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Movies: Sean Penn, Javier Bardem, Golden Globes...and Scooby Doo?

 Remember when Penn was fighting for that Harvey Milk holiday in 2009? Worthy cause.



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You don't really want to talk about Nicolas Cage's Season of the Wig oops Witch do you? I thought not. Let's move on. That's the only big new release. The rest is Oscar-focused screen count scrambling.


Pennasmilk  road Sean Penn will soon be honored with a humanitarian award. No, it's not another honor for his excellent portrayal of gay activist Harvey Milk. This prize is for his excellent work as Sean Penn, being quite the activist himself. He's definitely done a lot for Haiti relief recently. Each year the Producers Guild of America hands out the Stanley Kramer Award. It's named after the producer and/or director of high-minded classics like Judgment at Nuremberg, Inherit the Wind, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and High Noon. The prize usually goes to a film (recent winners have included Precious, An Inconvenient Truth and Hotel Rwanda) but Penn will be the first actor to receive it. In the PGA's own words:

"We are proud to honor Sean Penn with this award as he truly exemplifies the Stanley Kramer legacy. Sean is a committed activist who has used his extraordinary talents and influence to shed light on powerful stories, causes and individuals—through film, journalism, and global humanitarian organizations."

Meanwhile at the cinema, Sean Penn will next play Brad Pitt's son (ah, the magic of the movies) in the upcoming Terrence Malick film THE TREE OF LIFE. The trailer is a beauty. Can't wait.

 road Remember last year's Golden Globes when Burlesque was just a crazy dream and not a reality and Cher & Christina Aguilera presented the Best Original Song prize and hit the after parties?

They're baaaa-aaack. MORE AFTER THE JUMP...


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Javier Bardem is Pretty in Pink for L'Uomo Vogue


Bruce Weber shoots Javier Bardem in and out of a pink bathrobe for the new issue of L'Uomo Vogue. The issue features a 100-page portfolio on Weber's vision of life in Miami.

Said Italian Vogue editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani to WWD: "L’Uomo Vogue is not exactly what you call a fashion magazine anymore. Basically, I am more free than anyone else because I don’t think that you sell clothes through a [fashion] credit. I think that you go through an image, that you sell a dream, and [then] the clothes. I think that Javier Bardem in a pink bathrobe is more a fashion statement than to have something with a big logo on his shoulder."

More shots of Bardem, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Javier Bardem Trades Oscar Statue for Josh Brolin


Just a couple Academy Award leftovers comin' at you today. Best Supporting Actor Javier Bardem put down his little gold man for a moment at the Miramax party to put his arms around a bigger one.


One more shot AFTER THE JUMP...

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