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News: George Michael, Gay Middle-Schoolers, Rihanna, Volcanoes

Gerogd_280x420_101360a  road Students in Mead Valley California want to form a Gay-Straight Alliance at their middle school. Some parents aren't happy about this: "Brandi Estes is among a group of perturbed parents planning to pass out fliers in hopes of stopping the club. She said she has nothing against gays and lesbians, but "how can a child 10 or 11 going into middle school decide if he or she wants to be straight or gay?"

 road George Michael has been partying down under with a new boy: a rent boy.

 road Jesus Luz is a horny devil.

 road "Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives" will still screen at the Tribeca Film Festival, despite GLAAD's recent finger-shaking.

 road Candy Crowley about anti-gay slurs shouted by teabaggers at the U.S. Capitol last week: "A CNN producer heard the word 'faggot' yelled at Barney Frank more than once in House Longworth Building."

 road Sounds like the guy who hacked into Britney Spears's Twitter account is making excuses: "I am not a hacker. I am a kind pirate. I did not act with a destructive aim... I wanted to warn them, to show up the faults in the system."

 road We've been reading about Derrick Martin for the past week. How have his his gay friends at school reacted to all of the media attention he's received? "He expected some of them to stand with him when he took his request to school officials. 'I thought I would have had a little bit of backup,' he said, disappointment creeping in his voice. But it’s just me.'”

 road Meanwhile, one of Martin's students explains why she's upset with his decision to bring his boyfriend to their prom and why she's opted out of attending: "It's not just his prom, but my prom, too, and everybody else's at school."

26lede_iceland-blogSpan  road Rihanna's back-up dancers do the robot.

 road Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY): "Earlier today an envelope containing white powder and a threatening letter was delivered to my community office in Kew Gardens. The NYPD was immediately alerted and have responded appropriately by sending a Haz-Mat team."

 road A volcanic eruption can sometimes be a good thing: "A small Icelandic volcano that initially sent hundreds fleeing from their homes is turning into a boon for the island nation’s tourism industry, as visitors flock to catch a glimpse of the eruption."

News: Bullying, Scott Brown, Fin Whale, Golden State Warriors

 road Golden State Warriors announce first 'Gay Night'.

Zegers  roadKevin Zegers emerges from the underbrush for Flaunt.

 roadEllen Degeneres and Simon Cowell sitting on different ends of the table for a reason.

 roadMassachusetts Senator Scott Brown dined with teabaggers and anti-gay hate group before voting with Harry Reid.

 roadHUD seeks help with anti-gay discrimination study: "Starting Thursday, the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department will enlist residents in three cities with large gay populations - Chicago, New York and San Francisco - to offer ideas on how such a study should be conducted."

 roadMadonna gets Jesus a record deal.

 roadCitibank blocks account of gay start-up Fabulis because of "objectionable content." "Do I think Citibank or Citigroup is a homophobic malicious company? No. Do I think some compliance officer is a moron who made a really stupid decision? Yes. Three hours of trying to sort this out provided even more comedic insanity than I even revealed on the blog post. Including a bank manager who didn’t want to talk about this because she was uncomfortable talking about the content of our blog over a recorded phone conversation." TechCrunch weighs in. Citi responds. Chapter ends.

 roadWatch: The NSFW trailer for Showgirls 2.

Finwhale  roadMassive fin whale washes ashore in England.

 roadEvita revival coming to Broadway.

 roadPresbyterians to ordain gay minister: "A regional governing body of the largest Presbyterian denomination in the country has voted to ordain a gay Madison man with a long-term partner, bucking national church policy that bars gays and lesbians in open relationships from the ministry and perhaps setting a precedent. The decision Saturday in Madison by the John Knox Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church (USA) is expected to have a national impact and be challenged by opponents."

Olly  roadX-Factor contestant Olly Murs enjoyed playing "gay chicken" with fellow contestant Danyl Johnson: “Gay chicken is this game where you lean in to kiss someone and you await to see who turns away first.  We were leaning in and laughing, but then Danyl actually closed his eyes! I’ve always been really open-minded. I don’t judge people.”

 roadJ Lo to host SNL this Saturday.

 roadUK gay man wins discrimination claim against company that tried to "de-gay" his pub: "The former assistant manager said he had been ordered to put up a sign outside that said 'This is not a gay pub' and made to reprimand a homosexual couple for their overtly romantic behaviour, before being told he was 'another kind of gay'...The firm was ordered to pay Mr Lisboa £4,593.75 in compensation."

 roadThe New York Post's Andrea Peyser is not interested in a sexy firewoman.

 roadHomophobic bullies in UK taking their conquests to YouTube: "It is the most recent development in the ongoing problem of homophobic bullying, which remains a major issue even as Brent Council has begun a concerted effort to tackle it. Youth worker, Lukasz Konieczka said the latest way in which some youngsters were being bullied was through group attacks known as 'rushing,' which are then broadcast on the internet."

News: NYC, Taylor Lautner, Moscow, Lawrence King, Prop 8

 road Americans more open to "gays" in the military than "homosexuals".

 road  Anti-gay Liberty Counsel wingnut Matt Barber calls for removal of gay Prop 8 judge: "This is no different than having an avid gun collector preside over a Second Amendment case, or a frequent user of medical marijuana deciding the legality of medical marijuana."

42nd  road NYC to get massive gay entertainment complex/hotel/club? "Officially described as 'The Out NYC: a hospitality and entertainment destination geared to the gay community,' the project, due to be completed by early next year, is informally dubbed 'a hetero-friendly urban resort' by its developers."

 road  VIDEO: Rihanna gets rude.

 road  Vigils organized for second anniversary of murder of Lawrence King.

 road  Empire State Pride Agenda executive director Alan van Capelle blames gay senator Tom Duane for hold-up on transgender rights bill GENDA. Action item.

 road  Kenya blocks gay wedding.

 road  Taylor Lautner no longer jailbait.

 road  San Francisco Unified School District strengthens protections for gay and lesbian students: "The new policy will require the district to track harassment and discrimination based on sexual orientation, provide cultural sensitivity training to school staff and give parents educational materials each year. It also directs staff to seek outside funding for its program."

 road  WATCH: John Mayer makes apology from the concert stage.

Francis   roadConnie Francis gets a gay porn escort.

 road  8: The Mormon Proposition finds distributor: "ABC 4 News has learned that '8: The Mormon Proposition' has now sold its North American rights to distributor 'Red Flag Releasing.'...'Red Flag' plans to release the film theatrically and on VoD in the spring of this year."

 road  Snowstorm to delay marriage equality in D.C.

 road  Gay "kiss-in" planned this Sunday at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Protest planned for same day at Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral.

 road  Pastor prayed for death of John Murtha.

 road  Britney Spears test drives a Maserati, from the passenger's seat.

Explosion road  Radio Shack explodes on Sixth Avenue in NYC. Yikes!

 road  Moscow Gay Pride organizers head back to court to complain about ban for fourth year.

 road  Marc Jacobs shuns celebrities. Lorenzo Martone confirms marriage, dick size.

 road Madonna and Jesus get hot and heavy in Brazil.

 road Origin of HIV transmission revealed: "Until now, it had not been established whether HIV RNA or DNA is transmitted during sex. By analyzing the genetic differences between these two forms and the virus that was ultimately transmitted to newly infected individuals, we found that it was the HIV RNA form present in seminal plasma that was transmitted."

 road  Hate crime charge added in lawsuit by HIV-positive man alleging he was beaten by officers in Blue Island, Illinois: "According to the lawsuit, Demetrius Anderson, who suffers from mental illness, attempted suicide in April 2009. Officers arrived on the scene and chased Anderson, who panicked and fled when EMTs arrived. Anderson claims that the officers battered him by shooting him with a taser, standing on his hands, feet, back and neck and handcuffing him tightly. Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that the officers made comments regarding Anderson's religion, mental illness and sexual orientation."

 road  Transgender group turned away from Boston-area restaurant: "Ashley Bottoms, 42, of Saugus is alleging that she and seven others from Sisters Family were not let into Capone's Italian American restaurant on Summit Street because their appearance did not correspond with the photographs on their identifications."

News: Buffalo, Matt Bomer, China, Newt Gingrich, Coachella

 roadAl Sharpton is Team Harold Ford Jr.

Frog  roadTransparent frog among 30 new species discovered in coastal rainforests of western Ecuador: "The team of scientists, who work for Reptile and Amphibian Ecology International, also identified four new species of stick insect, three species of lungless salamanders, a tiny, scaly-eyed gecko known as Lepidoblepharis buschwaldii and a bushmaster – the longest viper in the world."

 roadMadonna wants to have Jesus' baby.

 roadCoachella music fest announces 2010 line-up.

 roadBudding "ex-gay" sounds off: "But for the first time in my life, I’ve been getting to know girls. It’s been a blast. As a teacher, I find them naturally adept at flying helicopters. They listen and they are good at multi-tasking. They are fun to be around and sometimes they’re pretty."

 roadGays in Buffalo, NY rally in response to recent gay bashings: "he evening was light by candlelight as the hundreds gathered moved through Buffalo's historically gay neighborhood. Allentown is the home to many glbt residents, businesses and most of the area's gay bars. Many observers were clearly moved as the participants began to move their candlelight procession down Allen Street towards Main Street. This marked the first time in recent memory that there has been any public demonstration of gay civil rights in Allentown."

 roadVideo: Katy Perry and Timbaland in "If We Ever Meet Again".

Bomer  roadWhite Collar actor Matt Bomer, who recently said he's not bothered by gay rumors, once posed for the cover of a gay novel.

 roadScott Brown is White Obama.

 roadUgandans threaten U.S. product boycott over anti-gay bill: "Sempa said, 'Most Ugandans do not support homosexuality. We are to launch a campaign against consumption of US, UK, and Canada products in Uganda if those countries continue to threaten our country because of the anti gay bill. We will make people stop buying Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and other products from USA.' Ugandan observers however claim that while the government might not tolerate Sempa’s declarations due to the high economic stakes, Sempa’s threats, if realised, could prove risky for Ugandans as it could put a high number of people out of work."

 roadThe state of gay media in Atlanta.

 roadNJ gay groups target Senator Kean, who voted "no" on marriage equality bill: "Mannix said it wasn't simply Kean's 'no' vote on the measure that sparked the movement against him. It was mainly a speech Kean delivered on the floor of the Senate prior to the vote, he said."

 roadHugh Jackman must spend half his life shirtless in the water.

Depp  roadJohnny Depp does GQ.

 roadKelly Orr, lead singer of the band Teen Hearts, is a loser.

 roadNewt's list: "Among the other Republican candidates Gingrich named as possible 2012 contenders included former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. Also included on Gingrich's list are Govs. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, Mitch Daniels of Indiana, Haley Barbour of Mississippi, Rick Perry of Texas and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. South Dakota Sen. John Thune may also be a potential candidate, Gingrich said."

 roadSpeculation surrounds Sydney Mardi Gras line-up.

 roadWhy the sudden shift by China on gay rights? "Chinese forums are awash with the debate, another sign that things may be changing. One poster even joked that tóng xìng (same-sex) relationships could be the answer to the country's lopsided boy-to-girl ratio. It is estimated that by 2020 around 24m Chinese men of marrying age will be without spouses."

News: Kellan Lutz, PETA, Iowa, Susan Boyle, Top Gear, Jesus Luz

 roadGay bashing brawl under investigation in Clear Lake, Iowa. "A man was reportedly dancing when he was slammed to the ground and beaten by another patron who made rude references to the man’s sexual orientation. A friend of the victim then reportedly tried to pull the attacker off of him and that resulted in other patrons getting involved. Peterson described the scene as 'mayhem.'"

Churchcouple  roadBlack gay couple walk out of Mount Calvary Holy Church during anti-gay sermon: "Mack and Garrett, 32, contacted DC Agenda about their decision to walk out on Owens’ sermon and are believed to be the first gays to publicly disclose their departure from a church that activists say has a large number of closeted gay members, mostly black."

 roadSusan Boyle has new airport meltdown: "The source went on to explain that while SuBo was waiting to board a flight to Chicago, she suddenly grabbed a cleaning product out of a janitor's cart and used it as a fake microphone..."

 roadJesus Luz shows some bush.

 roadDrug resistant HIV poised for surge, self-sustaining epidemics: "When the team used the model to look into the future, it predicted a rapid upsurge in the spread of resistant strains. The model suggested that 60 per cent of the resistant strains currently circulating in San Francisco could cause "self-sustaining epidemics", says Blower, in which each infected individual spreads the resistant strain to more than one new recipient."

 road700 Club issues non-apology for Pat Robertson comments.

 roadKelis tells PETA off: "I would eat pterodactyl if you found some and you told me it was meaty and delicious."

Reed  roadDetails: High school quarterback turns lesbian filmmaker.

 roadD.C. sees second slaying of gay man in two weeks: “There is no indication at this time that this homicide occurred as a result of a hate crime."

 roadMaryland delegate introduces anti-gay bill: "Del. Emmett C. Burns Jr.'s measure would also declare that marriages between individuals of the same sex are against the public policy of the state of Maryland. The House of Delegates Judiciary Committee has rejected similar measures introduced before, which prevented the bill from going to the House floor for debate. In neighboring Washington, D.C., gay couples will likely be able to apply soon for marriage licenses. The district's City Council passed a bill last month legalizing same-sex marriage."

 roadGlee's Matthew Morrison to release debut album.

 roadDocumentary about killing of gay Liverpool teen Michael Causer to be screened at Istanbul International Film Festival: "We are all really excited that such an important film is being shown in Turkey. The international struggle for LGBT equality and acceptance is one which is the central message of this film. What happened to Michael Causer was a travesty of justice and was plainly ignored by many in the national media."

Kellan  roadKellan the Barbarian?

 roadPope defends invitation of Anglicans disaffected by gay policies to convert: "Benedict told members of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith that the invitation wasn't an attack on the church's reunification efforts with other Christians but designed to help them by bringing about 'full and visible communion.'"

 roadBruce Weber's All American.

 roadBritish auto show Top Gear slammed for not allowing gay couples in studio audience: "It’s very odd, but what do you expect from pigs that grunt? Regrettably, with Jeremy Clarkson involved, it’s not surprising. The show itself is full of stereotyping of both men and women – but it’s funded by gay and lesbian licence fee cash as well as everyone else’s. Arguably, this is a breach of the Sexual Orientation Regulations 2005."

News: Harold Ford Jr, Italy, Gareth Thomas, Meth, Facebook

 roadHRC: take action on Uganda.

 roadHarold Ford Jr. in NY Post: "It's true: I am strongly considering running for the United States Senate." Governor David Paterson: "I would suggest he would look for another state to run a primary." Christine Quinn: Let Ford run.

Gareththomas  roadOut rugby superstar Gareth Thomas does Attitude.

 roadI'd say yes, it's over.

 roadMore reasons to love Alan Cumming.

 roadGay art champion Fritz Lohman dies at 87.

 roadAuthor Benoit Denizet-Lewis to speak at NYC Gay Center tonight.

 roadBi-national couple discusses being gay in Rio de Janeiro.

 roadLOGO greenlights four new series for 2010: "The four greenlit series include 'The Robert Verdi Show Starring Robert Verdi,' which casts an unblinking eye on the celebrity-filled, super-high-stress lives of "stylist to the stars" Verdi and his creative team; 'RuPaul's Drag U,' where RuPaul and other drag queens apply fairy godmother dust to the looks and lives of people in need of a little assistance; 'The Arrangement,' an original series that follows the surprisingly intense action in a high-end floral design competition; and 'Kept,' the much-buzzed-about project that takes an unflinching look at a handful of gay men in Manhattan who are, or aspire to be 'kept' by another man."

 roadHugh Jackman is a teabagger!!!

 roadVulgar outtakes from Better off Ted.

 roadStudy shows huge drop in meth use among gay men in NYC.

Orangutan  roadHumans wiping out species at 1,000 times the natural rate.

 roadGoogle considering selling advertising on Google Maps street view images: "The link can be associated with a property owner, for example the property owner which owns the physical property portrayed. The link can alternatively be associated with an advertiser who placed the highest bid on the image recognized within the region of interest (e.g., poster, billboard, banner, etc.). Any portion of the geographic display image in which the region of interest is located can be selectable (e.g., hot-linked). For example, the image of the coffee shop can be hot-linked to an advertisement for the coffee shop."

 roadCosmo Skeletor.

 roadPaula Abdul hangs with Chi Chi LaRue (site nsfw).

 roadTucker Carlson's new site kicks off with joke about Rachel Maddow being a man.

 roadMonsanto corn linked to organ damage, which is scary, because Monsanto corn is in just about everything.

 roadFull Frontal Fashion Q&A with Johnny Weir: "This year I have been so inspired by Fabergé eggs. I think inspiration can come from some of the least expected places. I can say that at the moment, I am very inspired by Lady Gaga’s style as well as the style of Sergey Lazarev. Gaga is always forward, while Lazarev dresses the way I think a man should dress, and I find myself somewhere in between."

 roadMadonna to release Sticky & Sweet Tour DVD.

Jesus  roadJesus Luz flashing his undies all over Brazil.

 roadBenched: Taylor Kitsch leaving Friday Night Lights.

 roadItaly to open prison for transgender inmates: "The prison, at Pozzale, near the Tuscan city of Florence, is expected to house inmates who mainly have convictions for drug-related offences and prostitution. Gay rights groups in Italy welcomed the move to convert an almost empty medium security women's prison into a specially equipped detention centre. It is thought that Italy has a total of some 60 transgender prisoners. The centre will house about 30 people, according to reports."

 roadFacebook employee tells all? "Facebook is recording data on everything you do on the site. Everything. And not just the messages you’ve written and received either: it knows how many times you’ve clicked on your friend’s profile, which photos you’ve viewed, and more. Using this data it can establish who your best friends are, which helps it generate interesting stories in your News Feed. According to the interview, this data has recently been used to streamline search (your best friends show up first as your type in your query, rather than an alphabetical list)."


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