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Married But Not Equal: VIDEO


PBS LGBT newsmagazine In The Life looks at the impact of DOMA and the battle over DOMA in the courts:

There are 1,138 benefits, rights and protections that married heterosexual couples get from the Federal Government. But because of the Defense of Marriage Act, gays and lesbians are denied every single one of them—even if they are legally married in the state they live in.

In The Life sits down with five married, same-sex couples for a look at the real-life impact of the Defense of Marriage Act.

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Eight Families with Transgender Children Share Their Stories: VIDEO


Last night, American Public Television's excellent program In the Life began airing "Becoming Me", an insightful and sensitive look at eight families with transgender and gender nonconforming children ranging in ages from 5 to 25 and the development of their kids across those age groups.

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In The Life is having an online discussion about the program tomorrow.

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