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Country Boys by Joe Oppedisano


Here's a set of new shots from Joe Oppedisano called Country Boys. They're part of a spread coming out in DNA in September, Joe tells us. Unlike some of Joe's other work (you may remember his Dangerous Boys from the Black Party or the Ultimate Fighters from his new DVD Knockout. He's also got a book coming out in November called Uncensored, and if you know Joe's work you can imagine what that might be like. Country Boys features Tyler Garceau and Travis Hanson, both with Major Model NYC.

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See the slide show here...

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Joe Oppedisano Delivers Knockout Punch


Our friend, photographer Joe Oppedisano (you may remember his Dangerous Boy photos or his celebration of Calvin Klein underwear), has a new DVD and 2009 calendar hitting stores in the near future. It's called Knockout and is a foray into the world of mixed martial arts and ultimate fighters. The project features two brothers, a few of Oppedisano's favorite models, and the COLT model Bruno even makes a cameo as the coach.

Joe let us share some shots from the calendar. Watch the slide show HERE.

Also, check out the DVD trailer, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #280

KNOCKOUT: Preview of a new DVD coming soon from Joe Oppedisano, who as you may remember, shot the Dangerous Boys of the Black Party and the salute to Calvin Klein underwear which we featured in the last few months.

I AM BECAUSE WE ARE: Trailer for Madonna's new documentary on Malawi.

TR KNIGHT: Speaks to Miguel Contreras Learning Complex's School of Social Justice about anti-gay hate for the 'Day of Silence'.

EXIT BECKHAM: David Beckham makes a sexy exit on Ellen

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Joe Oppedisano: Dangerous Boys


Photographer Joe Oppedisano gave us an exclusive sneak peek at a series of images entitled "Dangerous Boys" he shot for the upcoming Black Party issue of New York's Next magazine, which comes out at the end of this week. The annual Black Party happens this year on March 29.

You may remember Joe's homage to the Calvin Klein underwear man we featured back in January.

Check out the Black Party images here (warning NSFW).

It's Calvin Klein Underwear Group Photo Time! [tr]
EXCLUSIVE: Joe Oppedisano Celebrates the Calvin Klein Man [tr]

It's Calvin Klein Underwear Group Photo Time!


You may remember that last month I featured a celebration of Calvin Klein underwear by photographer Joe Oppedisano that was published in Italian fashion mag Collezioni UomoIt's. Here's the group shot. Click to enlarge.

And, to refresh your memory, here's the earlier shoot...

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Oppedisano Celebrates the Calvin Klein Man [tr]

EXCLUSIVE: Joe Oppedisano Celebrates the Calvin Klein Man


Here's a sunny treat for this gray day (at least in NYC) — a spread from photographer Joe Oppedisano that you can find in the new issue of Italian fashion publication Collezioni Uomo.

Says Joe of the shoot: "It's not really a fashion spread as much as it is a special celebration of Calvin Klein's 25th anniversary as the man who made underwear fashion. Before that there was no such thing as designer underwear, and when he launched, it really turned fashion upside down. The ads were incredible, and the billboard of Jeff Aquilon by Bruce Weber in Times Square revolutionized fashion and liberated and brought sex right into everyone's home. (and male beauty, which before was hidden by suits)."

Jo2 Jo3

Joe adds: "We shot it at the Rivington Hotel Penthouse (which is unbelievable) in one long day. We were very lucky because it was cloudy and rainy in the morning and then after my lights caught fire and I had to run out and get a new set, the sun came out and gave us really spectacular and interesting backdrops of the city."


Much more, AFTER THE JUMP...

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