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New Tel Aviv Monument to Honor LGBT Holocaust Victims

A new monument set to be unveiled this Friday in Tel Aviv will pay respect to the estimated 15,000 members of the LGBT community who were sent to concentration camps under the Nazi regime. The Jerusalem Post reports:

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 9.18.17 AMThe monument will be shaped in the form of a pink triangle, reminiscent of the pink triangles LGBT community members were required to attach to their clothes in the concentration camps, and will feature short texts in Hebrew, English and German. 

Homosexuality was a felony under the Third Reich. The Gestapo founded an anti- homosexual unit that kept lists of nearly 100,000 names of people who were alleged members of the LGBT community. An estimated 15,000 of those were sent to concentration camps. In Buchenwald experiments were carried out with the intention of supposedly curing people from homosexuality.

Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai said, in a statement released yesterday, "This monument reminds us all how important it is for us to respect every human being. It is only natural that such a reminder will exist in Tel Aviv-Yafo – a city that warmly embraces all groups and minorities.

Justin Bieber Hopes Anne Frank 'Would Have Been a Belieber'


So this happened:

The 19-year-old is due to perform tonight in Arnhem, around an hour from Amsterdam, where the Anne Frank House is situated, and visited the museum on Saturday night.

Staff from the museum wrote on their Facebook page: “Yesterday night Justin Bieber visited the Anne Frank House, together with his friends and guards.

“Fans were waiting outside to see a glimpse of him. He stayed more than an hour in the museum.

“In our guestbook he wrote: ‘Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.’”

A ‘belieber’ is the name given to the singer’s fans.

Bryan Fischer: Christians are Being Victimized by Gay Rights Advocates Like Jews Were by the Nazis - VIDEO


American Family Association spokeshater Bryan Fischer today claimed that Christians are being victimized over gay rights like Jews were by Nazis, adding, "we're getting to the point where these homofascists are going to force us to wear on our sleeve some kind of identifying marker so people will know who the racists and the homophobes and the bigots are."


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Grindr Tells Users to Stop Using Holocaust Memorial in Their Profiles After It Becomes a Trend

Apparently, attracting an online hook-up with a sexy profile photo taken with the asphalt slabs of Berlin's Holocaust Memorial as a backdrop is a thing, and now Grindr is distancing itself from the phenomenon after its founder previously appeared to endorse it, Salon reports:

Memorial_grindrIn the site’s early going, the proprietors bragged that the CEO of Grindr, Joel Simkhai, seemingly endorsed Totem and Taboo. “As a Jew and an Israeli, I’m deeply moved by how users are coming together as a community on Grindr to share and inspire others take part in memory of the Holocaust,” Simkhai told an Israeli newswire. But on Monday, Grindr press representatives told Salon: “Back in 2011, when Grindr was first made aware that a few users were posting an image of Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial in their profile, we observed that the user initiative was a novel form of expression.

“What started as users expressing themselves on a topic not often discussed in social networking profiles, has now become disrespectful.  We strongly encourage our users to engage in a respectful manner and honor the memory of those who perished in others ways outside of the app.”

The founders of Totem and Taboo, the site which has been aggregating the Grindr photos, say they are "proliferating": “We don’t really know what makes people pose there, and we’re not dealing with questions of intentionality in our project. We’re focusing on making the phenomenon visible.”

Grindr’s odd Holocaust fetish [salon]

Gad Beck, Last Known Gay Jewish Survivor of the Holocaust, Dies in Berlin

Gad Beck (pictured as a child, with his sister), activist and the last known gay Jewish survivor of the Holocaust, has died in Berlin at the age of 88, the Jerusalem Post reports:

BeckPerhaps the single most important experience that shaped his life was the wartime effort to rescue his boyfriend. Beck donned a Hitler Youth uniform and entered a deportation center to free his Jewish lover Manfred Lewin, who had declined to separate himself from his family.

The Nazis would later deport the entire Lewin family to Auschwitz, where they were murdered.

Speaking about his life as a gay Jew, Beck invoked a line frequently cited about homosexuality: “God doesn’t punish for a life of love.”

Beck is survived by his partner of 35 years, Julius Laufer. Read his full obituary at the link below.

Last gay Jewish Holocaust survivor dies [jerusalem post]

President Obama Remembers Gay Holocaust Victims in Speech at Holocaust Memorial Museum: VIDEO


In a speech introduced by Holocaust survivor Professor Elie Wiesel, President Obama marked Holocause Remembrance Day with a speech at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. Gay victims of the atrocity were among those the President noted in his speech:

I say this as a President, and I say it as a father.  We must tell our children about a crime unique in human history.  The one and only Holocaust -- six million innocent people -- men, women, children, babies -- sent to their deaths just for being different, just for being Jewish.  We tell them, our children, about the millions of Poles and Catholics and Roma and gay people and so many others who also must never be forgotten.  Let us tell our children not only how they died, but also how they lived -- as fathers and mothers, and sons and daughters, and brothers and sisters who loved and hoped and dreamed, just like us.  
We must tell our children about how this evil was allowed to happen -- because so many people succumbed to their darkest instincts, and because so many others stood silent.

I've cut to the section of his remarks in the following video - follow the link to YouTube to watch the entire speech.


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