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Danell Leyva Shaved This Morning


An Instagram update from the Olympian gymnast.

Morning Stretch with U.S. Gymnast Danell Leyva


Olympic gymnast Danell Leyva flexes for a new Lifestyle Miami shoot and interview.


And more at the source.

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U.S. Gymnast Danell Leyva is a Show-off, But No One's Complaining


The U.S. Olympian gymnast has a habit of sexting women, Deadspin reports.

A NYT profile also pegs him as someone who enjoys being seen:

He insisted, though, that he is just as much of a showman and would like to work in entertainment someday.

“I want to do musicals, acting, Broadway, everything,” Leyva said. He noted that only a few people have won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony. “My goal is to join that group.”

One more shot, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Chalking It Up: VIDEO


A video tribute to Jake Dalton, Jonathan Horton, Danell Leyva, Sam Mikulak, and John Orozco, the 2012 US Olympic Men's Gymnastics Team.


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Stanford Gymnast and Olympic Hopeful Josh Dixon: I'm Gay


Gymnast Josh Dixon is closer to qualifying for the Olympics:

Josh_dixonThe Stanford grad took a big step toward that goal at the U.S. Men’s Qualifier on Saturday in Colorado Springs, finishing second overall out of the 72 competitors. He also tied for wins in two events: floor exercise and high bar. It was a game-changing come-back performance for Dixon, who tore his Achilles tendon last spring.

And he'll be doing so as an out and proud gay man, as he's also now talking about his sexuality, Outsports reports:

If anything, the only homophobia he has encountered has been from within himself. He acknowledges he once felt internal pressure about being a gay man in what some label the “gay sport” of gymnastics. He didn’t want to fall into a stereotype. But he’s come to embrace it, and he says his sexual orientation now makes him stand out more at the elite level. While he stands out, he isn’t the only one. Dixon knows of at least three more still competing in college, and he says he is not the only elite-level American gymnast who is gay.

One concern that remains is the judges. Gymnastics is one of only a handful of Olympic sports hand out medals based on the scores of judges. While some claimed figure skater Johnny Weir’s perceived sexual orientation hurt him with the judges in the 2010 Winter Olympics, it certainly did not play a factor when Matthew Mitcham posted the highest-scoring dive in Olympic history in 2008.

When asked about the timing of this article and how it may affect his performance in the eyes of the judges or Olympic selection committee, Dixon had no fear.

Watch Dixon complete a pommel horse routine, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Beijing Olympics or the Cover of a Gay Romance Novel?


German gymnast Fabien Hambuechen and American Jonathan Horton share a moment during the horizontal bar apparatus finals. They won bronze and silver, respectively.


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