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Ellen Meets Dad and Gay Twins Who Came Out in Emotional Viral YouTube Clip: VIDEO


Last week popular YouTube vloggers Austin and Aaron Rhodes posted a video they shot of themselves coming out to their father shortly after coming out to their 56,000 subscribers.

TwinsThe emotional video quickly went viral and has been viewed more than 14.5 million times as of this posting.

Ellen DeGeneres this week welcomed Aaron, Austin and their dad to her show. After hearing the twins' story, Ellen spoke with dad, who told his side of the story:

"When they called I knew they were crying and something was wrong. As a father you just feel it. What's wrong? I could hear it coming from them, their voices. When they told me, I just felt as though, the only thing  came through me was 'I love you both. I love you both unconditionally. You're my children. I can't undo being your father and I don't want to...' I really feel like now there's a weight off both our sides. Now I feel like we can talk about anything. I was very proud of my boys."

Ellen praised his reaction:

"That is the right thing to say ... 'I love you both'. Even if you don't fully understand it right now there are ways to understand it and time will help with that...I can't tell you how amazing it is for you to just love them and accept them."

Ellen also gave the twins a special gift to help them get settled in L.A..


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Irish LGBT Visibility Rises With Public Comings Out Of High Court Judge And Football Legend


On the heels of Irish Health Minister Leo Varadkar's public coming out, an Irish Courts Service spokesperson revealed that Justice Aileen Donnelly (above left) is Ireland's first openly gay serving member of the High Court reports Irish News. Justice Donnelly has been openly gay for many years, and earlier this week she was publicly named on blog theoutmost.com as openly gay, bringing public attention to her orientation. Donnelly's partner, Susan, was present at Donnelly's appointment in July. "Justice Donnelly is in a very happy relationship with her partner Susan," the Irish Courts Service spokesperson said.

Donnelly was educated at UCD and the King's Inn before being called to the Bar in 1988, and later called to the Inner Bar in 2004. She is also a board member and co-chair of the Irish Council for Civil Liberties between 1996 and 2002.

Additionally, Cork ladies football legend Valerie Mulcahy became the first female GAA player to publicly reveal that she is gay. Mulcahy, a schoolteacher with nine All-Ireland titles and five Allstar titles to her name, is featured on the RTE documentary Coming out of the Curve, hosted by former Rebel goalkeeper Donal Óg Cusack. Mulcahy discussed her coming out with the public at the launch of the new Women's Gaelic Players Association, which she happens to be the founder of.

Said Mulcahy:

"Anyone who knows me knows that my sexual orientation is not everything about me. They know who I am, they know I'm an athlete and that I'd rather they'd talk about my skills and football expertise.

"We are female, we are athletes, it's just one small part of us. For some people it's important, but it doesn't necessarily have to define everything that I am."

The increase of LGBT visibility among Irish government officials, including Varadkar, and public figures could prove crucial in the country's upcoming referendum on same-sex marriage in May. Irish Labour Party member Dominic Hannigan expressed that disaffected voters, mainly those who don't know or interact with LGBT people, present the biggest challenge in getting same-sex marriage passed in the country and believes that increased LGBT visibility is the key to tipping the scales in same-sex marriage's favor.

High School Wrestler Forced Into Conversion Therapy By Parents Pulls Coming Out Post from Outsports


Last week Outsports carried a story about a high school wrestler who came out as gay to his parents and was subsequently forced into conversion therapy and forbidden from coming out to anyone else. Suffering under the yoke of his parents’ oppressive reign but still yearning to live authentically, the young man, known only as “Hunter,” decided to came out anonymously online in a post published on OutSports.

Reading about other young LGBT athletes who had come out and interacting with them over social media inspired Hunter to open up. However, after his story started to gain media traction, Hunter asked that his story be pulled for fear that his parents might discover it, figure out it was about him and make reprisals against him. OutSports’ Cyd Zeigler has the story:

We're sorry to say that we've decided to remove this story from the site.

Hunter contacted us this morning with fear that his parents might see it. The story got shared and read far more widely - and with more mainstream media - than we had imagined it could be. When mainstream sites started picking it up, Hunter got concerned and this morning asked us to remove the full story, at least temporarily, from Outsports. Just as the publication of the story is something we don't usually do, its removal is the same [...]

While there's so much more to his story that Hunter wants to share, that will have to wait [...]

The message of the story is not lost: There are lots of LGBT teen athletes who very much need help and support.

Hunter has set up an anonymous email where other young LGBT athletes can connect with him. 

Ireland's Health Minister Leo Varadkar Comes Out: 'I Am a Gay Man'


Ireland's Health Minister Leo Varadkar has come out of the closet this morning, becoming the first openly gay minister in the country's history.

The Irish Times reports:

“I am a gay man, it’s not a secret, but not something that everyone would necessarily know but isn’t something I’ve spoken publicly about before,” he told Miriam O’Callaghan on RTÉ Radio 1.

“It’s not something that defines me,”he said. “I’m not a half-Indian politician, or a doctor politician or a gay politician for that matter. It’s just part of who I am, it doesn’t define me, it is part of my character I suppose”.

Varadkar says he decided to begin speaking publicly about his sexuality because of the upcoming political debates surrounding LGBT issues: the marriage equality referendum and the debate over blood donations from gay and bisexual men. 

Listen to Varadkar's "coming out" interview, AFTER THE JUMP...

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WATCH: Twins Come Out To Their Dad In Emotional YouTube Video


Popular YouTube vloggers the Rhodes Bros. (Austin and Aaron respectively) decided to start 2015 by kicking down the closet door and coming out. Said the brothers on their YouTube page, "we think it is time to finally just be ourselves. We hope by our actions today you can finish watching this video feeling encouraged and inspired."

The brothers' video shows them sharing the news with their nearly 56,000 subscribers and then calling their Dad to tell him. The confession takes an emotional turn that will no doubt remind many of their own experiences coming out and hopefully inspire others to do so as well.

Watch for yourself, AFTER THE JUMP...

You can also check out the coming out video of another set of twins, the Monastero brothers, HERE.


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'Brave' Irish Priest Comes Out During Mass, Calls For Marriage Equality


An Irish priest received a standing ovation from parishioners last weekend when he came out during mass and called for marriage equality, reports Irish Central.

Martin_2014Father Martin Dolan (right) is the only parish priest at the Church of St Nicholas of Myra (above) in Dublin city center.

Calling for a yes vote in a referendum on same-sex marriage this coming May, Dolan said “I’m gay myself” and was met by applause and a standing ovation from his “proud” parishioners.

A source within the church said:

“It was very brave. He said he was gay. That was it...no bones about it.”

With Dolan currently on a pre-planned vacation, the source added:

“[He] was just doing his service, it was part of his homily, and that’s it. If he feels strongly about something, Martin just says it.

“He’s happy with himself. There is no fear of him running away, he wouldn’t be one of them people.

“There’s a lot of gay priests but nobody will actually get up and say it.”

Congregation member and community youth worker Liz O’Connor said:

“I wouldn’t like to see him being moved for the statement he made. That would be horrendous. He should be supported. He has done nothing wrong. If he’s moved, there would be uproar in this parish. He’s still the same man today.

“Fr Martin has always been an advocate of people’s rights, and even spoke about the child abuse in the Church.

“There’s not many [priests] that would come out because they’re afraid of the bishops and that, but Martin is his own man. That’s what he believes in.”

The Dublin Archdiocese has declined to comment until officials have spoken with Dolan.

However, the Catholic Church in Ireland has made it clear that ita anti-gay, anti-equality policies remain unchanged. Last month, the church started off what is expected to be a highly charged campaign with a manifesto detailing why they hate gay people. Bishop of Elphin Kevin Doran said that his opposition to same-sex marriage is “not about homosexuality or the gay lifestyle, it is about the meaning of marriage."

Although the government supports the referendum, which is expected to pass, there have been many warnings against complacency.

Last month, we reported that a new book by former seminarian Dr John Weafer revealed that there is a strong gay scene among priests in the Irish Catholic Church.


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