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Jason Mraz Tweets Against 'Amendment One'


Staunch ally Jason Mraz tweeted against Amendment One last night:

"Yo North Carolina! On May 8th, Vote AGAINST Amendment 1. It's anti-gay, and takes away benfits from committed couples. Boo!"

Amendment One proponents immediately wrote him off as a has-been.

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JASON MRAZ: An American for marriage equality.

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Jason Mraz Will Only Marry Under Marriage Equality

Straight ally, Jason Mraz, who recently revealed he was a former bully victim in high school, continues to be a a vocal advocate for marriage equality.  

6a00d8341c730253ef013481816405970c Us Magazine reports on his decision to hold off on marriage until all of us are legally allowed to marry:

 "We both feel that in our engagement, we have a union that's really special and cant be broken. It's a sacred bond," the singer explained at Elton John's Concert to Benefit the American Foundation for Equal Rights in Beverly Hills Wednesday.

"The wedding would be nice for our family, our friends, our community -- our moms especially -- and so it puts us in the fight," he continued. "We can't get married until [gay] marriage is legal and equal...I think giving people the right to marry will be a huge movement in civil rights."

Mraz made the comments at a fundraiser, hosted by Elton John at billionaire Ron Burkle's estate in Californa, in support of the challenge of Prop 8. They managed to raise a robust $3 million for the American Foundation for Equal Rights.

Watch Mraz, as well as Jane Lynch and Adam Lambert, discuss marriage equality, AFTER THE JUMP.

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Jason Mraz: I was Beat Up, Bullied at School, Called 'Faggot'

Jason Mraz attended the Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast on Friday. On Sunday, Mraz took to his blog to write about why he stands up for LGBT equality.

Writes MrazMraz  

"When I was in high school, I experienced being bullied. For whatever reason, there were a few students that enjoyed calling me 'faggot' as I walked thru the lunchroom. On one occasion, just before graduation, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and picked up a few punches, kicks and scrapes to add to my story. I never knew why the handsome lads called me names or felt the need to bully me, but it happened and I let their actions contribute a great deal to my moving away from that community. Shortly after the row, my best friend came out, sharing with his friends and family that he was gay. In my small town, this was uncommon and since then I’ve considered my friend to be the bravest man in the world. Aware of the hate within our community, I was afraid my friend might be inviting trouble to his door – but that never stopped him from being fully expressed. This is why I am actively seeking equality for the whole. When all of us are acknowledged as the human equals that we really are, there will be no space left for bullying. It will no longer be wrong to choose one thing over another. Equality and Separation cannot exist in the same space."

Mraz calls on people to join the fight for LGBT equality.

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