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The OXD Mirror: Chill Out with Dreamy House Tracks by Horixon, Chris Malinchak, Soul Clap & More



Monarchy's Andrew Armstrong teams up with John Sambrooke again for another Horixon EP, which includes their latest single, 'Great Things.' Jacques Teal's beautiful, introspective vocals are complemented by a dreamy landscape provided by this hot production duo.

The EP's title track, 'Brighter Day' features house vocalist legend Robert Owens. Having collaborated with Owens before on 'Lifeline,' (released by Kitsuné) there's no question their new collaboration will fall into heavy rotation. Check out both tracks on the Brighter Day EP, available now on Beatport.

Check out more tracks  AFTER THE JUMP...

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The OXD Mirror: Celebrate Summer with Goldroom, Moon Boots, Satin Jackets, Poolside, and more



L.A.'s Goldroom (Josh Legg) stays true to form with his latest single, 'Till Sunrise.' Legg's lush production provides a glistening backdrop for Mammals' dreamy vocals, creating an almost perfect tune to enjoy these last few days of summer.

 In an unorthodox move, Legg also released the vocal stems for 'Till Sunrise' a few days before premiering the actual track, in an effort to induce even more creativity among remix producers. We're looking forward to hearing those different iterations, and thereby extending our summers, as well.

'Till Sunrise' sets the stage for today's playlist, which is chock-full of summery tunes. Listen AFTER THE JUMP...

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Hercules & Love Affair's 'My Offence' Probes The C-Word: VIDEO


Hercules & Love Affair’s new video for “My Offence” dives face-first into the c-word in a documentary-music video hybrid that will offend, challenge and intrigue viewers.

The video’s YouTube page explains:

[The video] explores Andy Butler’s relationship to taboo words and the use of “c*nt" amongst NYC's gay community to relay flattery, empowerment and strength - in short a fierce display of femininity. After 13 years of living as a “Queen that lived in New York” Butler saw his own usage of the word engrained into his vocabulary. A move to German speaking Vienna prompted him to reflect on how subversive it really was, and sparked an exploration of it in a song…

Part music video, part documentary, prominent voices from New York’s art, music, literary and nightlife scenes including Kalup Linzy, Honey Dijon, Juliana Huxtable and Contessa Stuto discuss their relationship to the word over the dark, cathartic undertones of Butler’s bold electronic production…

Director Matt Lambert said, “I spoke to some of the people who appear in the video for over an hour. Each of them had a different answer and different relationship to the word ‘c*nt' as well as the appropriation and reclamation of profane language as a means of pushing culture forward. Language, especially when dealing with issues surrounding identity, defines people's realities whether they choose to embrace or ignore language.”

The video also has some incredibly fishy drag, some killer ballroom Voguing and some sweaty ladies strutting and working in true C U Next Tuesday style.

Naturally, attempts to reclaim the c-word (especially after The Onion applied it to nine-year-old, black, Oscar-winning actress Quvenzhané Wallis) have been met with mixed feelings. A powerful word, indeed.

Watch the video (warning: language) AFTER THE JUMP…


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The OXD Mirror: New Dance tracks by Kiesza, Anna Lunoe, Duke Dumont and more



The OXD Mirror is a weekly music column brought to you by the boys of OCCUPY THE DISCO (OXD), a New York City based collective created by three music lovers, Ru Bhatt, Josh Appelbaum, and Tad Haes, who want to share their love for disco, house and dance music with the world. 

Kiesza's lead single, 'Hideaway,'  already in heavy rotation on many summer playlists, is well on its way to topping the charts worldwide. The Canadian dance starlet has followed up to her breakthrough 'Hideaway' video with another must see video for her latest single, 'Giant In My Heart.' Not only does the song prove Kiesza is no flash in the pan, the video also does not disappoint. It follows the story of a man that lives dual lives, one that does not make him happy and one that does. Sound familiar? With these two hits under her belt, Kiesza is building some high expectations, but I have full faith she'll resonate with gay audiences and deliver a fantastic album later this year. 


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I Try To Talk To You: MUSIC VIDEO


Hercules & Love Affair enlists John Grant (don't miss his own recent music vid "Glacier") for vocals on this powerhouse of a track. The video was directed by David Wilson and styled by Simon Robins, and he video features looks from the Spring collections of Acne Studios, Balmain and T by Alexander Wang.

Watch the video and a "making of", AFTER THE JUMP...

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