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Isaiah Washington to Open Star Jones Talk Show

Star Jones will interview Isaiah Washington on the first episode of her new Court TV talk show, today at 3pm, reports Entertainment Weekly:

Starjones"How does this all relate to Jones' law-themed show? '[Washington is] clearly in the middle of a story that involves law and ethics and values and judgment,' Jones said. 'But also, he has a brand-new show that brings up ethical considerations. We're excited about The Bionic Woman, but there are ethical considerations [there] because we in our technology right now are moving to replacing limbs, and we're moving in the whole area of stem cell research, we're moving in the area of cloning and whether or not it can actually be done with a human. And in reality, that's what you're doing with The Bionic Woman, you're playing God. And so I get an opportunity to talk about those kinds of issues.'"

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ABC's Stephen McPherson Not Happy with NBC's Washington Grab


ABC entertainment president Stephen McPherson questioned whether NBC's Ben Silverman, who earlier this month hired embattled actor Isaiah Washington for a guest spot on Bionic Woman and reportedly offered him a development deal, "was living in a cave" when he said he didn't understand the circumstances surrounding Washington's getting the shaft from ABC.

According to TV Guide, Silverman told reporters that he and Washington had conversations "before he became available." Said Silverman: "When he told me he was available I was like, 'You are? Wait, I don't understand. What do you mean? You're a huge star on a star television show. I don't quite understand what had gone on there."

McPherson's reportedly not happy with the disregard or ignorance shown to the ABC situation: "If (Silverman) was in fact talking to him before he was available, that's inducement to breach. So I don't know, he's either clueless or stupid."

ABC Exec Calls NBC Clueless or Stupid" About Isaiah [tv guide]

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Isaiah Washington Congratulates T.R. Knight on Emmy Nom

Isaiah Washington, who purposely did not submit his name for Emmy consideration for his work on Grey's Anatomy, yesterday congratulated former co-star T.R. Knight on his nomination in an interview with Billy Bush on Access Hollywood.

IwSaid Washington: "T.R. Knight is a good actor. He has been a wonderful actor from day one. T.R. Knight, congratulations. He finally got the attention he deserved. Whether or not it serves any particular agenda that he’s nominated now, to make a point, I can’t speak on that. That’s theoretical. I don’t know, but good for him."

Washington also explained why he chose to bow out of the awards consideration: "It wasn’t about not submitting because I was afraid of the backlash. I didn’t want the pain of being nominated and losing. I didn’t have a good time at the last Emmys. It was the stress of 'Are we going to win? Are we going to win?' the whole day. I remember being on the red carpet and it was hot and my wife and I had the biggest argument because of my nerves."

Bush and Washington also briefly discussed, once again, the second f-bomb slur Washington used at the Golden Globes ceremony, saying that it was an "attempt to disarm everybody and address the big elephant in the room."

Admitted Washington: "It backfired hugely."

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News: Amy Sedaris, Iraq Filibuster, Val Kilmer, Spice Girl Fakes

road.jpg Campaign filings show that embattled actor Isaiah Washington contributed $2,300 to the presidential campaign of Illinois Senator Barack Obama.

Fakespiceroad.jpg Fake Spice: When the Spice Girls reunite this Christmas, so will their impostors.

road.jpg The South Pacific Games are coming up next month and a controversial memo sent out by Team Samoa banning gay sex during the games and asking athletes "not to embarrass themselves" because homosexual activities are against the law of God was a mistake, says Samoa National Olympic Committee president and organising committee chairman, Tapasu Leung Wai: "[Wai] has ordered that the rules be changed. Mr Leung Wai told Radio Australia Sport's Tanya O'Shea the instructions were a draft, were not endorsed by the SASANOC and should not have been released to the press. 'I regret that it appeared that gay people were being singled out in the draft instructions,' he said. 'Team managers agreed yesterday that the reference be deleted.'"

road.jpg AfterElton looks at Chuck Panozzo, Rob Halford, Doug Pinnick, Michael Stipe, Morrissey, Bob Mould, Joe Jackson, Neil Tennant, and other musicians who straddle the closet.

road.jpg Made in Brazil has coverage of the tragic plane crash in Brazil. At least 200 confirmed dead.

road.jpg Think Progress liveblogged the Iraq filibuster last night.

road.jpg Is Val Kilmer bulking up for a movie role, or just plain hungry?

Naroad.jpg Finding a home after leaving home, gay Native Americans reclaim tradition in New York City: "Mr. Pruden and Mr. VanWanseele are regulars at the meetings of a group called the NorthEast Two-Spirit Society, which are usually held at the American Indian Community House in Lower Manhattan or at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center in Greenwich Village. The name of the Two-Spirit Society is meant to convey the idea that a gay Indian has both masculine and feminine qualities along with traditional cultural values, Mr. VanWanseele said. The group has only about 15 members, but it works to raise enough money to pay for community outreach projects and cultural offerings, like classes focusing on traditional American Indian dance. The group also maintains a Web site,, that has recorded more than 60,000 hits since 2005, Mr. VanWanseele said."

road.jpg Britain's version of Wife Swap planning to switch a lesbian mom with a homophobic farmer: "The farmer is very prejudiced, and initially he’s horrified living with the lesbian. His wife is none too happy either. But it’s interesting to see what happens . . . it’s not what you’d expect."

Jerri_blankroad.jpg Strangers with Candy's Jerri Blank may come to Springfield for the 500th episode of The Simpsons.

road.jpg Rose's Turn, a piano bar that has been open in Greenwich Village for 17 years, will shut its doors on Sunday. Owner: It's time to move on. There just isn't much demand for this type of establishment anymore."

road.jpg NPR looks at the thriving gay community in Lebanon.

road.jpg Family of South Carolina gay bashing murder victim Sean William Kennedy presents plaque and thanks the nurses who comforted them. Mother: "When I was about ready to collapse at his bedside they were right by me. There were tears that we shed together. The kindness and compassion and love that the nurses and staff showed us was greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten. I will never forget them for that."

Isaiah Washington Grateful for Second Chances

Isaiah Washington talked to the Associated Press about his upcoming extended guest star role on the new fall show Bionic Woman:

Isaiahw"I'm humbled by this opportunity. What I always wanted to put at the forefront is my creativity, that thing I want to do, which is act...If there are issues with other actors (he is referring to a tiff about cast tardiness with Patrick Dempsey that he says began the whole incident), it's not my problem. I'm not a hero, babysitter, big brother. I'm the employee, too."

And NBC's Ben Silverman recalled his decision to hire the actor following his firing: "[I thought] 'Gosh, it would great to get him, get a great actor on our air.' It's like A-Rod leaving the Yankees in midseason...I really thought about him as an actor. I feel like he's a wonderful actor and everyone deserves a second chance."

Isaiah Washington Makes Bionic Leap to NBC

They can rebuild him.

WashingtonNBC is set to announce that Isaiah Washington, whose contract ABC decided not to renew for another season on the hit show Grey's Anatomy following months of controversy after his much-publicized gay slurs, will guest star on the NBC's remake of The Bionic Woman this fall.

USA Today reports that the actor has also designed a development deal with the network "to star in a potential action drama he pitched to the network for the 2008-09 TV season."

Said Katherine Pope, president of NBC's Universal Media Studios: "[Isiaiah Washington is] a brilliant actor...I think people watch characters on TV, not personalities."

Washington has reportedly signed on for "at least five episodes" of Bionic Woman. According to the paper, "he'll play an outsider with a mysterious agenda who is introduced early in the series and may either help the superpowered Jamie (Michelle Ryan, in the role first played by Lindsay Wagner) or take her down."

Washington to return to network TV [tr]

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