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Watch: Janet Jackson Says 'It Gets Better' to Bullied Gay Teens


In a video for The Trevor Project, and the It Gets Better Project, Janet Jackson speaks out to bullied gay teens, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Janet Jackson, Pink Locker Room, Space, Mark Twain

 road Former GLAAD president Neil Giuliano will now head the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Jg  road Jake Gyllenhaal and Jimmy Kimmel have fun belting out “Gonna Eat That Talkin’ Sandwich: The Sarah Palin Song.”

 road Sarah Palin's book publisher is suing Gawker because it claims that "the reprinting of pages from Governor Palin's book without permission constitutes a blatant infringement of copyright."

 road More hate: Anti-gay message spray-painted on Illinois school involved in "Straight Pride" T-shirts controversy.

 road Is decking out the opponent's locker room at Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium entirely in pink a homophic act? The school's former coach who initially chose the color says: “Frankly, the only color paint we could find at the stadium was pink."

 road Thousands march for marriage equality in Melbourne.

 road Wesley Snipes won't be starring in any movies over the next three years.

Moon  road New cool pictures from space released tis week, thanks to NASA.

 road Daniel Day-Lewis to portray Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg film written by Tony Kushner.

 road More excerpts have been released from a new book that claims John Travolta has frequented gay saunas for decades.

 road The bad news for Lindsay Lohan just keeps coming: she's been canned from another job.

 road Control: Janet Jackson wants you to help pick the 35 cities she'll hit on her next world tour.

 road A 500,000 word autobiography about Mark Twain seems to be the book to get this season. If you can find it.


Watch: Janet Jackson on Why Kids Bully — 'I Really Think it Says More About Themselves'


In her appearance on Larry King Live, Janet Jackson talked extensively about The Trevor Project and anti-gay bullying.


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News: Alexander Skarsgard, Costa Rica, Paris Hilton, Octopus

 road Melissa Etheridge files to end her domestic partnership with Tammy Lynn Michaels.

Aa  road True Blood vamp Alexander Skarsgard doesn't have time for Twilght's blood-suckers.

 road Oil along Gulf Coast beaches found buried at least 2 feet in the sand.

 road Horrible: 15 men and women chased and attacked a gay couple in the UK.

 road Wanting to look like Lady Gaga, contact lenses from Asia are the latest fad: "Known as circle lenses, these are colored contacts — sometimes in weird shades like violet and pink — that make the eyes appear larger because they cover not just the iris, as normal lenses do, but also part of the whites."

 road Janet Jackson performs a steamy show in New Orleans.

 road Carrie Prejean is now Carrie Boller.

 road Costa Rican gay marriage update: "The Sala Constitucional (Constitutional Court) has ordered the Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones to suspend the process of the referendum on same sex marriages that was to have been included in the December 2010 municipal elections."

 road Zack Rosen has won a scholarship to the NetRoots Nation. Now he has to pony up. 

 road Eastern Bank has purchased Wainwright Bank & Trust, an institution that has always been a strong supporter of LGBT rights.


 road If you don't believe in psychics, you may have a hard time buying into a psychic octopus.

 road If Britney Spears says that if her kids told her they wanted to be in the entertainment business, she would lock them in their rooms until they're 30.

 road Paris Hilton was briefly detained and then unfortunately released by police in South Africa.

 road Madonna keeps helping her daughter promote her fashion line.

 road More kids: "A gay couple that made legal history when they were jointly registered as fathers are this weekend celebrating the arrival of their fourth and fifth children."

Listen: Rosie O'Donnell's 'Nasty Gays'


After hearing this, I'm not sure I'll be able to hear the Janet Jackson version the same way again.


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News: Ryan Gosling, The Pope, Justice Stevens, A Gay Cure

 road Catholic Cardinal about the Pope on Easter: "With this spirit today we rally close around you, successor to (St.) Peter, bishop of Rome, the unfailing rock of the holy church."

 road Jake Gyllenhaal starts to promote The Prince of Persia.

 road Janet Jackson on her brother Michael: "People think we were in denial but we weren't. We tried intervention several times. He was very much in denial -- he didn't think he had a problem."Ryan-gosling-sleeveless-dog-10

 road The Easter Granny could easily scare off just as many children as Santa Claus.

 road A lawsuit by a gay engineer who worked for the Trinity Broadcasting Network and was by the Christian network's head to not "dress so gay, to wear jewelry, to act more straight and to pay attention to girls" has settled his lawsuit.

 road We'll learn sometime this month if Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens will retire.

 road Believe it or not, there's a law on the California books that requires health officials to cure homosexuality. And what's more suprising is that it stemmed from a crime that was not related in anyway to gays.

 road Ryan Gosling goes hiking with his best friend.


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