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'Ex-Gays' Hold Pitifully Attended 'Lobby Day' in D.C., Debut Awful New Theme Song: VIDEO

Right Wing Watch reports on another disastrous showing for Greg Quinlan and his "ex-gay group PFOX at a Washington lobby day. Despite the group's claims of 'thousands of Ex-Gays' that were ready to march on D.C., only 15 showed up:

QuinlanDespite claims that “there are more ex-gay people in the world than there are gay people in the world” and that there are “thousands of ex-gays” ready to march on Washington and make their voices heard, ex-gay gatherings always seem to assemble just a small handful of people. And it’s always the exact same people.

Ex-Gay Awareness Month, which immediately followed the disastrous Ex-Gay Pride Month lobby day, managed to muster “about 15 ex-gay activists to lobby Capitol Hill” yesterday.

The pathetically unsuccessful lobby day was followed by an equally feeble First Annual Ex-Gay Awareness Dinner and Reception for 60 people, that attracted such "Christian" haters of Mathew Staver of the Liberty Counsel, and Bishop Harry Jackson, the Christian Post reports.

At the event they even debuted the winner of their "ex-gay theme song contest", a ditty called "Rise Up" by Dennis Jernigan.

Watch Jernigan's official video for the song, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Ex-Gay Leader Claims 'Homofascism' Threatens Liberty

GregQuinlanHot on the heels of the New York Times' article on "ex-gay" activists feeling discriminated against, Greg Quinlan, leader of the "ex-gay" group PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays) has penned an op-ed at the right wing LifeSiteNews in which he warns readers of "homofascism".

He bases his claims on recent victories over religion-based "reparative therapies" that "cure" gay people, like the California law prohibiting shrinks from using the "ex-gay" procedure on minors.

From Quinlan's op-ed, via ThinkProgress:

The culture war is not slowing down; it’s just beginning to gain steam as gay organizations turn to anti-heterosexual legislation, mandatory public approval of sodomy, federal funding of gay youth activist organizations and homosexual initiatives, required government training against “homophobia,” “heterosexism,” and “transphobia,” etc., etc. This is more than a culture war; it is a war for our very own freedoms—a war for the character and future of our nation.

Homofascism will soon be, if it is not already, the greatest threat to our individual liberties in this country. So-called equality marriage is just the beginning.

He sure has a flair for the dramatic, huh?

Is Elena Kagan an 'Ex-Gay'?

Greg Quinlan, President of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX), thinks she might be. Quinlan writes:

Elena_kagan President Obama's nominee for Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagan, has steadfastly refused to divulge her sexual orientation, despite a CBS News blog item claiming that Kagan is known in Harvard circles as a lesbian. In response, the White House blasted CBS News for its "lies" and CBS pulled the item off its website.

But if Kagan is a lesbian, why would the White House insist that she is not when Obama made gay rights part of his platform for change? In issuing this month's gay pride presidential proclamation, Obama stated he is "proud to be the first President to appoint openly LGBT candidates to Senate-confirmed positions in the first 100 days of an Administration."

So Kagan and her alleged lesbianism should not be an issue for the White House or the Democrats, who control the Senate vote for Kagan's judicial nomination.

Some of Kagan's friends have told Politico that she is frustrated by the persistence of the gay rumors, but "worried that denying them could imply some anti-gay prejudice." But this makes no sense either-isn't the whole point of the gay rights movement to allow people to be free to declare who they really are, without stigma? If the only way for a middle-aged woman to declare that she is straight is to marry a man, wouldn't that be a step backward, and not forward, in liberal gender politics?

There is, however, another possibility. Could it be that Kagan is ex-gay? That would explain the White House insistence on Kagan's heterosexuality and Kagan's silence about her past sexual preference.

As an ex-gay myself, I sympathize with Kagan and the Obama administration. I have had to face taunts, threats, and phone calls to my employer demanding that I be fired. There is no hate like that directed against the ex-gay community. And the President knows it.

Quinlan calls on Kagan to come out of the closet: "Regardless of our political differences, ex-gays like me, and maybe you, should be able to live openly just like when we were homosexuals."

Please, Mary.


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