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Daniel Radcliffe Cuts Young Man's Hair on Hollywood Boulevard: VIDEO


Is Daniel Radcliffe preparing for a revival of Sweeney Todd? He gave his very first haircut to a stranger on Hollywood Boulevard this week.

See if DanRad makes the cut, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Bear Cub Tank Top: PHOTO


Harley Neville has a special grooming regimen.

(via imgur)

Some folks think it looks like an owl, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Hugh Jackman Shaved His Head: PHOTO


Hugh Jackman shows off his pirate realness on Instagram. Writes the freshly-shorn Tony host: "Blackbeard is born. #PAN".

Jackman is about to start shooting Pan, a remake of Peter Pan from the pirate's point of view.

Adam Lambert: 'Green Hair Don't Care'


The new Queen frontman shows off a new look on Instagram.

Can Drinking Testosterone Turn You Super Hairy? - VIDEO


If someone slipped testosterone into your drink, would you start sprouting massive amounts of body hair the way you might have when you went through puberty?

Not exactly, according to The Medicine Journal, a YouTube channel dedicated to demystifying the secrets of the human body. 

In short, it might not cause you to develop hair growth all over your body. It really depends on your genetics and how many of your remaining hair follicles are still capable of sprouting new stalks of fur.

Watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Adam Lambert is Now a Platinum Blonde: PHOTO


Adam Lambert debuted a new look via Twitter Tuesday night.

Said the singer: "New 'Do...You ask Why? Why not? ;) change is good....Even more excited to play dress up in Japan now!"


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