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James Franco on Being Thanked By 'Ex-Gay' Activist Michael Glatze for Film Portrayal: 'I Think it was Very Healing for Him'


Upcoming film I am Michael tells the story of Michael Glatze, "ex-gay" activist.

James Franco portrays Glatze, and following the Sundance Film Festival, the actor recounted his experience with meeting Glatze.

GlatzeVia Pink News, Franco says: “I haven’t had that many conversations with him...I met him in person for the first time here at the festival. He made a point to come up to me and thank me, and he said he loved the movie. I think it was very healing for him.”

Franco continued:

In a way, we had to show to him we were going to have a very even-handed, non-judgemental approach, but we also had to say to ourselves, 'We’re not telling this story just to make Michael happy, we’re telling the story to get both sides.' The best we could do was say to him, 'We have good intentions. We’re not going to crucify or judge you but we also need to tell the story from the other side as well as the side you’re on now.'

I Am Michael also stars Emma Roberts and Zachary Quinto. Last week, we got a peek at early stills from the film, including a steamy gay threesome.

Sundance Double Review: 'I Am Michael' and 'The D Train'



One of the most interesting trends of this year's Sundance Film Festival is confrontational stories about people being pushed out of or willfully stepping away from their sexual comfort zones. THE DIARY OF A TEENAGER GIRL has earned the best reviews and the most press but let's discuss two films with more LGBT appeal.  I AM MICHAEL, a drama about religion and homosexuality, and THE D TRAIN, a comedy about a high school reunion, feature grown men whose lives spiral out of control when they stray from their true selves. 

How many gay kids growing up confused about what they were feeling within religious environments used this Bible verse in ways that would horrify fundamentalists?

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you:
-Matthew 7:7 

It's a lovely sentiment whether you're religious or not. Everyone needs to know themselves and find their own way. Those who've come before us lay down tracks for us to follow but we all still have to choose which to take or construct our own. But Matthew's promise won't work for everyone. What if you don't know what to ask, don't know what you're looking for or, like the protagonists of these movies, are totally unsatisfied with the knowledge you already have about your true character?



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'I Am Michael' Star Charlie Carver Dishes on His 'Hot as Hell' Threesome With James Franco and Zachary Quinto: VIDEO


In an interview with HuffPost Live, Teen Wolf and The Leftovers star Charlie Carver revealed behind the scenes tidbits about his gay threesome scene with James Franco and Zachary Quinto in I Am Michael - calling the scene, "hot as hell"However, Carver's comments moreso pertain to where the scene was filmed: shot in a hot, stuffy Long Island attic during the summer.

Watch Carver and the film's director Justin Kelly speak about the scene, AFTER THE JUMP...


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James Franco, Zachary Quinto, and Charlie Carver's Sex Scene Revealed in New 'I Am Michael' Photos


A set of new stills from the upcoming film I Am Michael, about former gay rights activist turned "ex-gay" poster boy Michael Glatze and starring James Franco, Zachary Quinto, and Charlie Carver, gives us the first look at a three-way sex scene between the actors as well as other key moments.

Franco plays Glatze while Quinto plays his then boyfriend Bennett. The duo bed Carver's character in a club, according to a November report from E!:

"They first meet in a club. The music is pumping. It's the eighties!" a source said. "When Charlie's character questions Franco about having a boyfriend, Franco says, 'He'd like you, too.'"

Cut to the bedroom, where the three are naked, intertwined and "kissing," the source said. "You see their asses." [...]

The three enjoy a romance, but when Michael leaves, the breakup is "disastrous and heartbreaking," the source said.

The film, produced by Gus van Sant, is premiering at Sundance. It's based on the Benoit Denizet-Lewis NYT article "My Ex-Gay Friend". Denizet-Lewis is a co-producer on the film. The film is directed by Justin Kelly.

Additional stills show the main characters at a rave party, Carver and Quinto together, Franco alone and despondent in what appears to be a tiled bathroom, Franco and Quinto kissing, and Franco embracing Emma Roberts.

Check them out, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Sony Reportedly Cut Orgy Scene Between James Franco and Kim Jong-Un From Theatrical Release of 'The Interview'


In an interview with The Sunday Times, Sony staff revealed that the version of The Interview released online and in select theaters is actually a "redacted version" of the James Franco and Seth Rogen comedy film, with certain controversial scenes edited out on the orders of Sony's Tokyo head office. 

The Daily Mail reports:

Among other details edited from the film include North Korean military insignia, which was originally visible on soldiers' uniforms in the film. 

But the most controversial and wide-sweeping edit was the removal of a 10-minute scene depicting the aftermath of a gay orgy between Kim Jong-un (played by Korean-American actor Randall Park) and the television presenter Dave Skylark played by Franco.

According to the leaked script, the scene was subtle. 

'Dave and Kim are in a bed naked, with the four women,' it reads. 'They’re all playing MORTAL KOMBAT.'

In the edited film, a more toned down scene involving the new friends shows them playing around with scantily clad women.  

Another scene edited out of the film was a conversation between Rogen and Franco about Kim Jong-un's sexual abilities with Rogen saying the dictator could "suck a 12 inch c**k while ice-skating backwards."

Sony staff added that they hope the scenes edited out will be restored on some type of "director's cut" released at a later date. 

Have you seen The Interview yet? Did you enjoy the film or think it could have used more Franco-Kim lovemaking?

Eminem Comes Out As Gay in 'The Interview' Cameo: VIDEO


In the opening scenes of The Interview (which can now be rented online), Dave Skylark (James Franco) sits down for a chat with Eminem that quickly turns into a media moment when the 42-year-old rapper reveals all his homophobic lyrics over the years have just been a way for him to cope with the fact that he's gay.


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