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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Walks 'The Walk' On Top Of The World Trade Center: VIDEO

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A vertiginous teaser trailer is out today for The Walk, a new feature starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the French tightrope walker who made history on a high-wire strung across the World Trade Center in 1974. The CGI-heavy trailer features a swooping ride up the side of the South Tower to the roof where Levitt makes his first daring step onto the ledge of the building while taking in the commanding (not to mention heart-stopping) view of '70s-era New York.

The highly-anticipated film is directed by Robert Zemeckis (Flight, Cast AwayBack to the Future) and adapted from the Oscar-winning 2008 documentary Man On Wire, which told the true story of how acrobat Phillipe Petit, along with a band of clever accomplices, managed to rig a tightrope and take a walk between the Twin Towers. It was a feat that stopped traffic in New York, made worldwide news and served to humanize the monoliths that had risen over lower Manhattan. 

Zemeckis, a director known for his tech-savvy, shot the film using a state-of-the-art 6K Red Epic digital camera in Montreal over the summer. The film will be released in 3D and Imax 3D in October, 2015. You can watch the tense teaser, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Recreates the Entire 'David After Dentist' Video and It's Amazing: WATCH


Jimmy Kimmel is still running leftovers from his Oscar night special. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as you may recall, played David from the 'David After Dentist' viral video.

But Gordon-Levitt went the extra mile for Kimmel and memorized the entire video. Now that's commitment.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Watch the First Episode of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Crowd-Sourced Show, 'Hitrecord on TV' — VIDEO


Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a pioneer in the brave new wave of crowd-sourced entertainment.

OnelivingGordon-Levitt writes:

Everything you're gonna see on this show was made collaboratively on our site -- -- and the work of 426 Contributing Artists is featured in this particular episode. There's gonna be 8 episodes this season, each revolving around a different theme, like RE: Space, RE: The Other Side, and RE: Money. And since this is our first ever episode, I figured the theme of this one would be RE: The Number One. HITRECORD ON TV will be coming out on January 18th on a new cable channel called Pivot.

I'm deeply proud of this show, and I think you're realllllly gonna like it. Honestly, making this thing together with all the artists from around the world in our hitRECord community has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life so far. So, without any further ado, enjoy the show!


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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Lip Syncs for His Life: VIDEO


Stephen Merchant, Jimmy Fallon, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt took on famous pop songs such as "Single Ladies", "Tiny Dancer", "Take On Me", and "Don't You Want Me" on last night's 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'.


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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Still Won't Give the Paparazzi a Victory by Clarifying Rumors About His Sexuality


Joseph Gordon-Levitt covers OUT magazine, and still won't refute rumors that he is gay by clarifying them:

“That would be really tacky—they would win if I had to clarify."

The 'they' he is referring to are these guys, the paparazzi, and the subject of a 2007 film he made of them.

OUT says its all part of Gordon-Levitt's persona, one steeped in self-preservation:

“It comes from a really young age,” he concedes. “It can be really awkward and difficult to be thought of as this thing on TV. Before understanding it or being able to analyze it, I just knew it made me really anxious.” Regularly recognized in his teens as “that kid from 3rd Rock From the Sun,” his reflexive response was denial. “I wouldn’t just say ‘No,’ ” he recalls. “I was way more convincing than that. I would first act confused, and then I would try to understand what they were saying. I would play the part.”

Gordon-Levitt also talks about his new film in which he plays a porn addict:

“I wasn’t interested in making a movie about pornography. I was interested in making a movie about how people treat each other like things, and all kinds of media can contribute to that. I’ve been working as an actor since I was a little kid, and I’ve always been fascinated, and a little horrified, by the way people relate to images they see on screen. Sometimes I feel I am seen as a thing more than a person, and I don’t think that’s unique to actors. I think everyone is subject to that kind of pigeonholing.”

Check out the trailer HERE.

NEWS: NSA Surveillance, Katy Perry, Teen Sexting, Darren Young's Boyfriend, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

JumpRoad On-again, off-again: Beyonce and her hair have gotten back together.

Road 6.5 magnitude quake rocks New Zealand.

Road Gaga's fans are, um, dedicated.

Road Straight Iowan couple pulls out of wedding venue because the venue turned away a gay couple on the grounds that "gay marriage is inferior to heterosexual marriage."

Road As the crisis in Egypt continues to worsen, protestors jump off a bridge in an attempt to flee from the Egyptian military forces.

Road George W. Bush's daughter, Barbara, wants Hillary Clinton to run for President but wouldn't necessarily vote for her: "I don't know who she'd be running against."

Road War of the Roses redux? Battle ensues over the recently discovered remains of Richard III.

Road Today Show segment on teen boys and sexting stirs debate.

Road Blind item: is a major actor preparing to come out or just head back to the closet?

RichRoad Former French First Lady Carla Bruni talks about what it was like meeting the English royal family: "It was an incredible experience. It was very -- how can I say? -- exceptional, you know. What happens with the royal family is that they're so kind, you know, and they make you at ease. They make you feel comfortable. So it wasn't difficult; it was a wonderful experience. I'll never forget."

Road Is this the beginning of a meme?

Road As any socialite worth her salt knows, it's stressful hosting a fundraiser for President Obama.

Road Darren Young opens up to saying he's "deeply in love" with his boyfriend of two years who was apparently a motivating factor in his decision to come out yesterday.

Road The NSA broke privacy rules 2,776 times: "Most of the infractions involve unauthorized surveillance of Americans or foreign intelligence targets in the United States, both of which are restricted by statute and executive order. They range from significant violations of law to typographical errors that resulted in unintended interception of U.S. e-mails and telephone calls."

Road Julia Child would have been 100 yesterday. PBS gives her the remix treatment in honor of her centennial.

Road Joseph Gordon-Levitt wrestles with a porn addiction in his directorial debut, Don Jon. Check out the trailer here.

JglRoad A defense of gay stereotypes.

Road Edie Windsor helps inaugurate Long Island's new LGBT Community Center.

Road Glee tribute episode to Cory Monteith will not touch on drug abuse. Creator Ryan Murphy felt it would be "really exploitative."

Road On a related note, the trailer for Monteith's final film McCanick has been released. The film will debut in September at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Road Katy Perry blasts Tony Abbott, quite possibly the next Australian Prime Minister, on live radio show because of his lack of support for gay marriage: "Let's talk about gay marriage," she said. "Yeah, buddy, that's right. Love is equal." A host then explains that Abbott is against gay marriage. "I love you as a human being, but I can't give you my vote then," Perry added. "I just don't believe in your policies so that's what a lot of people should be doing."


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