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Towleroad-roadicon From Carl Panzram to Holmes: " ... the truth is,  there will always be another loner with a grudge."

Towleroad-roadicon One girl's escape from sexual slavery:

Forced to use drugs and drink alcohol, Maria says she thought her life would soon end. She was horrified when she saw a very young girl brought into the house where she and others were being kept. She asked the girl how old she was. The answer: eight years old.

Maria says she attempted to escape once. She ran away and asked some police officers on the street for help. What she didn't know was that the officers were on the payroll of the pimp and took her right back into the brothel where she got another savage beating ...

Towleroad-roadicon All-girl Russian punk band faces seven years in prison for protesting Putin in a church. 

Towleroad-roadicon Australian Prime Minister halfway explains her opposition to marriage equality during a Google hangout; promises a conscience vote: 

One of the more challenging questions came from Shane Bazzi, a 25-year-old Sydneysider who topped the poll on the OurSay.org website with more than 12,700 votes.

He asked the Prime Minister to explain her opposition to gay marriage given she is as an atheist and leader of a "self-described socially progressive party".

"I don't think that heterosexual relationships are more valued than same-sex relationships," the Prime Minister replied.

"I think people who are in loving, commited relationships, all of those relationships should be valued. I think my relationship should be valued and I'm not married."

She said her view about gay marriage was based on its cultural status and differed from Mr Bazzi's.

"These are very individual personal perspectives on the world...This should be a conscience vote in Labor. We will have a vote on changing the marriage act by the end of the year."

Towleroad-roadicon Science shocker: Anal sex is a major vector for HIV transmission.

Towleroad-roadicon "NAACP develops HIV manual for black churches."

Towleroad-roadicon Following the Boy Scouts' vote to continue discriminating against gays, Major League Soccer announces it will cease partnering with the organization.

Towleroad-roadicon Proposed rule from the US Office of Personnel Management would grant benefits to the children of employees' same-sex spouses:

... children will be eligible for coverage if a parent is in a domestic same-sex relationship with a federal employee who receives coverage through federal programs. These children would be eligible for coverage — both under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and the Federal Employees Dental & Vision Program — regardless of whether or not they’ve been legally adopted by the federal employee.

Firewalk...  Emily Hecht-McGowan, the Family Equality Council’s public policy director, said the proposed rule is important because many LGBT families throughout the country live in states without legal protections.

“Most of the two million children raised by LGBT parents live in states where their parents cannot marry, cannot secure legal ties to their own kids and cannot get their children covered under a health insurance plan,” Hecht-McGowan said. “This rule change means that federal workers can now be assured that a high fever, broken arm or debilitating illness won’t jeopardize their child’s health or their family’s finances.”

Towleroad-roadicon Chinese dictionary writes gayness out of existence

Towleroad-roadicon Feet are burned in a botched Tony Robbins firewalk.

Towleroad-roadicon Gay wedding fatigue:

“The equality people will have a fit about this, but I’ll say it anyway: I have gay-wedding burnout,” Mr. Shields, 35, said one day this spring. “I spent my 20s going to weddings, being in weddings, shopping for weddings, helping to plan weddings. In my early 30s they finally started tapering off, and I was like, ‘Oh, thank God, we’re over the hump.’ ”

He paused for dramatic effect. “Nope. Here come the Gays.”

Embattled Australian Speaker Peter Slipper Steps Down

PeterSlipperYesterday, i linked to this PinkNews article about Australian House Speaker Peter Slipper, who's become ensnared in what most media outlets are calling a "gay sex scandal," though nobody claims any actual sex was involved. CapitalFM News ably sums up the accusations:

Weekend reports alleged Peter Slipper harassed former staffer James Ashby, including telling him to shower with the door open when he stayed at his home, and “moaning” in a sexual manner after asking him for a massage.

The married Slipper, 62, was also accused of misusing taxpayer-funded taxi services.

The ABC said 33-year-old Ashby, who is openly gay, had launched legal action under the Fair Work Act detailing alleged explicit text messages, unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate comments towards him.

Separate reports said he was seeking compensation in the Federal Court as well as orders for his former employer to undergo counselling and anti-discrimination training.

Just to be clear, the person to whom Slipper is married is a woman.

The Slipper scandal broke in the newsmedia on Friday as Slipper wrapped up a trip to America. Upon his return to Australia on Sunday, he issued a statement in which he denied all allegations, but agreed to temporarily step aside as Speaker. Capital FM quotes Slipper's statement:

“The allegation is incorrect and once it is clear they are untrue I shall return to the speakership. In relation to the civil matter, there will be an appropriate process that will resolve the matter in due course.”

The situation for Slipper gets grimmer. Slipper's not only a professional politician and family-man; he's a priest in the Traditional Anglican Communion. Now his alleged friend, the Archbishop John Hepworth, is asking him to step down from that position as well. From The Australian:

"It is right for anyone accused of serious misconduct in public life, whether in church life or political life, to stand aside until the processes of justice reach a conclusion," Archbishop Hepworth said.

"Ministers of the crown and cardinals of the church have followed this sound principle in recent years in Australia; otherwise, the integrity of our core institutions is eroded, and our expectations of public morality further decay.

"As Peter Slipper's archbishop, I applaud his decision to stand aside as Speaker, and am seeking a similar decision in relation to his public functions in the church."

Slipper's stepping down from the Speakership has already cost Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her Labor Party their one-vote majority in the House of Representatives. Opposition leader (and enemy of LGBT rights) Tony Abbot is surely thrilled, but is affecting outrage, as he must.

Gay Couples Dine with Australian PM Julia Gillard, Lobby Her on Marriage Equality: VIDEO


Earlier this week I reported that three gay couples dined with Austrlian PM Julia Gillard after the activist group GetUp! paid 31,000 Australian dollars ($33,270) after winning a bidding war against a Christian lobby group at the Press Gallery of Australia annual charity ball.

Here's GetUp's video featuring news reports and some footage from the event.


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Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Hosts Gay Couples at Dinner


In June last year, the activist group GetUp! paid 31,000 Australian dollars ($33,270) for a dinner with Prime Minister Julia Gillard after winning a bidding war against a Christian lobby group at the Press Gallery of Australia annual charity ball.

GillardThe group's intention was to send three gay couples to dinner to discuss the need for marriage equality in Australia, and that happened last night.

The AP reports:

Twelve-year-old Matthew Miller presented Gillard with flowers and two letters explaining why he and his brother Dylan, 9, would like their biological mother Sandy Miller to marry their other mother, Louise Bucke.

"Since they're not allowed to get married, they're basically being called not normal and we're not known as a proper family," Matthew told The Associated Press at Parliament House before the dinner, which the boys did not attend.

Along with Miller and Bucke, other guests were Brisbane academic Sharon Dane, 54, who married Elaine Crump, 53, in Canada in a ceremony that is not recognized in Australia.

Steve Russell, 51, and John Dini, 29, decided against marrying overseas because it would carry no weight in Australia. While they could have a civil union recognized under state law in their hometown of Melbourne, they don't regard that as equal to marriage.

Gillard is personally opposed to same-sex marriage. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, she told the couples "she believes laws allowing them to marry in Australia are inevitable."

Australian Labor (Kind Of) Supports Marriage Equality

Gillard2In Australia this morning (which, to folks in America, was actually early yesterday afternoon), at the Labor Party's tri-annual national conference, the Party officially added marriage equality to its platform. Whether that will make any difference to marriage equality's Australian prospects is debatable.

Labor is Australia's ruling party, just barely, and is headed by an arch Jodie Foster lookalike named Julia Gillard. Gillard's an ardent secularist, but, like several others in her party, she doesn't much care for same-sex marriage. "Opposite"-sex marriage, Gillard believes, has a "special status" that ought to be recognized by the civil apparatus. Speaking to the AP, conference attendee and Australian union leader named Joe de Bruyn explained why he agrees with her:

"This issue is one we should decide with our heads, not on the basis of emotion," said Joe de Bruyn, national secretary of the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association, one of the country's largest unions. "The definition of marriage as set out in the legislation is that it is the union of one man and one woman, voluntarily entered into for life. It has always been that way since the dawn of humanity."

De Bruyn ought to brush up on his history, but no matter: Sentiments like his caused Julia Gillard to propose an amendment to make matters of marriage equality subject to a "conscience vote" -- which is to say, Labor legislators shall be free to vote on issues of marriage equality according to their consciences, and shall not be forced to toe the pro-equality party line. Gillard's amendment passed, as did the platform change, the former rendering the latter all but toothless.

Australian PM Won't Eat With Gay Auction Winners

Australia's Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, doesn't like the idea of gay marriage. Nor is she very fond of awkward dinners.

Too bad for her. In June, the liberal Australian advocacy group GetUp! won an "intimate dinner" with Ms. Gillard at a charity auction. Their bid: $31,000, AUS. Their plan: Send same-sex couples to sup with Ms. Gillard and talk about marriage equality. The result: Ms. Gillard has so far refused to set a date for their meeting.

Watch, AFTER THE JUMP, as Australia's ABC News catches up with Ms. Gillard's jilted would-be dinner companions.

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