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Donald Trump Still Doesn't Want Gays to Marry: VIDEO


Donald Trump appeared on the Howard Stern show yesterday and revealed that despite his lunch with George Takei last December, he still hasn't evolved on a certain issue.

Says Stern: "You're for gay marriage."

Replies Trump. "Well, I'm not...It's not an argument that you know I wanna really, cause it's never been an argument that's been discussed with me that much. People know it's not my thing one way or the other..."


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Victoria Jackson Tells Howard Stern She Doesn't Want to 'Make God Mad' by Letting Gays Marry: VIDEO


"I don't think there is such a thing as gay marriage," former SNL castmember-turned-wingnut Victoria Jackson tells Howard Stern, and we can't make it so because "that would make God mad."

Adds Jackson: "You have to take it up with God. God made the rules. He made a man and woman's bodies fit together, he made the Ten Commandments. I believe the Bible is God's word and I base all my world view on the Bible...I have gay friends ... I don't make their identity their sexuality. To me, he's my fun, theatre-loving, funny friend ... why is his identity his sexuality."


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Howard Stern Won't Patronize Anti-Gay Chick-fil-A: VIDEO


Missed this in the flood of news last week, but thought I'd post it for the record.

Said Stern, in part:

"I don't really care what the political beliefs are of a corporation...When you’re in business, you don’t want to turn off anybody. It’s the smart way to do business, because while I’m not gay, I do support gay marriage... Because really what the guy is saying is 'oh sure anyone can eat here but our money and our beliefs are that anyone who wants to be married who is gay is wrong'. Now that's a pompous statement for a guy who makes chicken for a living....Don’t come out as a corporation against anybody. OK, if you want to come out against Hitler, I’ll back you on that. But, just keep your mouths shut."


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Howard Stern Praises Obama's Gay Marriage Endorsement in First Appearance on 'The View': VIDEO


Howard Stern came out of the gate in his first appearance on The View yesterday praising Obama's endorsement of gay marriage:

"I think it's about time the resident said what he said about gay marriage. I think he didn't even go far enough. They should have a national sort of referendum on this thing. He should marry a man. This is something long overdue. Why in this country we care about an issue like this. Two people being happy together. We want love in the air. I support the President saying this. We do need gay marriage in this country. Everybody should have the right to marry. We all have a right to our happiness. I feel gay people can't wait any longer. They want the same rights!"

Stern also talks about his upcoming gig as a judge on America's Got Talent.

Watch his full appearance, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Howard Stern Asks Rachel Maddow About Putting Out for a Man: VIDEO


Rachel Maddow made an appearance last week on The Howard Stern show to talk about her new book Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power. Stern also asked her about the Republican presidential nominees, and being a lesbian. Maddow told Stern that before she came out she was dating a "thuggish" kind of guy that her parents didn't really warm up to until she started coming out as a lesbian and then they were suddenly all about him.

Watch that clip and the full program, AFTER THE JUMP...

Stern also asked Maddow whether she had ever experienced “insertion from a man.”

Said Maddow: "I'm never going to tell you that."

Stern also asked  if she gets angry "when [she sees] guys like Rick Santorum so happy to bash gays and gay marriage, talk about how they're sinning" and "Michele Bachmann is running around with her husband saying, 'We've got to convert gay people.'”

Replied Maddow: “The comfort that I take in that is that they look ridiculous...They really look like...they look like a living embarrassing artifact of a way that people used to think.”

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Michele Bachmann Rips Howard Stern for 'Dragging Her Through The Mud' in Gay Rights Tirade


Michele Bachmann attacked radio host Howard Stern for "demonizing" her in a widely-distributed clip of his show which took Bachmann and Rick Santorum and other anti-gay Republicans to task for their homophobic positions which perpetuate intolerance and violence toward gay people.

BachmannWrote Bachmann in an email to supporters:

Earlier this week, notorious shock jock Howard Stern called me "the worst person in the world" during his daily radio show.

To conservatives, this message from Howard Stern, a man whose only contribution to our culture was years of corrupting America's youth on public airwaves, was clear: "either abandon your beliefs and agree with me, or be dragged through the mud and demonized on national radio." I don't accept this false choice, and I know you don't either.

While Stern can say anything he wants on satellite radio, his words have an impact on his millions of listeners as well as the people his listeners talk to, which is why I need your help to counteract with our positive message. We must fight back and maintain our focus on what is important.


These are serious times, and our nation faces serious issues. The direction that America is headed requires serious discussion by serious people, and Howard Stern is not a serious person. We cannot allow attacks from him or anybody else to distract us from a laser focus on what is truly important: holding President Obama and his Democratic allies accountable for their mortgaging of our future. I know you share my determination and, with your help, our message of prosperity for our nation's future will drown out the noise of their attacks.

Stern is ready to fire back at Bachmann

Tweeted Stern over the weekend:

"Just read Michelle bachman's comments. Can't wait to get back on the air. Spoke with the lord a few minutes ago and he is on my side. If thinking that gay people have a right to happiness is corrupting America then I will continue corrupting them. Time to shun this woman."


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