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Mitt's Speech At Liberty University: VIDEO (Updated)


The man's just not a very good speaker. Smarmy. Sitting through this video's not fun. (His very first line is a joke at the expense of President Obama, written so poorly and told so awkwardly that nobody in the audience seems to get it.)

If you do sit through this video, bear in mind what's going on: This is the certain Republican nominee for the American presidency delivering the commencement address at the school founded by Jerry Falwell, who blamed 9/11 not on religious fundamentalism, but on gayfolk, lesbians, "abortionists," and pagans (and about whom Romney has several nice things to say), and which canceled its participation in last year's CPAC because GOProud would be there. Viva liberty!

Weirdly, it's also a school that hosts a class on comparative religion, which includes instruction on the heresies of Mormonism.

As one might expect, Romney's commencement address drew a rather tepid reaction from the crowd. His biggest applause line:

Marriage is between one man and one woman!


(UPDATE: The video below cuts off the very beginning of Mitt's speech, in which he praises the vaguely anti-gay founder of Chick-fil-A, Truett Cathy. A full transcript may be found here.)

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Soulforce Launches 2008 Equality Ride as Liberty U. Welcomes Them


The gay Christian group Soulforce kicked off its annual Soulforce Equality Ride yesterday with a visit to Liberty University, now run by Jerry Falwell, Jr., the son of its founder. His father, the Reverend Jerry Falwell died in May of last year.

This year's ride will visit 15 schools in the South, of various denominations. The ride's goal is to converse with students and faculty, as well as hold public forums and worship services in an effort to promote tolerance and facilitate a welcoming atmosphere for all students at the school. This year 17 LGBT young adults are on the ride.

Said Katie Higgins, Co-director of the Equality Ride last week, before yesterday's event: "We are in contact with Liberty students who have been waiting for the Equality Ride to return. We cannot let them down. We bring hope to students who fear expulsion or other sanctions just for being themselves. We tell them that God loves them just as they are, and we speak up for a community where everyone can learn without fear."

In 2006, Soulforce 24 Soulforce riders were arrested at Liberty U. after Jerry Falwell, the University's founder, warned them they were not welcome. Yesterday, Soulforce riders were met by students who welcomed them on to the campus, and into the campus library.

Watch a report on the visit, which could not have been more different, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Bionic Eye, 'Celeb' Ads, Tammy Baldwin, Underwear

road.jpg LGBT groups demand action on Michael Causer gay bashing death in Liverpool. Outrage! activist: "It was going to happen sooner or later and I am stunned how the local media here in Liverpool have downplayed coverage of this story which I feel is due to the lack of a vocal LGBT community in Liverpool."

Crawfordroad.jpg Chace Crawford on gay rumors: "I just don't even want to speculate on that. It's just one of those things that rolls off my back. There's not one seed of truth to it, so it'll just go away in the end. I have actually met Perez Hilton a couple of times. He's normally very nice. But if he covers an untrue rumour, then I have to accept that it will become one of those things people will speculate about."

road.jpg Just when you think you've heard it all (warning: graphic).

road.jpg Tina Brown to unleash The Daily Beast after fictional newspaper of Evelyn Waugh's Scoop.

road.jpg "Celeb" ads hurting Obama in the polls — response too soft?

road.jpg Behind the scenes of the Paris Hilton John McCain spoof. Director: "I was literally in my car and thought Paris must respond. It's her duty as a citizen. Within three hours I was on the phone with her and she was into it. Our next goal is a town-hall-style debate between Paris, McCain and that sea creature that washed up in Montauk."

road.jpg McCain and the age issue: "Some older people may have mild cognitive problems without meeting criteria for dementia. Mild cognitive impairment might affect attention, language, judgment, memory, reading, or writing. It may be noticeable to the individual or to other people, but it does not severely impair activities of daily living."

Eyeroad.jpg Scientists unveil first step to the bionic eye.

road.jpg Apple pulls $999.99 "I am Rich" iPhone App that did nothing, but someone actually bought it while it was still available.

road.jpg Shia LaBeouf may lose a finger.

road.jpg Two Spoons: Play about gay dads to open in New York in September.

road.jpg Made in Brazil and Kenneth in the 212 check out National Underwear Day.

road.jpg Jerry Falwell died poor.

Taylorroad.jpg Kansas lesbian loses primary after last -minute anti-gay smear campaign by opponent: "Inga Taylor, a Victory-Fund endorsee, had outraised and out-organized her opponent, Gail Finney. But Finney and her supporters launched a late mail, e-mail and phone campaign highlighting Taylor’s sexual orientation and contributions to her campaign from the Victory Fund."

road.jpg Great piece from AfterElton featuring broadcast news pundits and their thoughts on gay issues.

Hartlineroad.jpg "Ex-gay" wingnut James Hartline claims lesbians rampaged during San Diego Pride march: "Calling itself San Diego Dyke March, the group of approximately 300 lesbians so disturbed a number of residents in the community of North Park, that one fearful churchgoer who resides in the area has alleged that a number of other church members were forced to keep their children indoors to avoid being exposed to the disgusting activities of the women. During the march, one shirtless woman exposed her bare chest."

road.jpg Ryan Phillippe sweats bullets.

road.jpg Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin: Why I am backing Barack.

road.jpg Attorney for Knoxville anti-gay church shooter Jim Adkisson lays groundwork for insanity plea: "Stephens said Tennessee law requires that the case get to the criminal court level before the defense receives money to pay for a mental evaluation. 'It is my burden to prove that he was insane at the time of the commission of the offense, Stephens said outside court. 'It is absolutely critical a mental health expert see him now at this critical stage.'"

Mike Huckabee: God and Prayer Responsible for His Recent "Surge"

At the Liberty University (the Jerry Falwell-founded institution) Convocation Ceremony, the man who believes gay marriage will destroy civilization explains the reason for his recent "surge" in the polls.

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Tinky Winky Under Investigation by Polish Authorities

Jerry Falwell may be gone but the controversy surrounding purple, purse-carrying Teletubbie Tinky Winky lives on in Poland.

Tinkywinky_2A government-appointed childrens rights watchdog there, Ewa Sowinska, says she's asked psychologists to look into the character's sexuality: "I noticed (Tinky Winky) has a lady's purse, but I didn't realize he's a boy. At first I thought the purse would be a burden for this Teletubby ... Later I learned that this may have a homosexual undertone."

It's just the latest in a series of anti-gay statements and actions by members of Poland's government.

In March, a Polish Education Minister said teachers thought to be "promoting homosexuality" would be fired from their jobs, a mandate supported by Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kacyzinski, who responded to the announcement, saying, "Nobody is limiting gay rights in Poland. However, if we're talking about not having homosexual propaganda in Polish schools, I fully agree with those who feel this way. Such propaganda should not be in schools; it definitely doesn't serve youth well. It's not in the interest of any society to increase the number of homosexuals — that's obvious."

However, at least one parliament speaker, Ludwig Dorn, warned Sowinska of making comments "that may turn her department into a laughing stock."

Foiled Falwell Bomber was Targeting Westboro Baptist Protestors


Mark David Uhl, a Liberty University student, was arrested after a family member's tip led authorities to homemade bombs in the trunk of his car. Uhl had apparently told the family member that he planned to target protestors from Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church who were planning a demonstration at Reverend Jerry Falwell's funeral. The soda can-sized bombs were described by police as "sort of like napalm".

FalwellwestboroThe Associated Press reports: "The Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church sent about a dozen members to protest across the street from the funeral, claiming Falwell was a friend to gays. The group also has picketed soldiers' burials, claiming the deaths are God's punishment for a nation that supports homosexuality. Falwell frequently spoke against homosexuality, and gay rights advocates have consistently opposed him. A group of Liberty University students staged a counterprotest; it wasn't clear whether Uhl was involved.

...Jesse Benson, 19, of Zanesville, Ohio, said he lived with Uhl this year and that both shared the view that the Westboro group is a 'sorry, disgraceful bunch of people,' but that he was certain Uhl would never have done anything to harm them. 'He had a very, very deep respect for Jerry Falwell, as do I,' Benson said in a telephone interview. 'Jerry Falwell would not have approved him harming anybody for any reason. Out of respect for Jerry Falwell, he never would have done anything.'"

Just one more incident that goes to show how full this country is of really screwed-up, religious people.

The Associated Press reports that 33,000 people viewed Falwell's body over a period of four days.

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