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Looking for Some Big Gay Love: VIDEO


Director Ringo Le and producer Quentin Lee are looking for finishing-up funds for a new film they shot:

The devastating effect of our physique-obsessed culture is explored in the comedy Big Gay Love. In the movie, Bob (played by Jonathan Lisecki of Gayby) appears to have it all – a great job, fabulous friends, and is about to become a first time homebuyer. But his success hasn’t come without a price for Bob has become the chubby gay man everyone adores, but nobody desires. When true love does find Bob in the form of a chef named Andy (Nicholas Brendon), he doubts if the relationship could be real for his years of living in insecurity has gotten the best of him. To keep up appearances with his friends, Bob considers going under the knife to fit in and be perfect. But underneath it all he longs for something more.

Big Gay Love is a love letter for everyone who’s ever wanted to be accepted for themselves regardless of their color, shape, or size.

Check out their trailer and featurette, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Interview: Jonathan Lisecki on His Hilarious 'Gayby' Debut

Jenn Harris & Matthew Wilkas switch roles at the GAYBY premiere 



Some months ago in this column I asked “where are the new gay classics?”. I didn’t expect to get an answer so quickly. The question was prompted by the inevitable move of gay cinema away from the arthouse experimental fringes to dumbed down romantic comedies. Assimilation has its price; straight people suffer through endless Kate Hudson / Katharine Heigl “comedies” and we get those Eating Out movies. But here comes GAYBY to save us. The miracle of birth movies! Here’s a gay comedy that’s genuinely hilarious and well acted. Go see it with a ton of friends.

Gayby is the story of best friends Jenn (Jenn Harris) and Matt (Matthew Wilkas) who are both single and stuck. Jenn’s career as a yoga instructor is on auto-pilot and Matt’s life is blocked because he can’t get over his ex-boyfriend. They decide to make good on an old college conversation and have a baby together… the old-fashioned way. The decision rocks their mutual complacency and sends comic ripples through their extended family of (very funny) friends.

I spoke with writer/director/co-star Jonathan Lisecki by phone last week. He was walking alongside the road on his way to a panel at The Hamptons Film Festival. With audible traffic on the other end of the line, I worried that he’d walk right into it and we’d lose this fresh new comic voice. But the only car that came close was a friend offering him a ride who was quickly rebuffed. “I’m walking and talking. I’m doing an interview!”

Jonathan Lisecki

TOWLEROAD: First things first. The movie is very funny.

JONATHAN LISECKI: Thank you. It's true. I agree [Laughter]

You’ve been doing a ton of Q&A’s!

I love talking to audiences. Part of your job as a filmmaker in this day and age is you have to really be out there and promote it. A question I get that I’m starting to get a little “really?” about is “Did they make it up as they went along?”


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