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Trevor Project's David McFarland and Ft Worth Councilman Joel Burns Discuss Anti-Gay Bullying in Bachmann's District: VIDEO


Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns talks to Lawrence O'Donnell, and David McFarland, the Acting Director and CEO of The Trevor Project talks to MSNBC's Thomas Roberts, about Anoka-Hennepin's "No Promo Homo" policy and the federal investigations against the Minnesota school district.

You may remember Burns for his emotional statement to the Fort Worth City Council about his own bullying last October.

Watch both clips, AFTER THE JUMP...

Yesterday, our legal expert Ari Ezra Waldman wrote a post about the constitutionality of such policies.


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News: Croatia, Ryan Philippe, EastEnders, IRS, David Norris

 road Unusually long lunar eclipse to be visible this week.

 road Chaz Bono to be grand marshal of San Francisco's pride parade.

Rp  road Ryan Philippe almost in disguise at his son's football game.

 road Croatian President Ivo Josipovic blasts the anti-gay protesters responsible for the violence at yesterday's pride parade saying that it was "not Croatia's real face."

 road IRS sends out letters with language that excludes same-sex couples: "How the errant letters started is unclear. Tax experts who brought the letters to the attention of the I.R.S. weeks ago had wondered if anti-gay I.R.S. employees were acting out of malice. 'It’s either intentional or ignorance,' said Pan Haskins, an Oakland tax consultant who had been tracking the letters."

 road Extremists in Poland attacked gay pride participants yesterday with firecrackers and anti-gay chants. No injuries or arrests were made.

 road The BBC felt a need to issue a public statement about a scene in EastEnders which showed two men in bed together.

 road This woman is also very likely to steal candy from a baby.

 road Justin Bieber sends his get well card to girlfriend Selena Gomez via Twitter.

D  road Openly gay Irish politician David Norris is still eyeing the presidency in Ireland: "...I will say that I have represented Ireland on the world stage before. It was an honour then and it will be an honour if I am elected the ninth president of Ireland."

 road Joel Burns on Sam Maden, the 12-year-old who successfully petitioned to get the Boston Red Sox to create an "It Gets Better" video: "I'm proud of Sam and I think that his bold action is yet another example of people joining in this conversation about teenage bullying and suicide. All of our kids' lives have worth and even the children have a role in participating in that conversation."

 road Mitt Romney has already won the support of Matt Drudge.

 road Tonight's Tony Awards host Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka out on the town on the eve of the ceremony.

 road Dustin Lance Black wants to hear your stories.

Radio Jock Attacks Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns

ChrisYou'd be hard-pressed to find anyone not touched by Joel Burns' anti-bullying speech during a Fort Worth City Council meeting last month. But at least one person wasn't: KLIF radio jock Chris Krok. His reaction was the exact opposite, actually.

The day after Burns' plea to bullied LGBT youth, Krok took to the airwaves to bash him mocking the gay city councilman with a lisp, calling him selfish and playing down gay teen suicide by outrageously claiming that not one gay kid in Forth Worth has committed suicide. The DJ is also upset with the fact that Burns referred to his partner as husband and asks Burns to "stop lying" about being married.

Krok is exactly the kind of the bully that Burns is trying to protect LGBT youth from. Listen to the rant, AFTER THE JUMP.

The station's contact information is below:

Talk Radio 570 KLIF

3500 Maple Avenue 16th Floor

Dallas, TX 75219


Program Director:

Chris Krok Show:

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Watch: Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns and Husband J.D. Angle on 'The Last Word'


Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns and his husband J.D. Angle appeared on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell to talk about Burns' viral speech about bullying. Angle says he didn't know that Joel had even written the speech till just before he delivered it. Angle also says that he hadn't heard Joel's bullying story in 17 years of marriage.


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Watch: Ellen Talks to Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns and His Mom About Anti-Gay Bullying


Fort Worth City Councilman, Joel Burns, whose powerful and emotional anti-bullying statement has been seen around the world, appeared on Ellen today (along with his mom) to talk about his message.


(via the victory fund)

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Watch: Thomas Roberts Interviews Joel Burns

Earlier this week, viral video of Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns's brave and impassioned plea to bullied gay youths pretty much welled up every pair of eyes that watched it. Yesterday, Burns made the national cable channel rounds yesterday and told CNN: "I mean, I wish I could show the 13-year-old not only all the things that I said in that video but the fact that I'm on CNN today is something I never would have guessed as a 13-year-old or any other age, for that matter."

Later, on MSNBC, Burns told Thomas Roberts that he was motivated to deliver the speech, which he wrote over lunch hours before he delievered is at a city council meeting, after reading about the suicide of 19-year-old Zach Harrington, who you may recall took his own life after hearing anti-gay sentiments during a Norman, Oklahoma city council meeting.

Burns also revealed that, since the video has taken off, he has spoken to gay teens from around the globe. Also, his inbox has been flooded with 12,000 email in three days!

Related, last night, a rally was held in Dallas in support of gay teens.

Watch the interview with Roberts, AFTER THE JUMP.

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