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Right-wing Benham Twins Hope Michael Sam Turns Away from Demonic Homosexual ‘Agenda’ - VIDEO

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In an interview with Glenn Beck on Monday, right-wing brothers Jason and David Benham spoke again about the ‘demonic force’ at the heart of the gay rights 'agenda' and said they have a message for Michael Sam. 

Said David, speaking also for his brother:

“Michael Sam is  a talented football player and for that, he should be playing in the NFL. But his sexual expressions and the propagation of them are not healthy for him as a young man. Both heterosexual and homosexual expressions outside the context of traditional, historic marriage between a man and a woman are not healthy for us as individuals, or for us as a nation…”

Added Jason:

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 2.55.30 PM“The reason why I feel for Michael Sam is the same agenda that pushed us out of the limelight is elevating him to the limelight – a seventh-rounder with so many endorsements. You can see what’s happening here and the minute that he decides to go against that, he’s going to be crushed. But we’ll be here to give him some encouragement and help him along the way.  

Watch the full interview, AFTER THE JUMP

[via Right Wing Watch]

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Glenn Beck: If You Hate Gays You Have No Place as a Fan or Friend of Mine — VIDEO


Guess Glenn Beck will have to cut a few people from his guest list.


Writes Jeremy Hooper:

One of Glenn Beck's bosom buddies is David Barton, a man who has claimed that HIV/AIDS is God's punishment, says homosexuality should be regulated like cigarettes, says homosexuality will "kill the blessing" on our nation, and claims gays are flouting evolutionary law. Rabbi Daniel Lappin, who said gay men should've been quarantined during the AIDS crisis, is another regular Beck guest. Plus, Beck routinely brings on guests who fuel some of this nation's worst anti-gay animus.

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Glenn Beck Says He's Not an 'Evil Conservative Monster', Rips Russia's Anti-Gay Law: VIDEO


Conservative pundit Glenn Beck blasted the "true evil" of Russia's anti-gay law on his show last night, saying he would "stand with GLAAD" on the issue, Right Wing Watch reports.

Beck said when "fascism is on the rise" there is room to look past politics and find common ground as human beings:

"This isn't a gay issue; it's a human issue...I am a human who lives and breathes just like the next guy ... I have a family. I like to laugh. I like to play with my kids. I like to watch a good movie; sometimes I see too many bad ones. I'm not angry. I'm not the evil conservative monster they say I am. And get this one, I don't think they're the monster either"


RWW notes that Beck recently called Michelle Obama "a monster" and his mood and worldview are subject to extreme vacillations on any given day.

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Anti-Gay Pastor's Column Located Next To Video Of Men Making Out


Anti-gay fundamentalist David Barton — a man who thinks the government should "regulate homosexuality" or else the nation will be brought to its knees — might be interested to know that his most recent column on Glenn Beck's website The Blaze has a video ad of two men kissing right next to it. The video, of course, is for HBO's new gay drama Looking.


Plus, Pastor Barton recommended Ben Hur as one of his fave holiday reads?! Isn't Ben Hur a little gay

Image via Jezebel.

Glenn Beck Explains America's Politics and Problems in Insane 'Wizard of Oz' Segment: VIDEO


Glenn Beck used a set of Wizard of Oz dolls (some of which he used to violently maul each other) to explain America's problems in an insane segment last night in his show The Blaze, Right Wing Watch reports:

Beck played with dolls for ten minutes before explaining that Mitch McConnell is the Good Witch of the North, while the NSA is the Wicked Witch of the West, and Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and John Boehner are the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion, respectively.


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Values Voter Audience Giggles At Gay Persecution: VIDEO


Glenn Beck was a speaker at the Values Voter Summit last weekend, and he took his time in the spotlight to discuss President Obama's supposed reign of terror on American religious freedom. And what better (read: more offensive) way to demonstrate than through concentration camp badges from the Nazi era? 

At one point in the speech, Beck touched on the purple triangle. He asked his audience who had to wear the purple triangle in concentration camps, to which one person replied, gay. "No, not gay, that was pink," Beck responded (later stating that the triangle was meant for people who study the Bible), and the audience broke out into a short, but disturbing, round of laughter. That they would laugh at anything related to such acts of atroicity is scary enough, but Beck and his audience were also blind to the inaccuracy of the speech and its symbols.

Right Wing Watch reports:

Seeing that Beck was making his remarks at an event sponsored by an organization — the American Family Association — that believes that gay people were behind the Holocaust, it is curious that summit participants found it so funny that the Nazis tried to exterminate gay people.

Beck’s main contention that the Nazis went after people who “knew anything about the Bible” is also incorrect.

The purple triangle Beck held up was actually used to mark Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Jehovah’s Witnesses at the time were known as Bible Students or Bibelforscher, a reference to the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Bible Student movement.

Sharing inaccurate information and enjoying each other's inflated sense of persecution seems like a wonderful way to spend a weekend, don't you think?

Watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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