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WATCH: Marie Osmond's Spot-On Transformation Into Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna and Other Iconic Women


As part of the new "Showstopper" number in the Donny and Marie Show in Vegas, make-up artist Kim Goodwin transformed Marie Osmond into 24 iconic women - with some truly stunning results.  

Check out a behind the scenes video featuring some of Osmond's marvelous makeover, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Gay Iconography: Does Judy Still Matter?


The phrase "gay icon" gets tossed around a lot, but what does that really mean? Welcome to Gay Iconography, a new feature where we present a proposed iconic figure or character and then ask you to weigh in with your thoughts. So far we've looked at two pivotal television figures from the '90s (Rickie Vasquez from 'My So-Called Life' and Roseanne), but this week we tackle the heaviest of heavy hitters.

Any conversation about gay icons of past, present or future would simply be incomplete without mention of the legendary Judy Garland.

Whether it was the voice, the glamour, the tragedy or the ugly-duckling mentality, Judy has become the archetype for everything we expect a gay icon to be. While some younger generations may not identify as strongly with Judy personally, hers is the story we measure all other icons against.

Take a stroll down the old yellow brick road, relive some moments from Garland's career, and share your thoughts, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Cher Tells Gay Audience That Judy Garland Has Nothing on Her: VIDEO


Cher accepted a "Legend Award" from the UK's Attitude magazine over the weekend.

She joked that "of course" the first gay men she knew were hairdressers when she was a child and her mother had them over, adding that she didn't know what "gay" meant at the time:

"In the beginning, I actually thought that 'gay' was code for 'fun'.”

Added Cher: "Gay men especially...they either love you or they don't even notice that you're on the planet. And I think what they like — I think what you guys like — is you like a strong woman that's having a breakdown constantly, and that certainly is me. Judy Garland's got nothing on me."


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NEWS: Alternative Medicine Is Expensive, Rick Perry Gets Heckled, And Judy Garland Makes Breakfast

Fortuneteller Road Hundreds of millions of dollars spent testing efficacy of healing prayers, "energy" healing, and aromatherapy:

Thanks to a $374,000 taxpayer-funded grant, we now know that inhaling lemon and lavender scents doesn't do a lot for our ability to heal a wound. With $666,000 in federal research money, scientists examined whether distant prayer could heal AIDS. It could not.

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, or NCCAM, also helped pay scientists to study whether squirting brewed coffee into someone's intestines can help treat pancreatic cancer (a $406,000 grant) and whether massage makes people with advanced cancer feel better ($1.25 million). The coffee enemas did not help. The massage did.

NCCAM has also invested in studies of various forms of energy healing, including one based on the ideas of a self-described "healer, clairvoyant and medicine woman" who says her children inspired her to learn to read auras. The cost for that was $104,000.

A small, little-known branch of the National Institutes of Health, NCCAM was launched a dozen years ago to study alternative treatments used by the public but not accepted by mainstream medicine. Since its birth, the center has spent $1.4 billion, most of it on research.

Road Rick Perry declines to take question: "Why do you hate gay people so much?"

Road Rick Santorum worries marriage equality might "normalize same-sex values." Quick! Name a same-sex value!

Road Jon Huntsman can't quite endorse Hillary Clinton's admonishments to countries that kill and imprison gays:

"I think we ought to focus on getting our own house in order here in terms of how we treat one another, the respect we feel for one another, getting our economy back on track and fixing our core," he said. "If we can do that, I think the rest of the world will pay us a little more attention."

Road Meanwhile, AFTAH totally endorses the very countries Hillary admonished:

With their new escalation of promoting homosexual behavior to other nations through U.S. foreign policy, President Barack Obama  and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have raised America’s defiance toward her Creator to a new level — while needlessly alienating nations less morally compromised than our own.  Not content to keep our decadence between our shores, the United States – through aggressively pro-“gay” Democratic administrations – now demands that other countries sink to our level by embracing homosexuality as a “human right.”

... There are many countries – including Muslim-dominated nations and major powers like Russia – that reject homosexuality.  By pushing sexual deviance on these nations, we only confirm their perception of America as a corrupt and declining – and very arrogant — superpower.

Road Careful! Facebook might be hiding your emails.

Road Standardized high school tests stymie reasonably successful adults. What's it mean?

JudyAndLiza Road Gay high school home-coming king has a message for occasionally bullied teen Jonah Lowry, whom we wrote about here. (In the future, do you suppose all teenagers will communicate with index cards?)

Road Paul Varnell has died.

Road What's Judy making for breakfast? Find out AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Movies: Circus Love, Body-Switching Hunks, Another Festival Win for Gay Drama "Weekend"

Reese takes it on the chin in "Water for Elephants"

...would live in the movie theater but for the poor internet reception. He blogs daily at the Film Experience. Follow him on Twitter @nathanielr.

This Easter weekend's big opener is the adaptation of the bestseller WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, a period romantic drama starring Reese Witherspoon, Robert Pattison and that evil multi-lingual Nazi from Inglourious Basterds, Christoph Waltz. (Why are circus ringleaders always sinister in the movies?). That movie has elephants and giraffes and its only new wide release competition is Disney's AFRICAN CATS. Things are more crowded in limited release where Morgan Spurlock's new gimmick documentary THE GREATEST STORY EVER SOLD (on corporate sponsorships) competes with Oscar nominated Canadian drama INCENDIES among others. The combat photographer drama THE BANG BANG CLUB starring Taylor Kitsch and Ryan Phillipe also opens on the coasts. That's odd timing given the terrible news about the death of the acclaimed photographer Tim Hetherington, the man behind the war documentary Restrepo and "Sleeping Soldiers", both of which are well worth your time if you haven't seen them.


6a00d8341c730253ef014e87cc0e21970d-800wi Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman get intimately familiar with each other's bodies in The Change-Up.

Find out why in the NSFW (mild nudity) trailer AFTER THE JUMP...


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Chris Colfer, Friend of Dorothy


Out magazine has begun rolling out its annual Out 100, and their new honorees include Chris Colfer, Lisa Cholodenko, Christine Quinn, the Scissor Sisters, T.R. Knight, and Michael Stipe, with more to be named soon.

Out editor Aaron Hicklin tells me the retro-styled image above is meant to loosely reference the urban myth that Judy Garland's death was somehow a catalyst for the Stonewall riots. 

With this image and his recent leather daddy portrait, Colfer seems to be hitting all the stations of the gay cross.

Check out the Out 100 here.


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