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Welsh Ukip Candidate Quits After Branding Gay People 'Fascist Perverts' and 'Paedophiles': VIDEO


Donald Grewar, a Welsh Ukip parliamentary candidate who openly supported a British National Party (BNP) statement that gay people are “fascist perverts” and “paedohphiles,” has resigned from the party.

_80543003_donaldgrewarGrewar is also alleged to have supported a post by the English Defence League which called for "no surrender to militant Islam or political correctness."

According to the South Wales Argus, Grewar announced his decision in a letter to Ukip:

“I am sad to have to be writing this letter, but I have come to the conclusion that, following the revelation of some comments that I posted on the Internet a while ago that I have to reconsider my position as the PPC for Newport East.

“I recognise fully that those comments, and the implications of those comments puts me in breach of the party rules. I had forgotten that I had posted them, but I had.”

“As such I am tendering my resignation as PPC forthwith. I am truly sorry that my foolishness has caused you, the party and me embarrassment. I wish you, the party and what we all stand for all the best in the elections. It is time for a change in British and Welsh politics and I am sure with commitment and hard work that change will come.”

A party spokesman confirmed Grewar’s resignation has been accepted.

Watch Ukip leader Nigel Farage attempt to justify his opposition to same-sex marriage, AFTER THE JUMP...

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UK Evangelical Leader Comes Out As Lesbian, Rejects ‘Ex-Gay’ Past: VIDEO

Jayne Ozanne

Jayne Ozanne, one of England’s leading evangelical leaders and a failed “ex-gay”, has come out as lesbian and accepted a position as head of a pro-gay evangelical Christian organization, reports Think Progress.

As a high-profile lay faith leader, Ozanne took part in “deliverance ministry,” a harmful practice similar to “ex-gay” therapy which has been banned in New Jersey, California and Washington, D.C. Last month, Virginia introduced a bill banning "ex-gay" therapy for minors.

A founding member of the Archbishops’ Council, Ozanne's repeated failed efforts to pray away the gay ultimately culminated in a nervous breakdown.

She came out to a select group in 2009 and had a five-year relationship with a woman. 

However, when Christian musician Vicky Beeching came out last year Ozanne was inspired to accept the position as head of Accepting Evangelicals, a “network of Evangelical Christians who believe the time has come to move towards the acceptance of faithful, loving same-sex partnerships at every level of church life, and the development of a positive Christian ethic for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.”

SchizzelWatch Ozanne explain her decision to come out, AFTER THE JUMP...

The ailing "ex-gay" movement has recently seen a number of high profile announcements from former “ex-gay” activists attacking “conversion therapy”. Last December, survivor Christian Schizzel (right) exposed his harmful "conversion" therapy at the hands Janet Boynes Ministries and GOP nuts Michele and Marcus Bachmann’s “counseling” services.


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Scotland Hosts UK's First Pagan Same-Sex Wedding


The first pagan same-sex wedding in the United Kingdom took place in Edinburgh, Scotland last Sunday, reports LGBTQ Nation.

Scotland pagan weddingTom Lanting and Iain Robertson (both aged 34) have been together for 12 years. Both are Hedge Witches.

They were married in the 16th century cellars of Marlin’s Wynd (right) in Edinburgh's historic Old Town by Pagan Federation (Scotland) Presiding Officer Louise Park.

The ceremony included a number of Pagan traditions: casting a circle; invoking the elements of earth, air, water, fire and spirit; sharing a quaich of mead; handfasting; and jumping the broom.

The Pagan Federation - the largest umbrella group supporting the Pagan community in Scotland - has legally solemnized hundreds of same-sex marriages since 2005.

Irish Labour Party Member Dominic Hannigan Reveals He Got Married In London On New Year's Eve

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 12.32.29 PM

Openly gay Labour Party TD (Teachta Dála) member Dominic Hannigan revealed that he married his partner of two decades, Chris, on New Year's Eve in London reports Irish NewsHannigan is the first deputy to disclose a same-sex marriage and the announcement comes ahead of a referendum in Ireland on the issue of same-sex marriage set to occur in May. Hannigan told that the process of marriage in London was rather simple.

Said Hannigan:

"The marriage was just the two of us. Because we were in a civil partnership it was very straightforward, paying four quid and signing some papers.

"There was no cake or anything. The wedding was a very straightforward exchange of papers. When we had our civil partnership ceremony we did a cake and all that kind of stuff. That was the event if you like."

Hannigan decided not to let his marriage hinge on Ireland's referendum decision, and took the opportunity to marry in London although he wishes that they could've held it in Ireland. On Sunday, Irish Health Minister Leo Varadkar came out to the public and Hannigan congratulated him on it.

Said Hannigan:

"Leo will be a very positive role model for them. It will help kids to come to terms with themselves. It will make a lot of people much happier in themselves and it will lead to better mental health.

"When you have made the decision to come out, that it what you have to do. There is no point in doing it on a small scale – get it done and dusted and then it ceases to be an issue."

Hannigan publicly came out 10 years ago when he was a local councillor. Although Hannigan believes Varadkar's recent announcement helps the cause for same-marriage, there are other challenges in getting marriage equality in Ireland. Hannigan warns that complacency is the main enemy in the referendum on marriage in May, and getting complacent voters to the polls presents a unique challenge.

Said Hannigan:

"It will be a very difficult referendum to win. The enemy is complacency. No doubt, family and friends of the LGBT community will come out in force.

"But my worry is that people who do not know many people affected, getting them out to vote might be difficult."

MI5 Makes Stonewall's Top 10 List of Best British Workplaces For Gay Employees


Just in time for the 15th anniversary of MI5’s decision to allow gay people into its ranks, the British intelligence agency has been named as one of the top 10 gay-friendly employers in the UK. The British Army, Navy and the Royal Air Force were also included in Stonewall’s annual equality index.

“It represents incredibly significant progress in a very short time,” said Stonewall spokesman Richard Lane. “I wouldn’t say I am entirely surprised by it though, because the Armed Forces have been working very hard to change the culture of their organisations. They have realised the importance of recruiting the best people for the job, regardless of their sexual orientation.”


'Gay People Shouldn't Have Babies', Grocery Cashier Tells Shocked Couple


UK supermarket chain Tesco has apologised after an employee allegedly told a lesbian couple that gay people “shouldn’t have babies,” reports Pink News.

The incident occurred in Surrey Quays mall in east London on January 3rd.

A cashier at the supermarket is alleged to have made the comments to Natalie Rivans and her girlfriend Helen Embleton about a pregnant woman in the queue in front of them, saying “it’s wrong - gay people shouldn’t have babies.”

When Rivans challenged the employee, she was told “it’s a free country so I can say what I like.”

On the incident, Rivans said:

“I’ve been out and gay for a long time however my partner not so much. This has really upset and stressed her out.

“I’m thoroughly disappointed [and I] feel as though the LGBT family need to know about this.”

According to spokesperson for Tesco, an internal investigation is now underway.

Back in 2013, Tesco caused a storm when it pulled an inflatable gay best friend from its website. The product had been listed with the term "gay" (censored "g*y") and was suggested for recipients between the ages of 3 and 4 years old, although its description deemed it appropriate for bachelorette parties.


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