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President Jacques Rogge Says Olympic Committee Has No Power Over Russia and its Anti-Gay Laws

International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge said yesterday that the organization has no power of Russia when it comes to the anti-gay laws, the WaPo reports:

Rogge“We have received some oral and written assurances about the fact the Russian Federation will respect the Olympic charter and no negative effect will occur for people attending in or participating in the Games,” Rogge said. “But one should not forget that we are staging the games in a sovereign state, and the IOC cannot be expected to have an influence on the sovereign affairs of a country.”

Pressed on whether the IOC did not have “moral authority” to adopt a stronger stance, Rogge insisted the IOC could not, and should not, intervene.

“We have clearly on various occasions expressed our view on situations in countries,” Rogge said. “But we are restricted in our power and our action by the fact that we are the guest of a sovereign country where we hold the Games.”

Rogge also said the organization may oust Russian pole vault star Yelena Isinbayeva as an Olympic ambassador over her anti-gay remarks, the AP adds:

Two-time Olympic pole vault champion Isinbayeva spoke in defense of Russia's law against gay "propaganda" after winning the title at last month's world championships in Moscow.

Isinbayeva condemned homosexuality, saying Russians have "normal" heterosexual relations, and criticized two Swedish athletes who painted their fingernails in rainbow colors in support of gay rights. The next day, Isinbayeva said her comments in English may have been misunderstood and that she is against any discrimination.

Her initial comments appeared to go against the IOC ideals and the promotional role she has held since 2010 as an ambassador for the Youth Olympics. Isinbayeva is also the "mayor" of one of two Olympic villages in Sochi, an honorary but symbolic and visible role.

Said Rogge: "This is something we will consider in due time."

Russia Defends Anti-Gay Laws, Says It Will Not Discriminate Against Homosexuals at Sochi

The Russian government has responded to the International Olympic Committee's request for clarification about application of its laws during the Sochi 2014 Winter Games, the AP reports:

KozakThe IOC received a letter Thursday from Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak (pictured) giving assurances the host country will comply with the Olympic Charter's provision against discrimination of any kind.

However, Kozak didn't back down on the issue of the new law, which penalizes anyone who distributes information aimed at persuading minors that "nontraditional" relationships are normal or attractive...

...Kozak says the law applies equally to everyone and "cannot be regarded as discrimination based on sexual orientation."

IOC President Jacques Rogge seemed pleased with the response, calling it a "strong written reassurance."

George Takei Calls IOC President Jacques Rogge a 'Weak and Spineless Person': AUDIO


George Takei joined Ari Rabin-Havt, host of The Agenda on SiriusXM Progress, to discuss the controversy over Putin's threat to prosecute gay athletes at the 2014 Russian Winter Olympics, and called Jacques Rogge, the President of the International Olympic Committee, a "weak and spineless person" for not moving the Olympics.

Listen below:

Takei also said that he needed to have another talk with Donald Trump about the Miss Universe Pageant.


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