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Out Gay California Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez Announces Run For State Controller

The first openly gay man elected to be California's Assembly Speaker may become the first gay man to hold state-wide office in the Golden State. Elected as speaker in 2009, John A. Pérez, who you may recall from his speech on LGBT equality at last year's Democratic National Convention, announced today that he will seek the office of California State Controller in 2014. In making the announcement, Pérez emphasized not only his record on LGBT issues but also his concentration on making California more fiscally responsible. Frontiers LA has the story and the official press release:

PerezPérez noted that when he first joined the State Assembly, California’s budget deficit was more than $60 billion, over half the state budget for the year. “Fiscal restraint has been crucial to putting our finances back in the black, and will remain vital to ensuring a prosperous future for our state...Balancing our books is essential, but this job is about even more. It’s about promoting the financial stability that can offer every Californian the opportunity to succeed and contribute to our state’s prosperity. I will continue to advance smart investment decisions that help businesses, create jobs and unleash California’s full potential,” he said.

As the first openly gay person to be elected to the position of Assembly Speaker in the country, Pérez has been a longtime advocate on behalf of the LGBT Community. He has been especially active in the fight against HIV/AIDS. He has been a leader with AIDS Project Los Angeles, the Latino Coalition against AIDS, and the California Center for Regional Leadership.

At the time of his election to the office of Assembly Speaker, Pérez spoke of what it meant to be elected to such a high office not only as a gay man but also as a gay man of color:

"This means there's one less barrier for people. When I grew up, there were only a handful of Latino state elected officials and there weren't any openly gay ones. So I never thought I would be in office. . . . It speaks to the fact that California has a sophisticated electorate that struggles with issues of gay rights but really is driven by an overwhelming sense of fairness."

You can check out Pérez's campaign website HERE.

California Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez Talks of Fight for Equality in DNC Floor Speech: VIDEO


Out gay California Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez gave a floor speech earlier this afternoon at the Democratic National Convention and made mention of the need to protect LGBT workers, and praised President Obama's work for LGBT Americans.

Said Pérez:

Opportunity is why we fight. Across the country there are parents who want nothing more than the opportunity to have a job and the ability to put food on the family table. We fight for them. In too many states, even folks who have jobs wake up every morning worrying that they may lose their job simply because they’re gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. We fight for them.

He later added:

He helped repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, giving LGBT Americans the opportunity to openly and proudly serve our nation in uniform. And he’s standing up for those of us in the LGBT community to say, ‘I do.’


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Watch: John Pérez, First Openly Gay California Speaker, Sworn In


Today at the State Capitol of California, John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) was sworn in as Assembly Speaker. Pérez is the first openly gay man to hold that position.

The L.A. Times reports: "Democrat John A. Pérez, a first-term legislator representing parts of downtown L.A. and East Los Angeles, will face as one of his first tasks the challenge of preserving social programs for his political base as the state struggles with a roughly $20-billion budget deficit. The Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles sang prior to the oath. "He's someone who sends a signal to the nation that being gay is no longer a barrier to greatness," said an Assembly colleague, Fiona Ma (D-San Francisco)."

SF Chronicle: "And while he's taken great pains to make clear that his sexuality does not define him, Pérez did pay homage to the historic moment, both with the choir's performance and in remarks following the oath of office. In that speech, he noted gay and lesbian politicians that came before him, saying his achievements would not be possible if not for 'people like Elaine Noble, Harvey Milk and Sheila James Kuehl, who blazed a trail of pride and purpose for gay and lesbian Californians to serve our state.'"

Watch the swearing-in, AFTER THE JUMP...

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 road California Assembly Speaker-to-be John Perez talks with the L.A. Times: "This means there's one less barrier for people. When I grew up, there were only a handful of Latino state elected officials and there weren't any openly gay ones. So I never thought I would be in office. . . . It speaks to the fact that California has a sophisticated electorate that struggles with issues of gay rights but really is driven by an overwhelming sense of fairness."

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 roadBritain's top footballers told to stay in closet: "Britain's foremost PR advisor, Max Clifford, told The Independent on Sunday last night that he has represented two high-profile gay Premier League footballers in the past five years and has advised them to stay in the closet because football 'remains in the dark ages, steeped in homophobia'."

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 roadScientists: Earth on track for epic die-off." The study of the fossil and archaeological record over the past 30 million years by UC Berkeley and Penn State University researchers shows that between 15 and 42 percent of the mammals in North America disappeared after humans arrived. That means North American mammals are well on the way - perhaps as much as half way - to a level of extinction comparable to other epic die-offs, like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs."

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 roadPolitico: Left feels left out under Obama. "The disillusion has produced a growing tide of organizing energy — and money — among liberals aimed at dragging the White House back to where many supporters believe Obama’s heart really lies. Union presidents have discarded their talking points and are openly sparring with the White House, while gay rights activists threaten civil disobedience, the ACLU keeps litigating, and congressional Hispanic leaders work to force their issues into the debate. But while those actions may actually create politically useful space to the president’s left, the other consequence of disillusion is what polls have found to be deepening apathy among Democratic voters."

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 roadGay in Dubai — one man's experience: "Walking back to the hotel from the festival’s opening night party I was definitely cruised by a group of guys, not to mention there were a good dozen questionables at the party itself.  Anyway, friend of friend informed that Dubai is actually quite gay, but it’s all underground.  And underground in this unromantic, contemporary way: It’s all sex via the internet.  Apparently Dubaisexuals have also discovered the Hotspot Shield (which I’ve been using for a good year to watch NBC and Hulu in Canada), a device that gives you an anonymous IP address.  Via the Hotspot Shield, all the porn and gay social networking sites in the world are available. "


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