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News: Rupert Everett, Soldier, Chimp AIDS, Michael Jackson

RoadMichael Jackson's prosthetic nose missing at morgue...

Blackhold RoadScientists find monster black hole at center of galaxy: "The picture shows a fiery ring around the black hole which is packed with brightly-burning newborn stars."

RoadRupert Everett loses job over his nasty mouth.

RoadStraw poll of gay leaders wants Prop 8 overturn on ballot in 2010. Donors, political consultants caution...

Road17 percent of gay men in Chicago are HIV-positive, half don't know it: "Health officials also say although black men who have sex with other men have double the HIV infection rates of white and Hispanic men. Public Health Department assistant commissioner Christopher Brown says it isn't known why black men are disproportionately affected by HIV. He said the health department is working with social service groups to expand testing and increase contact with the city's gay and bisexual population."

RoadCircumstantial homosexuality in Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes?

Soldier RoadBritish Army magazine Soldier puts openly gay servicemember on cover for the first time: "British servicemen and women now march at Gay Pride in uniform, all three services have become Stonewall diversity champions and a few months ago the head of the British Army, General Sir Richard Dannatt made history when he became the first army chief to address a Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender conference. 'Respect for others is not an optional extra,' he said."

RoadBroadway performer Nick Adams denied entrance to Turtle Bay bar on the east side of Manhattan because he's gay.

RoadPetition asking Mormon Church to reconsider its anti-gay positions grows...

RoadProject Runway designer Jack Mackenroth medals at the 2009 Outgames in Copenhagen.

RoadDrag queen bingo wars in Seattle.

RoadRep. Jared Polis appointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy's supervisory board raises eyebrows: "Polis opposes the military's ban on gay and lesbian servicemembers and has twice proposed, then withdrawn, amendments to undo 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policies. Polis' appointment, made by Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has veterans on both sides of the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' debate wondering if it's a signal change is coming. 'We're all reading the tea leaves here,' said Tricia Heller, a Class of '87 Air Force Academy graduate who flew C-9 jets for the Air Force before the leaving the service four years ago and coming out."

RoadJake Gyllenhaal: New Prince of Persia stills.

ChimpaidsRoadScientists: Chimpanzees with AIDS-like disease inspire hope for vaccine .

RoadInner Light: Gay pastor offers Black gays and lesbians a spiritual sanctuary in Washington D.C.

RoadMichael Keaton to be the voice of Ken doll.

RoadEl Paso City Council passes anti-discrimination resolution as a result of Chico's Tacos kiss incident.

RoadMale model fix: Ambrose Olsen.

RoadTrue Blood cast visits Comic-Con.

RoadiPhone App developer claims Apple double standard for approving gay iPhone apps: "Terry Ray claims that his iGaydar title was rejected from the App Store on the same day as Bruno -- an app based on the Sacha Baron Cohen movie -- was approved. iGaydar was rejected for "objectionable content," despite being considerably less graphic than the Bruno app, according to Ray. iGaydar pretends to detect a person's sexuality, first displaying a random percentage and then announcing a tongue-in-cheek statement, such as "Honey, not even your priorities are straight." By contrast the Bruno app lets users undress Cohen's character, and touch various body parts which can elicit potentially offensive responses."

Mack and Cheese: Project Runway Contestant Rocks 90's Fashion

Mack1   Mack2

Former Project Runway contestant Jack Mackenroth posted some shots from a 1993 Genre magazine article for which he had modeled. Genre, it was reported late on Friday, has suspended publication.

Jack writes: "Oh the horror!! The photos are so quintessentially 90’s. My hair is a human atrocity. And the clothes. GOD. Oh well. Not a good fashion moment for me or the world but I still look pretty good now considering that was 16 years ago. Work the Calvin Klein linen honey!"

He adds: "It is interesting to think that I was already HIV positive back then. I was looking through the rest of the issue and there was a page on AIDS treatment at the time. It’s scary because there was really nothing available. AZT was controversial, D4T was moderately effective and protease inhibitors were not even approved yet. They eventually proved to be a literal lifesaver for many people. We have certainly come a long way in that arena as well. Thank god."

Check out a few more at his blog.

News: Diesel, Hayden Christensen, Indiana, Firefighters, Sam Adams

Road Jury out in murder case against anti-gay killers of Liverpool teen Michael Causer.

Sogay RoadKanye West steps out with gaybot.

Road Hillary Clinton talks about why she took job as Secretary of State: "It was not anything I had any reason to expect or had even thought about. I had to make a hard decision. We have so many of the same views of what we should do in the world." Gets Hardball award from Chris Matthews.

Road Porn producer Michael Lucas sends letter to Barack Obama requesting aid after seizure of adult video titles by Canadian authorities.

Road Gay tease Hayden Christensen chooses women.

Road One of Buffalo Continental plane crash victims was long time HIV prevention and gay men's health advocate: "Gonzalez came to New Brunswick from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in Princeton, where he was a National Urban Fellow. Previously, he was executive director of Alianza Latina, a nonprofit organization addressing HIV/AIDS in Buffalo, N.Y.; and also education services director and community educator of AIDS Community Services in New York. Gonzalez also volunteered at a fitness center in East Harlem, N.Y., where he led free exercise classes for the poor."

Road POLL: 48% of New Jersey residents favor marriage equality, 43% oppose.

Road Madonna will not be appearing in vampire sequel.

BrazilRoadGuess what day it is in Brazil?

Road New York Press takes a look at the East Village Boys. "The boys that we have on there, they sort of exist as the low-culture pin-up boys. It provides a good mix, having serious discussions without forgetting that we like to look at pictures of naked boys. When you read a newspaper, the most successful ones combine high and low culture. I don’t think most American newspapers do it well it all, but if you look at something like The Guardian, it’s serious but they also recognize that you want a little bit of everything and I think that’s kind of where we are...people come to the site for the cock, but they stay for the culture.” 

Road Anti-gay marriage amendment stopped in Indiana legislature: "Indiana’s Senate Republican Caucus voted this week not to consider a resolution that would have proposed amending the state constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman.  This vote means the amendment is unlikely to advance during this legislative session.  The resolution would require approval by the Senate and House in two consecutive legislative sessions, and, if approved, would then go before the voters."

Road Former Project Runway designer Jack Mackenroth, who is interviewed this week by the San Francisco Bay Timesblogs fashion week in NYC.

Road SF Weekly: Heads to butt at upcoming Prop 8 town hall. "Supervisors Bevan Dufty, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, and Senator Mark Leno will all apparently be there, as will ball-busting gay blogger and activist Michael Petrelis, who has spent a whole lot of time castigating the architects of the No on 8 campaign. In January, Petrelis posted the names and phone numbers of the 16 members of the No on 8 executive committee. According to Petrelis's blog, Petrelis Files, he had to file a public records request with the Secretary of State to get the names. "Like practically everything [Equality California Executive Director Geoff] Kors and No on 8 touched, the closet and non-transparency ruled," Petralis wrote. Then said he hoped the executive committee, which included Kors, would spend the next year sweeping the streets of gay neighborhoods and participating in other acts of penance for wasting $45 million on losing gays the right to marry."

Road Stonewall, the FBU, the Local Government Association, the Chief Fire Officers' Association, Unison, the Asian Fire Service Association, the Fire Officers' Association, the GMB, the National Disabled Fire Association, Networking Women in the Fire Service and the Retained Firefighters Union call for end of homophobic bullying among UK firefighters.

DieselRoadDiesel displays downtown denizens dining: "Around 9 p.m. the guests took their seats around a table in the window of the new store, which opens to the public on Thursday, in full view of confused passerby. They nibbled Olivier Cheng catering while a pack of photographers snapped their photos through the large glass window, and Diesel employees and some invited press roamed the store."

Road AfterElton talks to Keir Gilchrist, the gay son on The United States of Tara.

Road Is GLASS the first LGBT non-profit to fall victim to recession? "Wednesday night, eight days after its 25th anniversary, the board of directors of Gay and Lesbian  Adolescent Social Services (GLASS) voted 7-0 (with one abstention) to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy this afternoon.  According to founder and executive director Terry DeCrescenzo, the staff is so "outraged" at the board's decision, they plan to ask a court to intervene and accept a reorganization plan instead."

Road Beaverton contractor launches crusade against Portland Mayor Sam Adams: "He passed out pamphlets detailing why Adams should be kicked out of office and said he plans to file charges with the state Thursday. PJ Mulcahy rented a room at Portland City Hall for Wednesday's press conference. He and several other people said Adams is not only an embarrassment to the city but they think he violated election laws for lying about his affair with a teenager. Mulcahy also brought a replica of the Ten Commandments and said Adams not only lied to the public, he sinned."

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #430

ROB'S HIGH FIVE: Not their best, but the latest from the "Grand Central freeze" group Improv Everywhere.

PANAMA CANAL: For those who may never get there.

JOAN RIVERS on THE VIEW: Has two new books and three new faces.

JACK MACKENROTH: Former Project Runway contestant and fashion designer Jack Mackenroth talks to iFashion network.

Jack Mackenroth Creates Gigantic Chocolate Wonder Woman


Project Runway contestant Jack Mackenroth, Butter's pastry chef Zac Young and America's Next Top Model winner Jaslene Gonzalez collaborated for an entry in a superhero-themed chocolate fashion show for some big chocolate convention that happens in New York every year.

Mackenroth and young decided on Wonder Woman. Says Jack: "What mini-gay didn’t want to be Lynda Carter in the 70’s? Please. I’ve been practicing my Wonder Woman transformation spin since I was 3."

The results, as you can see, were sweet.

One more shot, and Jack's explanation of the ensemble, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Senegal, Orlando, Jake Gyllenhaal, Genetics, Edmund White

road.jpg Company to offer service sequencing an individual's complete genetic make-up for $5,000.

Mbayeroad.jpg Senegalese entertainer who was forced from his country after appearing in magazine photos of a 'gay wedding', has found refuge in New York: "I'm fabulous. I feel good."

road.jpg Orlando to become first central Florida city to offer benefits to partners of gay employees: "Orlando city commissioners are expected to approve the plan on Monday. There are currently 18 Orlando city employees who would benefit from the measure, which would cost the city about $37,000. 'It's going to be a good thing. It shows we're progressive. It will help us attract good people. Benefits are an important package if you're going to work for government, and this will help us compete with other government agencies,' Orlando City Commissioner Patty Sheehan said."

road.jpg He Bopped: Robert Downey Jr. on his former compulsions..."I was a compulsive, serial masturbator, but it was the best thing I could have been. I utilized that organ and rode it for everything it was worth."

road.jpg Columbia International University in South Carolina warns Soulforce they'll be arrested should they try to enter campus today.

Obamabookroad.jpg Brad Pitt shows his support for Obama.

road.jpg Report reveals that lesbian soldier Ciara Durkin, who died under 'mysterious circumstances' at an Afghan airbase, took her own life, and sent text messages before she did it: "According to the report, Ms Durkin was found lying against shipping containers behind the chapel. It found that she shot herself in the head while sitting on the ground, leaning back against the containers. Just before she died, text messages were sent from her phone to a friend saying she was going to take her own life. The report does not draw any conclusions as to why the soldier took her own life, but sworn statements from fellow soldiers on the base suggest she was dealing with a range of stressful issues."

road.jpg Madonna Sticky & Sweet Tour arrives in the U.S.

Mackenrothroad.jpg Signing smack: Project Runway's Jack Mackenroth's thoughts on New York fashion week: "I know some of the designers from other seasons were talking smack about the Project Runway finalists and all their families were right in front of them. I was hanging out with Martin Ritchie, the deaf model on Janice Dickinson’s Modeling agency and we were signing that the Rock and Republic collection was terribly boring so anyone who new sign language within eye view may have 'overheard' us."

road.jpg Hillary Clinton steps in for Joe Biden at HRC dinner in Washington D.C...."[McCain's] not a maverick. He's a mimic." HRC statement on death of Biden's mother-in-law.

road.jpg O.J. Simpson guilty on 12 charges in robbery-kidnapping case.

Jakeroad.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal goes solo in London.

road.jpg John Barrowman just wants a little respect.

road.jpg Rolling Stone eviscerates McCain: "In its broad strokes, McCain's life story is oddly similar to that of the current occupant of the White House. John Sidney McCain III and George Walker Bush both represent the third generation of American dynasties. Both were born into positions of privilege against which they rebelled into mediocrity. Both developed an uncanny social intelligence that allowed them to skate by with a minimum of mental exertion. Both struggled with booze and loutish behavior. At each step, with the aid of their fathers' powerful friends, both failed upward."

road.jpg British MP once caught up in internet underwear scandal appointed Deputy Leader of the Commons.

road.jpg Edmund White on his new biography of Rimbaud, and Rimbaud's relationship with Paul Verlaine: "I think it’s quite clear that Rimbaud was the top in the relationship, and I think that’s something that straight people don’t usually grasp very well. They often see the younger boy as being a sort of stand-in for a girl—maybe that comes out of the classical Greek model. But this idea of a tyrannical younger boy frightening and controlling an older married man is something that people who are gay and who’ve lived in gay life recognize as a possible variation of that situation."

road.jpg Ugandan government promises strengthening of anti-gay laws.


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