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Where Were You When JFK Was Shot?


I've been gripped by many of these personal accounts of November 22, 1963 shared in the NYT.

Since I would be born several years later, I don't have one of my own, but I'm sure that many Towleroad readers do.

For those who experienced it, what are your memories of the day Kennedy was shot? Please share in the comments.

UPDATE: Thanks everyone for your contributions (and lots of them).

What To Watch This Week on TV: 'Glee' goes Gaga again, Food Network turns 20, 'Killing Kennedy' - VIDEO


As the TV season gets into full swing, check out our new weekly guide to make sure you're catching the big premieres, crucial episodes and the stuff you won't admit you watch when no one's looking.

— Coming off the tragic death of Cory Monteith, Glee returns from hiatus with a new episode Thursday at 9 p.m. Eastern on Fox. American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert joins the cast as Glee ponders this generation's Jackie or Marilyn conundrum: Are you a Katy or a Gaga?

More picks and clips, including Food Network's 20th birthday bash, a familiar face on New Girl and Rob Lowe as JFK, AFTER THE JUMP...

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NEWS: Tyler, Ravi, And Wei; The Doings Of Drones; Iran; Models; Channing Tatum

Picture 13
Road The New Yorker
has published a long, thoughtful story suggesting that Tyler Clementi wasn't killed by homophobes. At least, not the way we might think.

It became widely understood that a closeted student at Rutgers had committed suicide after video of him having sex with a man was secretly shot and posted online. In fact, there was no posting, no observed sex, and no closet. But last spring, shortly before Molly Wei made a deal with prosecutors, Ravi was indicted on charges of invasion of privacy (sex crimes), bias intimidation (hate crimes), witness tampering, and evidence tampering. Bias intimidation is a sentence-booster that attaches itself to an underlying crime—usually, a violent one. Here the allegation, linked to snooping, is either that Ravi intended to harass Clementi because he was gay or that Clementi felt he’d been harassed for being gay. As he sat in the courtroom, his chin propped awkwardly on his fist, his predicament could be seen either as a state’s admirably muscular response to the abusive treatment of a vulnerable young man or as an attempt to criminalize teen-age odiousness by using statutes aimed at people more easily recognizable as hate-mongers and perverts.

Road Don't have a job? Blame Obama. (But if you've got one, thank a GOP governor.)

Road " ... the U.S. first kills people with drones, then fires on the rescuers and others who arrive at the scene where the new corpses and injured victims lie."

Road Barack Obama's really insistent that war with Iran is a last option. Is he protesting too much?

Road Read as a snickering Ivy-leaguer demonstrates his contempt for underpaid retail slaves.

Road T-Rex is incompetent but adorable.

Road The legacy of the Kennedy presidency just gets weirder by the year:

Mimi Alford, then Mimi Beardsley, interned at the White House in the summer of 1962, quickly caught the president’s eye. The 19-year-old joined the 45-year-old president for a noon swim four days into her internship. Later that day, he took her virginity in “Mrs. Kennedy’s room.”

“After he finished, he hitched up his pants and smiled at me.” Alford says their sex life was “varied and fun” and describes an affair that was more than just sex. They apparently spent an “inordinate amount of time taking baths” and listened to music together. He confided in her during key personal and professional moments, such as when his infant son died and during the Cuban Missile Crisis. But he never kissed her on the lips.

At one point, during another noon swim, Kennedy allegedly asked Alford to “take care” of an aide ...

Road This model has a 20-inch waist and a corset. Thoughts?

Picture 17 Road Meet a lesbian atheist single mother from Point, TX (pop. 792), along with other nonbelievers in difficult situations:

... One by one, members of [Harry's] new family turned against him because of his lack of belief. Harry doesn’t see any of his American family any more. “The last one I saw was my cousin, Ronnie. Every time he invites me over to dinner, he turns to religion. Last time I saw him, I didn’t back out, I took him full on.

 “I’ve been told things like ‘I hope you have an accident, die and go to hell.’ So that’s what I’ve been up against.”

Road Madonna's performance was fine, but maybe a little too classy. Football's over the top! A little dumb! Kind of crazy! Arguably unnexessary! Kind of like this!

Road Last night, Tatum Channing stripped during his on SNL monologue. Watch AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Conspiracy Theory of the Day: Rebecca Black's 'Friday' is About the JFK Assassination

Discuss. And worship the Christian parody, AFTER THE JUMP...

(via sfwchan)

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News: Betty White, Mad Men, Global Warming, Bullying

 road Betty White is afraid she herself is being overexposed: "You've had an overdose of me. I think I'm going to go away for a while."

 road Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens may have reconciled.

Draper  road Mad Men will return for a fifth season.

 road Some FBI agents are hanging on to the idea that J. Edgar Hoover was not gay but just "married to the FBI."

 road Why do drugs when you could just listen to good music?

 road And singer Omarion is not bisexual.

 road Ad for MSNBC's "Lean Forward" campaign features male couple being married.

 road Haiti, then and now.

 road Thousands of birds have once again fallen to the ground, this time in Italy: "The doves just started falling one-by-one then in groups of 10s and 20s."

 road JFK ambulance up for sale.

 road Keynote speaker at a gay youth and suicide conference: “And so now we can actually show that we’ve linked family acceptance and rejection to more than 100 types of common behaviors like trying to change your child’s sexual orientation or gender identity, trying to prevent them from trying to learn about who they are.”

Ice  road No surprise here: Due to global warming, "New Zealand could lose 72 percent (between 65 and 79 percent) of its glaciers, and Europe's Alps 75 percent, meaning a range of between 60 and 90 percent."

 road Lady Gaga's upcoming single "Born This Way" to be featured on Glee: "Co-creator Ryan Murphy told Entertainment Weekly that the song will be featured in an episode set to air in either March or April. The storyline will focus on gay bully Karofsky, played by Max Adler, who is in the closet."

 road Jersey Shore's season premiere becomes the highest-rated show ever on MTV.

 road The Beckhams announce they are expecting baby number four.

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #769

GIANTS WIN: San Francisco riots.

AFRICA: A planned highway would divide, and likely destroy Tanzania's Serengeti National Park.

THEODORE SORENSEN: The NYT looks at President John F. Kennedy's political strategist, confidant and his favorite speechwriter.

PRINCE POPPYCOCK: The Halloween interview.

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