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First Look: Cristiano Ronaldo for Armani


Here's the first image from Portugese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo's new Armani campaign. Two more shots, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Cristiano Ronaldo Steps into David Beckham's Underwear Role


Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo will replace David Beckham at Emporio Armani:

"The Portuguese star will model the brand's spring and summer collection in 2010 after being named as the face and body of the company. Becoming the 'new official ambassador' for the company, the world's most expensive football player will don jeans and underwear in advertising campaigns. Beckham was affiliated with Armani from 2007, but has relinquished the role after moving on to create his own range of underwear."

Above, a shot of Ronaldo modeling some underwear after qualifying for the FIFA World Cup in 2006. That's coach Luiz Felipe Scolari giving him a hand.

News: Australia, Sarah Palin, Terence Koh, Baltimore Firefighters


Gay couples stage mock weddings across Australia: "In the largest protest, about 2,000 people, many in bridal veils, marched on the Labour Party's national policy-making conference in Sydney, chanting 'gay, straight, black or white, marriage is a civil right.' Similar rallies and mock weddings were held in the southern capital of Melbourne and the Queensland city of Brisbane."



Obama "Joker" posters turning up around L.A.


Jessica Simpson wants to know if "asks" is a word.

vUS. Commerce Dept. will report same-sex couples in the 2010 census.


Todd and Sarah Palin to divorce: affairs on both sides. Denials.


August Provost murder probe to remain open despite suspect's suicide.


James Kirchick: Don't trust Obama on gay marriage. "Even if Obama does in fact believe in marriage equality, he hasn't done -- and is unlikely to do -- much to forward the cause. And apart from some toothless sniping from a handful of gay activists and donors, he seems to be getting away with it."


Giraffe and goat love one another.


Music industry unraveling at "utterly breathtaking" speed. Here's a fascinating chart.


Broadway performer Nick Adams to make solo cabaret debut at Birdland on August 17.


Giorgio Armani performs his annual Speedo promenade.



Baltimore police officers Jeffrey Chaney and John Kowalczyk are making things better for LGBT folks in Baltimore.


Gay Pride marked in Stockholm, Sweden and Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Air Force One flyover: Scenes from inside a PR disaster.


Human Rights Watch urges Burundi to reverse new law making homosexuality illegal: "The government needs to listen to these voices to understand the harm it is doing to Burundians with its state-sanctioned discrimination. The government should rescind this law and instead work to promote equality and understanding."


Madonna shares her spiritual awakening with the world, or at least Israel, where she's to have a concert.



Artist Terence Koh and his partner Garrick Gott "marry" in East Hampton, NY, honeymoon in Tahiti. Koh: I designed the dress myself. It was my mom’s dress, and I just went and bought $50 of tulle. Then Jen Brill, Stella Schnabel, and Kathy Grayson—they were the bestest bridesmaids—helped me sew it on last minute. It felt like a floating snowball."


Senator Chris Dodd diagnosed with prostate cancer.


Jake Gyllenhaal hits the Elton John concert in Philly.


Pope Benedict to perform on record label founded by gay man: "The label said listeners would be 'shocked' by his 'incredible voice'. The album, which features the Pope using five different languages, will be released on 30 November."


Male model fix: Kyle Ledeboer.


One in ten people highly attractive to mosquitoes: "'People with high concentrations of steroids or cholesterol on their skin surface attract mosquitoes,' ]professor Jerry] Butler tells WebMD. That doesn't necessarily mean that mosquitoes prey on people with higher overall levels of cholesterol, Butler explains. These people simply may be more efficient at processing cholesterol, the byproducts of which remain on the skin's surface. Mosquitoes also target people who produce excess amounts of certain acids, such as uric acid, explains entomologist John Edman, PhD, spokesman for the Entomological Society of America. These substances can trigger mosquitoes' sense of smell, luring them to land on unsuspecting victims."

British Soap Actor Who Wants to Do Beckham, Does Beckham


Ricky Whittle, an actor on the popular British soap Hollyoaks, imitated (as others have done in the past) David Beckham's well-known Armani underwear rope ad for the UK's Now magazine:

Writes The Sun: "He clung onto a rope and had temporary body art applied to his arms and torso to recreate the footballer's tattoo heavy look. But rather than spend hours down the gym to maintain his hot bod, Ricky insisted he guzzles down a diet of Chinese food, pizza and kebabs. He said: 'I've no idea how I keep in shape because I eat like a pig!' Talking about his idol, he added that Becks is an athlete so 'looks amazing'. But the cheeky actor then joked: 'I'm not being funny but even I'd go there!'"

David and Victoria Beckham Pair Up for Armani Underwear


The latest from Mr. Armani. That rope is getting a lot of use. One more shot, AFTER THE JUMP...

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David Beckham Unveils Beefcake Underwear Billboard in London


David Beckham was on hand at Selfridges department store today for the unveiling of a huge billboard for his Armani Underwear campaign, his first in London.

Said Becks: "I don't mind taking pictures in my underwear. It's when the pictures are unveiled, like today, that it's a bit embarrassing."

Three more shots, AFTER THE JUMP...

Becks5   Becks4

(photos below: splash news)

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