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Lance Bass And Husband Michael Turchin Discuss Their Marriage Ceremony On ET Ahead Of E! Wedding Special

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Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 3.53.56 PMLance Bass and now husband Michael Turchin appeared on Entertainment Tonight to chat with Nancy O'Dell about their wedding ahead of an E! special airing next month about it. The two married on Dec. 20 at the Park Plaza Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. Guests included Kristina Applegate, Gabourey Sidibe, Kris Jenner and N'Sync member JC Chasez who also sang at the wedding. Bass said to O'Dell that one of his favorite moments from the wedding is when Chasez performed for the couple.

Said Bass:

"It was one of the best pieces of the wedding...and you'll see there's a really funny moment that happens (in the E! special)."

Bass and Turchin dated for several years until Bass asked Turchin's family for his hand in marriage and proposed in September 2013. Bass mentioned in the interview that getting to the altar was no easy task considering attitudes toward gay marriage in the South.

Said Bass:

"Coming from the South it's still a huge subject - the whole gay marriage...to see my Mississippi parents walking me down the aisle, it really spoke volumes."

The E! special, Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding, airs on Feb. 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

News: Dubai, Sarah Palin, AIDS Vaccine, Guatemala, David Geffen

road.jpg Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier: 'therapeutic' AIDS vaccine in 3 or 4 years.

Pirateroad.jpg British gay pub hit by "butt pirate" graffiti. Landlord: "I don’t think it’s homophobic, it’s just little minds, 11 or 12 year old boys who think ‘there’s a gay pub, let’s write on it’. They’ll probably be in here in 10 years’ time. If they want to hide in their closets let them. The people that are most anti are normally hiding from their gayness."

road.jpg Saturday Night Live working to book Sarah Palin for spoof of Tina Fey.

road.jpg Tax experts: Todd and Sarah Palin owe thousands of dollars in back taxes.

road.jpg World Conservation Union: 1 in 4 mammals being pushed to extinction.

road.jpg Gay Guatemalan man who changed a story about political persecution in his home country to one of sexual persecution loses U.S. asylum appeal: "Two judges with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said in an opinion filed Monday that it would be a 'manifest injustice' to allow Saul Martinez to benefit from gaming the system after he lied under oath. A third judge disagreed, arguing that it was easy to understand how a man who was persecuted because of his sexual orientation felt compelled to invent a story to escape from that persecution."

road.jpg FOX planning remake of Absolutely Fabulous.

road.jpg Kevin Sessums on J Lo's nervous breakdown and her relationship with Scientology: "I do know a lot about Scientology. And I know about the practices. I know all about what the technology is and all that kind of stuff. It’s very helpful. So in a sense, yeah, you do call on it."

Dubairoad.jpg New 'world's tallest skyscraper' planned for Dubai.

road.jpg Dubai resort Palm Atlantis refuses to release whale shark captured in the waters of the UAE: "Whale Sharks are protected by CITES (Convention for the International Trade of Endangered Species) and apparently the hotel was urged to release the animal. Environmentalists have hit out at the management of Atlantis hotel for performing an apparent change of mind by deciding to keep a whale shark caught off Jebel Ali."

road.jpg Fish filmed alive at greatest-ever depth.

road.jpg Trial underway for former Mr. Gay UK who killed his lover and the tried to eat him.

road.jpg Hollywood Reporter reviews W: "It's a gutsy movie but not necessarily a good one. Its greatest strength is that it wants to talk about what's on our minds right now and not wait for historians. In an election season, people will have opinions about 'W.' before even seeing it -- or not -- so boxoffice may be erratic. It deserves a fair hearing by American audiences, for Stone goes out of his way to give Bush a fair hearing."

Chasezroad.jpg Lance Bass wants to be in a sitcom as J.C. Chasez launches acting career...

road.jpg Scientists detect massive baffling object around distant star.

road.jpg Georgia Supreme Court finds that transgender candidate did not mislead voters when she ran as a woman: "In their suit, Fuller and Harris allege Bruce’s name is Michael Bruce. Their attorney, new Clayton school board member Michael King, argued that Bruce’s birth certificate lists her as Mickey Dwayne Bruce and a man. Bruce, who identifies herself as transgender and a woman, said she changed her name in Clayton County Superior Court in 1980 to Mickey Michelle Bruce and goes by Michelle Mickey Bruce."

road.jpg David Geffen ends relationship with DreamWorks.

road.jpg Arkansas judges oppose ban on foster care, gay adoption: "Thirteen retired Arkansas judges, including three former chief justices of the state Supreme Court, announced their opposition Monday to a ballot initiative that would ban unmarried couples from adopting or foster parenting children in Arkansas. Proposed Initiated Act No. 1 would limit the ability of every Arkansas judge to choose custodial parents who would serve the best interests of vulnerable children, the group said in a statement."

Music News: Saying Bye Bye Bye To TRL


GuestbloggerRobbie Daw presents a weekly pop music update here on Towleroad! Robbie runs his own site called Chart Rigger.

Hey there, Carson Daly, mind if I bend your ear for a minute?

You see, I was wondering what you thought when you heard the news that MTV is retiring Total Request Live in November—you know, the Top 10 video countdown staple that made you a figurehead amongst a generation of adolescents?

Millennium_coverNow, I know what they'll all say, Carson. They'll say that MTV hasn't really played music videos on a regular basis in a good decade or so, and that axing TRL is just a natural progression. After all, might the network not be better off simply airing marathons of The Hills and Next all day long?

And, yeah, you were probably right to get out in 2003, when the teen pop wave of the late '90s had crested and crashed into an endless, dull quagmire of J. Lo jams and songs that too often featured "featuring" in the billing—Eminem featuring this one, Ja Rule featuring that one...

Admittedly, I haven't watched TRL since you were on it, Carson. In fact, I haven't watched it since Hoku was clawing her way to the top with "Another Dumb Blonde." But let's stop for a second and take stock of a few things.

When TRL first launched in September 1998, Chad Hurley was just a 21-year-old college geek playing computer games at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He was still seven years away from launching YouTube. (I went to IUP around then, too, Carson...and, dammit, why wasn't I hanging out with him?)

UsherYouTube. Do you think that's what did in TRL in the end? After all, why rush home to watch a half-hour video countdown when you can make your own playlist of clips online?

And then there's Britney Spears. Geez, she's had an interesting ride this past decade, huh? And just think—there was no Britney back then! "...Baby One More Time" (the song) was still two months away from being released in September 1998. Sure, there were *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, but if you think about it, Carson, Britney and TRL were almost star-crossed. They were meant to happen together. It was like tossing a carefully-lit match into a powder keg that had been strategically set out in the right spot.

I bought "...Baby One More Time" that fall, on CD single. (Remember those?) There was no iTunes in 1998, either, and wouldn't be for another five years. Again, iTunes—another possible contributor to the demise of Total Request Live? Who's to say?

Then along came Christina Aguilera. Hey, you dated her, didn't you, Carson? I can't recall—was that before or after you dated Tara Reid? And Jennifer Love Hewitt? Boy, girls sure weren't singing about kissing girls back then, were they? Well, okay, they were. But America wasn't really singing along and sending them to #1 in the process.

BritneycarsonThe world was just a different place in 1998. September 11 was still another mundane day on the calendar, and Columbine was just a high school no one outside of Jefferson County in Colorado paid much attention to.

And so, Carson, I think what's got me playing the Backstreet Boys on repeat these past few days isn't so much that I'm lamenting the passing of TRL. In some ways, I just feel like MTV is pulling the plug on my youth. It's the same thing I felt when Lance Bass appeared on the cover of People, declaring he was gay—Now there's the end of an era!

Speaking of which, why couldn't Lance Bass just march onto your show back in the day and tell the world he was gay? Why'd he have to wait till after he was so sure *NSYNC were a done deal—that there was no way he could harm the financial viability of a globally-profitible boy band—that it wouldn't really matter anymore if he was gay, straight, an atheist or a martian?

98degreesHow would America react in 2008 if, say, one of the Jonas Brothers came out of the closet? Would Disney put out the inevitable live album, the "best of" and then send the the trio off to go quietly into the night? Or would they be accepted and carry on having hits? How much have things really changed over the course of the TRL era?

Ah, well. In the end, this all brings to mind a line from the Smiths' "Rubber Ring":

Don't forget the songs that made you cry,
And the songs that saved your life.

Granted, the songs that saved my life were more "Rubber Ring" than "I Want It That Way" or "Oops!...I Did It Again." But the latter ones sure did make me smile.

Looks Like Chace Crawford's Nate isn't the Gay on Gossip Girl


Probably not Nate Archibald, unless he's got his face in his beard. We still think it's young, troubled Eric van der Woodsen.

In related news, I came across some video of JC Chasez, defusing that real-life gay gossip. You can watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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JC Chasez: The Fact of the Matter is I'm a Straight Guy


At last night's live finale of Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew, JC Chasez repeated assertions about his relationship with Chace Crawford to People: "You know what, it's laughable the first time. I think the tenth time, it gets annoying. I don't care about [people's] assumptions or anything, but when people outright lie, that's wrong. So I think that part of the rumor is outright stupid. The fact of the matter is I'm a straight guy and I'm allowed to have [guy] friends."

JC Chasez Calls Chace Crawford Rumors 'Annoying' [people]
(image source)

Chace Crawford and J.C. Chasez Hold 'Boys Party' in Hotel Cabana [tr]
JC Chasez and Chace Crawford: Attached at the Hip [tr]
Chace Crawford and J.C. Chasez Pretty Up Elton John's Oscar Bash [tr]

J.C. Chasez on Chace Crawford: We're Not Dating

J.C. Chasez called in to 104.7 KISS FM morning show JohnJay and Rich today and the hosts asked him about his frequent companion and BFF Chace Crawford.

Chace2_2Said Chasez: "Well you know what, it's stupid, really...for the record, we're both straight, we're not dating. Lets clear that up real quickly and the thing is, we don't even get to hang out that much. We are friends, absolutely, the guy is a super nice guy and he's a friend of mine but you know the only time people would usually see us together is in some kind of photograph so they just assume that it's like that. You know people hang out with their best friends every day......and I don't even see this guy every day. He's a friend of mine, like I said, but it's just ridiculous. The fact of the matter is, if I'm standing next to a girl and I don't have a girlfriend all the sudden I'm dating her. If I'm dating a girl and I'm standing next to another girl I'm having an affair, so now since there hasn't been any of that smoke out there in a minute. Now if I'm hanging out with a guy they're going to make up a rumor, it's just stupid now. You know what, I don't have any control over [the rumors]. You know, they're not saying anything that's based on fact or at least not in their minds. People say, 'they were standing next to each other so in my opinion it's blah blah blah'. It's just stupid, it's pretty much a waste of everybody's time. Ya know."

Chace Crawford and J.C. Chasez Hold 'Boys Party' in Hotel Cabana [tr]
JC Chasez and Chace Crawford: Attached at the Hip [tr]
Chace Crawford and J.C. Chasez Pretty Up Elton John's Oscar Bash [tr]


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