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Herman Cain's Capitol Hill Rally a Major Fail


Herman Cain had a Capitol Hill 'Revolution on the Hill' rally today. It was a spectacular failure.

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Rabbit Blown to Bits with Rifle in New Herman Cain Ad: VIDEO


Herman Cain's latest crazy ad has launched (so to speak), and features a bunny rabbit which represents "small business" that is hurled into the air with a catapult and then blown to bits with a rifle.

It's a follow-up to his goldfish snuff film.


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Little Girl Kills Goldfish in New Herman Cain Ad: VIDEO


The goldfish is the 'conomy. The water is the stimulus. The crazy man is Herman Cain.


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Jon Stewart Mourns the End of Herman Cain's Campaign: VIDEO


Jon Stewart celebrated and mourned the suspension of Herman Cain's campaign and his appropriation of Pokémon (and Donna Summer).


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NEWS: Vladimir Putin, Jonah Mowry, Penn Jillette, Nigeria, Singapore, And God

Road It was a bad day for Putin:

United Russia, the governing party of Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin, suffered surprisingly steep losses in parliamentary elections on Sunday and was barely clinging to a 50 percent majority, with nearly three-quarters of the votes counted.

The three minority parties that now hold seats in Parliament — the Communist Party, the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party and Just Russia, a social democratic party — all made strong gains, meaning that United Russia would have little choice but to forge a working relationship with at least some segment of the newly empowered opposition.

Road This weekend, Jonah Mowry's video about being bullied in middle school went seriously, uberly viral, and he wants everyone to know that he's okay. He posted a video to that effect, but it's since been taken down.

Road Bishop Eddie Long, accused sexual harasser of young male congregants, will cease preaching.

Road The boys of Hanson introduce their IPA. It's called "MMMHop."

Road Students sue to get the Ten Commandments out of their school, and school board chairman Eric Gentry calls them "cowards."

Road This video game doesn't try to entertain, doesn't try to delight. Mostly it wants to bore you, and choke you with angst and ennui. Interested?

Road The NC marriage amendment continues to lose political support:

North Carolina state Sen. Jim Davis (R) has joined the chorus of Republicans walking back their support of a proposed constitutional amendment that would ban all recognition of same-sex relationships. At a town hall this week, he reiterated his opposition to same-sex couples marrying, but admitted the amendment restricts freedoms “beyond his comfort zone”:

DAVIS: I have a lot of libertarian in me. I believe firmly, passionately that a marriage should be defined as being between one man and one woman. But I also believe with all my heart that in a free America people who choose to live a different lifestyle should have a legal right to do so. Just don’t call it marriage. [This amendment will] restrict their freedoms a little beyond my comfort zone.

Road Michael Beitz's vaguely disturbing folding house.

Road Read about the Singapore SlutWalk.

Road There is apparently a show called The Virgin Diaries, and on it they show you things like this. Gak!

Road What destroyed the Cain candidacy?

Road Nigeria's anti-gay legislation could risk AIDS funding:

A newly added portion of the bill, leveling 10 years in prison for those found guilty of organizing, operating or supporting gay clubs, organizations and meetings, worries advocates in Nigeria. They fear the law could be used against groups providing aid for HIV and AIDS outreach programs that traditionally consider gay men as an at-risk group.

"We work with them trying to reduce their risk factors, trying to make them more healthy and have safer sex practices," said Meyiwa Ede of the donor-funded public health organization Society for Family Health. "If we can't work with them anymore, then they are vulnerable."

But lawmakers playing to the deeply religious nation's dislike of gays and lesbians have said donor nations who threaten to cut aid over the bill can keep their assistance, putting at risk the lives of people reliant on anti-retroviral drugs.

Jillette Road Alan Moore vs. Frank Miller.

Road Penn Jillette provides an atheist's guide to the 2012 election. He doesn't say who to vote for, but he says a lot of other things. I mean, a lot of other things. Goodness! Watch AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Herman Cain Drops Out Of Presidential Race

That's it for the Cain campaign. Earlier this week, the erstwhile Republican frontrunner said he was "reassessing" his presidential bid, after an Atlantean named Ginger White claimed she and Cain had carried on a clandestine 13-year-affair. This allegation had the chilling effect on Cain's poll numbers that sexual harassment allegations from several other women hadn't, and recent days have seen Cain's support tank in early primary states. This week, Cain met with his advisors, met with his wife, and today called it quits. From the LA Times:

"As of today, with a lot of prayer and soul searching, I am suspending my presidential campaign," he said at an event in Atlanta. "I am suspending my presidential campaign because of the continued distraction, the continued hurt . . . on me, on my family, not because we are not fighters, not because I am not a fighter."

This is good news for Newt, Rick, Ron, et al, and most of all for Cain's wife, whose long season of unpleasant surprises is hopefully past. It's bad news for Mitt Romney, who probably won't pick up many of the supporters fleering the Cain campaign.

A lot of news outlets are covering Cain's political, but The Onion's single-headline take wins grim irony.


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