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HRC Claims its Advocacy Made the Mormon Church Less Anti-Gay; Mormon Church Says, That's 'Simply Absurd'


The Mormon Church is disputing a press release sent out by the Human Rights Campaign earlier this week suggesting that the group's advocacy work had led the LDS Church to remove same-sex attraction from its "list of sins."

Hrc “The new guidelines clearly show that advocacy efforts pay off with real change,” said HRC President Joe Solmonese in a press release.  “We spoke out against the harms of so-called ‘reparative therapies’ on LGBT young people.  Church leaders heard us and responded by dropping their recommendation that such discredited interventions be forced on LGBT and questioning youth.”

“We continue to disagree with the Mormon Church about fundamentally important issues like full respect for the marriages of same-sex couples, but we are encouraged that our advocacy has paid off with real movement that will help save young lives,” added Rev. Harry Knox, director of HRC’s Religion and Faith Program.

The LDS Church responded to HRC's claims, according to FOX13: "The HRC's representations of the changes in the new handbook are simply absurd."

Blogger 'Pride in Utah' agreed with the LDS church, expressing anger at HRC's press release.

"I am furious (about HRC's press release)...Unfortunately this is completely untrue, did no one at the HRC bother to actually read the new handbook? I did. And as I posted yesterday, they still compare homosexuality to: Attempted Murder, Forcible Rape and Spouse Abuse (pg 57). Also, while they did remove one reference to pushing LGBT people into therapy, that doesn’t mean they removed it completely. In another section, they still push for “counseling,” (pg 165). The Mormon church should be receiving absolutely no credit for their changes. They are as bigoted, dangerous and harmful as ever."

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Watch:: Gay Ugandan, Bishop Gene Robinson, and Harry Knox at 'American Prayer Hour' Press Conference


Yesterday I posted about a press conference announcing the American Prayer Hour, the multi-city LGBT response to the National Prayer Breakfast.

The group writes: "While The National Prayer Breakfast is ostensibly a benign event, it is hosted by a secretive fundamentalist organization, The Family, which is directly tied to the draconian 'Kill the Gays' bill in Uganda. We strongly urge those invited to the National Prayer Breakfast to reconsider attending the event. Instead, they can join us at our American Prayer Hour."

Watch the gay Ugandan seeking asylum who was forced to conceal his identity, Bishop Gene Robinson, and HRC Religion and Faith Project Director Harry Knox speak at the presser,

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Candace Gingrich Defends Harry Knox from Her Brother Newt


Candace Gingrich appeared on MSNBC's The Ed Show on Friday to discuss her brother Newt's reaction to Obama's appointment of HRC Religion and Faith Director Harry Knox to the Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

Newt appeared on Greta van Susteren's show and slammed Knox as "an anti-religious, left-wing zealot." Candace, in a follow-up to this column last week on the Huffington Post, talked about the right-wing disconnect and the useless language of the 90's that Newt is still spewing.

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