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News: Brenda Namigadde, Halifax, Dennis Kucinich, San Diego

Road NYC Mayor Bloomberg taps Giffords intern Daniel Hernandez for anti-gun campaign.

RoadUgandan lesbian Brenda Namigadde faces deportation from UK, threat from "kill the gays" bill author. Brenda: “I’ll be tortured, or killed, if I’m sent back to Uganda. They’ve put people like me to death there.”

RoadGlee creator Ryan Murphy and Kings of Leon at each other's throats.

RoadPoint Foundation to honor Margarethe Cammermeyer, Johnson & Johnson, and Andy Cohen at Point Honors benefit.

RoadRise in some head and neck cancers tied to oral sex.

RoadMilitary can't link Army Private Bradley Manning to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange: "The officials say that while investigators have determined that Manning had allegedly unlawfully downloaded tens of thousands of documents onto his own computer and passed them to an unauthorized person, there is apparently no evidence he passed the files directly to Assange, or had any direct contact with the controversial WikiLeaks figure."

RoadJason Statham mans up for Men's Journal.

RoadSan Diego police investigate series of paintball attacks at potential hate crimes: "I can't say the words they used on television, but it was pretty clear they were specific to sexual orientation."

Shiloh RoadShiloh Fernandez: big bad wolf?

RoadAnti-gay graffiti investigated at Western New England College: "It happened over the weekend in a residence hall. Students say this isn't the first incident of its kind since the beginning of the school year."

RoadFrito-Lay distances itself from gay Doritos contest entries.

RoadRussia's lost Space Shuttle clone.  

RoadTwo Halifax, Nova Scotia men face charges for targeting, robbing gay men after meeting them on a dating website.

RoadGLAAD President Jarrett Barrios criticizes Jay Leno for ongoing use of gays as punchlines.

RoadAlan Cumming on gay actors playing straight: “It’s not about your work… It’s about how you exist as a person in the world, and the idea that your work is more important than you as a person is a horrible, horrible message. I always think about a little gay boy in Wisconsin or a little lesbian in Arkansas seeing someone like me, and if I cannot be open in my life, how on earth can they? Anyway, it’s an academic question: how can you know [that coming out affects your career]? Some people get less work than others, and it has nothing to do with sexuality.”

RoadHIR: A spoken-word performance about the dualities of being transgender.

Rahmen RoadThe Rahmen Emanuel tumblr.

RoadCher not happy about being snubbed for an Oscar: “We didn’t get a nomination 4 best song ! That sucks ! Diane’s song Is so beautiful ! It’s hard to understand how u win … The Golden Globe 4 BEST SONG & not even get nominated by the OSCARS? Oh well it is..what it is ,,,,the sun is still shining !”

RoadOne-fifth of Anglican leaders are protesting international conference over Episcopal Church's ordination of gay and lesbian bishops and blessings for same-sex couples.

RoadDennis Kucinich sues House cafeteria for selling him a sandwich wrap with an olive pit in it. "The Cleveland Democratic congressman's lawsuit seeks $150,000 in damages from companies that operate the Longworth House Office Building's cafeteria."

RoadPride Toronto nearly bankrupt: "Last year wasn’t one of the best on record for Toronto Pride. It had the controversy around Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QUAIA), which split the city’s gay community and 'threatened to bankrupt' the organization. Pride Toronto also had its federal funding pulled, even though Canadian Press reports that it had qualified for federal cash. This year doesn’t seem to be treating the organization any better, with the revelation that it will have to tell its annual general meeting it’s effectively bankrupt."

News: Prop 8, Hubble, Ruben Diaz, Abdellah Taia, White Knot


New York State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. takes credit for poor marriage equality polling numbers, predicts bill won't come to floor by end of session.



Vampire takes his chances in the sunlight.


Let's Pets Get Physical!


Guy Ritchie working on film adaptation of Guys & Dolls? "The director, best known for his London-based crime films, is said to have roped in movie hardman Jason Statham to show off his vocal talents in a reworking of the classic musical, which originally starred Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra."


Kathy Griffin, Lance Bass and other celebs take to the streets of L.A. to protest Prop 8 decision.


Drew Barrymore speaks at Prop 8 protest.


AIDS prevention campaign: sexual promiscuity written in the pubes.


Hubble Telescope healthy, solid after repair: "We've got a whole new telescope. We've got four new instruments. Two of them dead, now alive. These are truly the best of times. Not the worst of times."


Phyllis Lyon recalls her life with the late Del Martin as Prop 8 is upheld.



Gay Moroccan author Abdellah Taia tells all: "Taia has defied Moroccan society's don't-ask, don't-tell attitude toward homosexuality — and prison sentences that are still on the books in the North African kingdom — to write five autobiographical novels about growing up poor and gay in the northern coastal city of Sale. The novels, peppered with sexually explicit passages, have catapulted him to fame in his native country and made him the de-facto poster child of its budding gay rights movement."


Make Me a Supermodel fix: Jonathan Waud.


Right whales return to former whaling ground.


Chris Brown: "I ain't a monster."



Levi's joins White Knot movement for marriage equality: "Our design team was seeking something that would resonate beyond just fashion but also fit with our white product theme."


Hero of the day: Duckman.


Grand Theft Auto IV creators to release new title - The Ballad of Gay Tony.


San Francisco's thin blue gay line.


Paul Oakenfold says titles of new Madonna singles are "I'm Sorry", "Broken", and "Celebrate".


8: The Mormon Proposition. An interview with director Reed Cowan: "Truthfully, this film started out as an exposé on the problems of gay teen homelessness in Utah's 'Zion' and an examination about WHY otherwise loving parents would kick their kids out on to the streets just because their kids are gay.  But as the weeks and months unfolded in our project, I began seeing that history demanded our project be larger in scope.  Slowly, but with great force, our focus shifted to what I believe is the 'touchstone' of Mormon ideology regarding homosexuality...and that is exclusively Mormon efforts to get PROP 8 on the ballot in California and see its passage.  It's the case against Mormons and what I believe has been a decades long work to damage gay people and their causes.

Jason Statham Serious About His Nipple Clamps


"Juice me."

I noticed on the one-sheet for Crank: High Voltage, which opened last Friday, that Statham was hooking up the black battery clip to his tongue, but I had no idea where that other one was going to end up. Anybody see it?

News: Glenn Beck, Teabagging, Jason Statham, Esquire, Brando

 roadGroundbreaking literary theorist Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick dies: "In one of her more audacious insights, Sedgwick proposed two ways of understanding homosexuality: a 'minoritizing view' in which there is 'a distinct population of persons who 'really are' gay,' and a 'universalizing view' in which sexual desire is unpredictable and fluid, in which "apparently heterosexual persons...are strongly marked by same-sex influences.' Think of it, in shorthand, as the difference between Ellen Degeneres' 'Yep, I'm gay!' and Gore Vidal's 'There is no such thing as a homosexual or heterosexual person; there are only homo- or heterosexual acts.'"

Madonnahouse  roadMadonna buys $40 million townhouse on New York's upper east side.

 roadGlenn Beck causes guest to faint on live TV - VIDEO.

 roadWolff Olins branding company employee suing, claims supervisor called him "HIV boy": "[Christopher] Perez joined Wolff Olins in January 2007...He succeeded another gay man, the suit says... 'Why do you always bring me gay boys?' [supervisor Dean] Crutchfield complained, according to the suit...The suit claims that when Perez put in for vacation time, his boss asked if he was 'going away with your team for a scandalous holiday'."

 roadTrial in Angie Zapata killing set to begin in Colorado.

 roadWashington state House passes transgender hate crimes bill.

 roadHundreds turn out for funeral of Massachusetts student Carl Walker-Hoover, who last week we reported committed suicide after being overwhelmed by anti-gay bullying at school. Reverend: "The name calling must stop; the bullying must stop. We need to do better."

 roadIt's Lindsay: Lohan looking for love on eHarmony.

Statham  roadJason Statham shows Brazil what he's made of.

 roadPresident would have the power to "shut down the internet" under proposed law.

 roadMSNBC on teabagging day.

 roadTexas Christian University backs off plans for gay-themed housing after uproar: "CU Chancellor Victor J. Boschini Jr. said the national attention over the gay-related housing theme did not drive his decision to backtrack on themed housing. 'The biggest complaint we got from people was not about any single group but about having these groups in general,' said Boschini, whose decision reverses the approval of eight new housing pods, including the gay and lesbian-themed unit. The others – patriotism, Christianity and marine biology, for examples – didn't appear to be controversial."

 roadAlly: Charlize Theron calls U.S. marriage laws "a form of apartheid."

 road"Gay leprechaun" slur feud continues between dean and professor at Ohio State University.

 roadIs this a real photo of Marlon Brando with his mouth around another man? (NSFW)

Nodar  roadAfterElton talks to Out of the Wild's gay competitor Jake Nodar: "Nodar, along with eight other participants, are dropped in the middle of the Alaskan bush and told to find their way out with minimal supplies and virtually no help. Nodar and the eight others face  brutal weather and mile after mile of trudging through the Alaskan wilderness as they work to navigate their way back to civilization"

 roadEsquire apologizes for tongue-in-cheek guide to using the word "faggot."

 roadJailed Survivor winner Richard Hatch says he wants to finish his sentence in Buenos Aires: "Hatch filed a motion in U.S. District Court this week asking for travel freedom and to live in Argentina because he is married to an Argentinian national whose family is unable to travel to the United States. The federal government is opposing the motion, arguing that his sentence requires that he complete mental health counseling, file amended tax returns for 2000 and 2001, and pay $400,000 in back taxes. Hatch has not filed corrected tax returns or paid any of the taxes owed, Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew J. Reich wrote." Hatch is scheduled to be released to a halfway house on May 12.

News: Wanda Sykes, Mercy, PETA, Kara GioGuardi, Banksy

 roadTony Dungy, anti-gay former head of the Indianapolis Colts, is asked to serve on Obama's Advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

Banksybill roadMan pays for car wash with Banksy bill: "This chap gave us the note and said 'keep the change - it's worth a lot more than ten pounds!'."

 roadFirst photo of Mercy as paparazzi trails Madonna in Malawi.

 road"A fuller answer is needed.": The SF Chronicle on the case of Shirley Tan and Jay Mercado and the need for the Uniting American Families Act to pass.

 roadNo fooling: DVD-quality workprint of X-Men: Wolverine leaks to the internet.

 roadPedroPedro airs tonight.

 roadMelbourne Catholic Archdiocese denies it is "testing" prospective priests for homosexuality.

 roadWanda Sykes gets new show on Fox: "The Sykes show, which is expected to launch in the fall, would fill the void left by the recently canceled sketch series 'MadTV.' Hourlong show would air at 11 p.m. According to Broadcasting & Cable, which first broke the news, the Sykes skein would look more like a panel series similar to Bill Maher's HBO show, as opposed to a regular talker. Beyond the topical panel discussions, the series also will follow Sykes as she shoots field segments."

Statham  roadJason Statham cools off in Malibu.

 roadJoe the Plumber still doesn't know crap about anything.

 roadYoung and the Restless actress Clementine Ford and Broadway's Hair star Gavin Creel both say: "I'm gay."

 roadEndangered wildlife "camera traps" will soon tie in to Google Earth: "Cameras equipped with infrared triggers, known as camera traps, are used to identify, count and observe larger mammals in isolated areas. Now researchers from Earthwatch are adding the latest images from their camera traps in Ecuador's cloud forests to Google Earth. They hope to raise awareness of endangered species, encouraging donations and attracting tourists to the region to support conservation efforts."

 roadHow 'bout some beefy Mehcad Brooks?

 roadGroup to train LGBT people in civil disobedience.

 roadJudge allows Lawrence King's teen killer Brandon McInerney to attend his father's funeral: "Ventura County Superior Court Judge James Cloninger ruled Monday that Brandon McInerney can temporarily leave juvenile hall for the funeral. The date for the private family service hasn't been disclosed."

 roadPETA puts Cloris Leachman in cabbage.

Cytwombly roadWho knew that filmmaker John Waters is a fan of the often inscrutable fine art doodler Cy Twombly?

 roadStash of gay porn magazines causes fuss at Aberdeen, UK City Council office: "I have taken the liberty of removing these and they are available in my office to be collected should the owner wish to do so."

 road"Broken record": American Idol judge Kara GioGuardi hit by audience backlash. What you didn't see...

 roadGay indie artist Chris Garneau set to release second album.

 roadSoap opera Home and Away's lesbian kiss causes stir in Australia: "About 20 people gathered in Melbourne's Federation Square for a mass 'kiss-off' as the episode went to air on Tuesday night, despite an announcement by broadcaster Channel Seven that the programme would be shown in its entirety."

Jason Statham: Hypothetical Gay Action Hero


Chris Lee writes about a gay action hero that went by the wayside:

In 2005, Louis Leterrier, the director of 'Transporter 2' (and also credited as 'artistic director' of the first 'Transporter') told me he created a gay subtext for the character so as to avoid making a 'Steven Seagal kind of movie.'...'If you watch the movie and you know he's gay, it becomes so much more fun,' Leterrier said then. 'It's so great -- the first gay action movie hero!' He continued: 'Action fans in general are pretty homophobic. You see these tough guys who say, ' 'The Transporter,' that's such a great movie!’ If they only knew they're really cheering for a new kind of action hero.' And to drive his point home, he mentioned a scene in 'Transporter 2' in which a drug czar's wife, played by Amber Valletta, makes romantic overtures toward the Transporter. Martin rebuffs her, explaining, 'It's because of who I am.' Letterrier's take on that? 'That's him coming out!' At the time, Jason Statham, who plays the Transporter, dismissed the director's claims. 'It’s just Lou-Lou trying to be funny,' Statham said, using his private nickname for Leterrier. 'Although he did say, ‘In Part 2, you will become the gay icon.’'"

In Transporter 3, Lee notes, Statham's character makes out with a woman for the first time. Perhaps it's just a phase.


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