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Scruff Ranks Cities and States By Body Hair


As part of a new installment on its blog called "SCRUFFtistics" gay dating app SCRUFF took an "in-FUR-mative" look at the state of manscaping in America, attempting to determine where in the U.S. guys like it hairy and where smooth is in. The results?

"Cold winter days, and warm wet summers - those who live in environments like this appear to be suited for it. For example, winter in Vermont sure can be brutal, so we hope that it's rank as the hairiest state proves beneficial in warming up the fellas there. Hawaii, you seem to be as smooth as the surfers who ride your rough waves."

Indeed, individuals in colder climates did on average tend to favor letting the hair grow, with Maine, Oregon, New Hampshire, and West Virginia being the hairiest. On the other hand, warmer climates see more smooth-bodied men, as the below map indicates. Yet there were a few outliers: while Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Nevada were the top 3 "smoothest" states, they were followed quickly by Alaska and South Dakota. "What's that about?" Scruff wonders.


As for cities, Everett, WA, Evansville, IN, Portland, OR, Manchester, NH and Alexandria, VA saw the most down. Whereas Fayetteville, NC, North Las Vegas, NV, Murrieta, GA, Elk Grove, CA and Temecula, CA prefer to keep things more manicured.


Check out the full results here.

Jared Leto Shaves Off His Eyebrows, Dyes His Hair Platinum Blond: PHOTOS


Jared Leto dyed his hair platinum blond this week, but it's likely not the last color it will see. Leto is preparing to play The Joker in David Ayer's upcoming film Suicide Squad, so expect to see those locks become a brilliant shade of Joker green very soon.

He also shaved off his eyebrows and shared a photo last night, with a caption, "A look into tomorrow. #lovelustfaithdreams."

One more shot Leto shared on Instagram of his Lagerfeld-style look, AFTER THE JUMP...

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James Franco Shaves His Head for 'Zeroville': PHOTOS


James Franco has finished shooting his role as "ex-gay" activist Michael Glatze and is moving on quickly to his next project, documenting his physical transformation into Vikar, the hero of the adaptation of Steve Erickson's novel about Hollywood, Zeroville.

Watch Franco have it all shaved off, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Daniel Radcliffe Cuts Young Man's Hair on Hollywood Boulevard: VIDEO


Is Daniel Radcliffe preparing for a revival of Sweeney Todd? He gave his very first haircut to a stranger on Hollywood Boulevard this week.

See if DanRad makes the cut, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Bear Cub Tank Top: PHOTO


Harley Neville has a special grooming regimen.

(via imgur)

Some folks think it looks like an owl, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Hugh Jackman Shaved His Head: PHOTO


Hugh Jackman shows off his pirate realness on Instagram. Writes the freshly-shorn Tony host: "Blackbeard is born. #PAN".

Jackman is about to start shooting Pan, a remake of Peter Pan from the pirate's point of view.


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