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Bachelor Jake Pavelka: I'm Not Gay, Just Southern


Bachelor Jake Pavelka talked about rumors he is gay on The View yesterday, after being asked about being intimate on camera by Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

"There was a lack of intimacy because our problems were so heavy. I can't separate love and intimacy and that's the Southern guy in me and apparently that makes me gay."

Pavelka then turns to Hasselbeck and says, "I can't see how somebody could look at you and not be completely attracted."

Watch, AFTER THE JUMP (starts at about :50)...

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Jake Pavelka's Buddy: He's Never Been to a West Hollywood Gay Bar


Jake Pavelka's "close friend" has responded to rumors that TV's Bachelor took a trip to a gay bar with another contestant:

“'Jake has never even heard of Mickey’s, let alone been there,' a close friend of Jake’s tells OK! exclusively. 'He has no problem going to a gay bar as a straight man. He has friends from all different places with different backgrounds, but this story is simply not true.'"

Jake Pavelka Could Be Gay, Guess Random Tabloid Sources [tr]

Jake Pavelka Could Be Gay, Guess Random Tabloid Sources


The next logical step in the evolution of the tabloid's examination of Bachelor Jake Pavelka would be for random people to come out of the woodwork saying that he's gay... 

Radar Online reports:

"Paul Rosseau, who appeared on The Bachelorette, season four, didn’t mince words when he questioned Jake’s sexuality in an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com. 'I definitely think he has gay tendencies, not only because of the way he dresses but also because he didn’t want to have sex with a beautiful girl and never really tried with the other girls on the show.' Paul said, before adding a glib, 'Nothing personal, Jake!' A bachelorette from season 12 didn’t want her name used, but told RadarOnline.com about Jake: 'I think he has gay potential and definitely gay tendencies.'  Jake has emphatically denied being gay, but Vienna’s bedroom revelations have kept the controversy flaming. She said in an interview that Jake said premarital sex was a sin, but that was after he abstained from sex to go on a religious fast and after they started their relationship with passion. Vienna detailed Jake’s series of excuses for avoiding intimacy for six months."

Plus, you know, he has that whole Tom Cruise fetish.

Watch: Jake Pavelka Tries to Channel Tom Cruise


On this week's Dancing with the Stars, Jake Pavelka did his very best to get inside Tom Cruise.


(screenshots via groopii)

Pavelka2  Pavelka3

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