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News: Barry Manilow, Vatican, Mike Huckabee, Out's Power List

Road Barry Manilow's friend Suzanne Somers confirms the singer is gay and his marriage to longtime partner/manager Garry Kief was "freeing" for him. 

TimeRoad Apple CEO Tim Cook, director Lee Daniels, actress Laverne Cox, soccer player Abby Wambach and Transparent creator Jill Soloway make the list of TIME's 100 Most Influential People.

Road Mike Huckabee to announce presidential plans on Fox News tonight. 

Road The U.S. Supreme Court may soon take up cases involving gender reassignment surgery for trans inmates and challenges to state bans on "ex-gay" therapy. 

Road Zayn Malik gets his nose pierced

Road State judge strikes down Kentucky's ban on same-sex marriage and immediately puts decision on hold. 

Road ESPN reporter Britt McHenry has been suspended after a video of her badmouthing a tow truck attendant found its way online. 

LetoRoad Jared Leto shows off more of his Joker look. 

Road Maggie Gallagher vomits up new article for the National Review on why she, unlike Sen. Marco Rubio, would not attend a gay wedding. "The problem for me in celebrating your gay wedding, as much as I love you, is that I would be witnessing and celebrating your attempt not only to commit yourself to a relationship that keeps you from God’s plan but, worse, I would be witnessing and celebrating your attempt to hold the man you love to a vow that he will avoid God’s plan. To vow oneself to sin is one thing, to try to hold someone you love to it — that’s not something I can celebrate."

Road A Philadelphia judge has upheld all charges against the three alleged Center City gay bashers. 

Road Anna Kendrick to release series of autobiographical humor essays. 

Road Lucasfilm responds to 7-year-old's request to let Jedi marry. 

BryantRoad Meet Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs third baseman and the hottest new guy in baseball

Road See who made Out's 9th Annual Power List

Road Turns out the anti-gay auto shop owner in Grandville, Michigan doesn't have a city business license

Road #FlashbackFriday - 50 years ago today gays picketed the White House for the very first time

Road The Vatican has ended its battle with a U.S. nun group over the groups emphasis on working against poverty and social injustice rather than abortion and gay marriage. 

Road Gwyneth Paltrow fails the $29 food stamp challenge. 

Road President Obama calls delay in Loretta Lynch confirmation "embarrassing."

Road Adam Lambert continues his tease of "Ghost Town."

Ohio State National Champion Wrestler Mike Pucillo Comes Out as Gay: VIDEO


Mike Pucillo, a former Ohio State All-American and National Champion wrestler, has come out as gay in an interview with wrestling journalist Jason Bryant over at TheOpenMat.com:

The three-time All-American and 2008 NCAA champion said he struggled with his sexuality for years. He said he spent time in high school hoping he wasn’t gay.

“I’ve always known, I guess,” said Pucillo, who came out to his parents and a close circle of friends a little more than a year ago. “You try to not think that’s what it really is, so I just tried to say it was nothing. Then you start to realize it’s not really nothing.”

Pucillo, the first openly gay Division-I national champion wrestler, said that part of his struggle to be open and honest about his sexuality stemmed from his private Catholic school upbringing that hammered in the point that homosexuality was a "bad thing." The physicality of wrestling didn't help things either.

“Wrestling is one of the toughest mentally, physically and manly sports there is,” he said. “It’s two dudes rolling around on a mat. People who don’t know wrestling call them leotards. It’s a joke, but it creates a built-in mechanism to say: ‘I’m not gay. I’m too manly to be gay. I’m too tough to be gay."

Hearing the stories of out athletes like Dartmouth lacrosse player Andrew Goldstein, MLS player Robbie Rogers and retired MLB player Billy Bean, however, gave Pucillo the courage to embrace his identity.

Pucillo1“It may have taken me 26 years to realize that maybe I can play a bigger role in somebody else’s life and help somebody else’s life like Robbie Rogers or (Goldstein did),” Pucillo said. “If I can do that for one person, it’s worth it for everybody out there to know my story. … I know there’s going to be people that don’t like it. To those people, I would say, ‘I’ve spent 26 years being uncomfortable. It’s not my problem anymore.

“The only reason why I feel it’s important to tell my story is I know there are a lot of other people out there that are like me who are in high school or about to go into college, whether it’s wrestling or football or baseball or basketball or not in any sport, who are struggling with it,” he said. “The more stories they hear about it, the easier it is for them.”

Head over to TheOpenMat.com here for more on Pucillo's inspirational coming out journey.

Watch a video of Pucillo at the 2013 Las Vegas/ASICS U.S. Open, AFTER THE JUMP...

[photo via Facebook]

h/t Outsports

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Funny Or Die News Asks Bystanders 'When Did You Choose To Be Gay?' - WATCH

Screenshot 2015-03-13 06.42.26

GOP Presidential hopeful and noted anti-gay extremist Ben Carson is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. Since making his outlandish claims that homosexuality is a choice, Carson’s received nothing but 100% grade A backlash. Joe Biden pulled no punches while speaking about Carson at the Human Rights Campaign Spring Equality Convention. Then Dan Savage implored Carson to prove that being gay was a choice with an invitation to engage in some old-fashioned man-on-man fellatio.

But what if Ben Carson was right?

What if folks really did adopt a “when in Rome” mentality as they entered into prison? Never ones to shy away from a potential story, the good folks at Funny or Die News took to the streets to ask people: “when did you choose to be gay?” The answers may shock you. But they probably won’t.


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'Empire' Star Jussie Smollett Comes Out to Ellen: 'There's Never Been a Closet' - VIDEO


After weeks of not commenting on the subject matter, 31-year-old Empire actor Jussie Smollett has publicly addressed his sexuality in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

Smollet, whose Empire character Jamal Lyons recently sang his way out of the closet, declined to address his personal life in the talk show portion of his interview with Ellen but arranged a follow up chat backstage to make it clear his reluctance to bring up the issue shouldn't be construed as living a closeted life.

Said Smollet:

EmpireIt was really important to me to make sure that it got across that there is no closet. There’s never been a closet that I’ve been in. I don’t own a closet, I got a dresser, but I don’t have a closet. But I have a home and that is my responsibility to protect that home. So that’s why I choose not to talk bout my personal life. But there is without a doubt, no closet that I’ve ever been in, and I just wanted to make that clear, but it was most important for me to make that clear to you on your show at this time in the world. And that’s where I’m at...

Watch the interview, AFTER THE JUMP...

And in case you missed our own Charles Pulliam-Moore's latest Interplay on Smollet, his sexuality, and whether you can "out" someone if the public already assumes that they're gay, check it out HERE

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There's Now An Official Song To Send People When You've Decided To Come Out: VIDEO


In case you're reading this and are finding yourself at a loss for how to come out to those you love, adork-able out singer/songwriter Ally Hills has created a music video that will do the work for you. Says Hills,

People ask me all the time, "HOW DO I COME OUT!?" so to make it easy for everyone, I made this video! Just send your loved ones this and the song will do the work for you!

After all, "Life is better when you just remember that love is love."

Check out the official tune to tell people you're gay, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Ireland's Former Equality Minister Pat Carey Comes Out As Gay

Screenshot 2015-02-15 11.15.29

Pat Carey, the former minister of Ireland’s center-right party Fianna Fáil has come at as gay. Carey was appointed as a parliamentary member and the Minister for Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs in 1997. According to Carey his decision to reveal his sexuality to the public was inspired by Leo Varadkar who currently serves as Ireland’s health minister and came out earlier this year.

“When I look back it’s an awful pity I didn’t feel able to do that. Nobody stopped me, but I wasn’t sure how it would be received,” Carey told the Irish Times. “I never had the confidence or the courage to do it, and it gets to a stage where you probably say to yourself ‘it’s too late for me to start talking about it now.”

Carey’s is the latest in a series of high-profile Irish public figures coming out at a critical time for LGBT rights in Ireland. The country is set to vote on the future of marriage equality later on this year in a nationwide referendum. Despite the outpouring of support from Irish celebrities and clergy members alike, those in favor of gay marriage for Ireland are still concerned at the idea of the LGBT minority’s rights being put up for popular vote.


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