of water. You are representing the community of Christians, and Jews, and Muslims who are 95% the source of all the oppression we LGBT people have experienced in our lives. And so when you offer a cup of water bearing the name of Christ as it says in our gospel today, you are the oppressor offering a cup of water to the oppressed. They get it. They get the act of compassion. My question is, do you get it? Do you realize the important thing that you do by giving a cup of water to those people out there who have been hurt by us, and continue to be hurt by us?"

In another clip, an incident (which I covered here in 2008) in which Robinson is heckled because he is gay by a man at an alternative service Robinson was giving at the Anglican Lambeth conference, is captured on film.

Very, very powerful stuff.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson: Christians 'Should Be Ashamed of' Rick Perry


Gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson weighs in on Rick Perry's ad:

RobinsonIt is breathtaking (and not in a good way) when someone who aspires to be the Commander in Chief denigrates the soldiers he means to command. Just like all the other soldiers in our military, our gay and lesbian soldiers are dodging bullets and IED’s to preserve our rights as Americans. The right of all Americans to represent their country in our military is now the law of the land, a law that Gov. Perry apparently disagrees with and presumably would work to change if elected president.

The blood of gay and lesbian soldiers flows as readily and as redly as that of other young Americans fighting in Afghanistan, yet Gov. Perry feels free to use them as political cannon fodder for his campaign. In an attempt to garner conservative Christian votes, he would stigmatize these brave young men and women who are, as we speak, risking their lives on our behalf. If this is patriotism, count me out!

Perry "goes on to say things that Christians should be ashamed of him for."

What Perry gets wrong about religion in America [washington post]

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Gene Robinson: "Christians Should Stay Away From Spiritual Arrogance"

Gene_Robinson Openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson flew to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, this weekend to speak to a local church about his journey.

Addressing an audience at the Episcopal Church of the Advent, Bishop Robinson lamented the ongoing use of Christianity to justify anti-gay initiatives, and told the crowd: "I think Christians should stay away from spiritual arrogance and show more love, mercy and zeal for justice."

The Bishop, whose 2003 election to become Bishop coming out shook Episcopal congregations around the world, continued, “I believe that there's a positive role for religion in the world, and we've already seen what not to do."

All too many times...


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