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News: Chile, Gavin Newsom, Connecticut, Marcia Brady, Sharks

road.jpg Majority in Connecticut support same-sex marriage ruling: "Fifty-three percent of Connecticut residents support Friday's historic ruling by the state Supreme Court that legalizes gay marriage, while 42 percent of residents polled said they do not."

Onearchivesroad.jpg ONE Archives to open first museum dedicated to LGBT history in West Hollywood: "The museum -- really a micro-museum at 600 square feet -- has set a macro goal for itself: to bring little-known aspects of gay history out of the library closet and into the public sphere. The museum is an offshoot of the ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives, which is affiliated with USC. The old magazine covers dedicated to gay marriage come from ONE magazine, the first gay publication in the country."

road.jpg Marcia Brady's tell-all confession: I was addicted to coke and quaaludes, had sex for drugs, dated Michael Jackson, had two abortions, bulimia, and almost lost my virginity to Greg Brady.

road.jpg Karl Lagerfeld just bought a six-bedroom, 1840 landmark house on an island on Lake Champlain, Vermont.

road.jpg Bush supporter Dennis Hopper: I pray Obama wins.

road.jpg MEAT: Gerard Butler opens BBQ in Hollywood.

Hirstroad.jpg Damien Hirst tops list of powerful people in the art world: "Hirst is also a good example of how contemporary art reflects modern life. Like our shopping centres, our art world is dominated by superbrands: Hirst in Europe, Jeff Koons in America and the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami (whose recent American retrospective included a Louis Vuitton boutique selling Murakami-designed fashionwear)." [LIST]

road.jpg Shark blood offers hope for cancer.

road.jpg Kenya's elephants now text message conservationists before raiding villages: "Kenya is the first country to try elephant texting as a way to protect both a growing human population and the wild animals that now have less room to roam. Elephants are ranked as 'near threatened' in the Red List, an index of vulnerable species published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature."

road.jpg Australia debates the merits of mantyhose.

road.jpg SF Mayor Gavin Newsom has become the single-best tool for same-sex marriage ban backers: "His pictures have become the rallying cry for Prop. 8. It's unfortunate for him, and it's unfortunate for the anti-Prop. 8 campaign. I don't know that I would change his behavior, because he's representing his constituency, and he's been totally consistent in his position. But he's become everyone's worst nightmare."

road.jpg L.A.: Stars come out to Skybar to defeat Prop 8. "Chad Allen, Eric McCormack, Dana Delaney, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Thomas Roberts, Katherine Joosten, Loni Anderson, Heather Tom, and Eduardo Xol who were among the celebrities there to raise money for 'No on 8 - Equality California.'"

road.jpg TOUR: Britney Spears will take her show on the road this spring.

Chileroad.jpg Chilean gay rights group steps up against Catholic bishop and Evangelicals: "MOVILH strongly criticized Bishop Juan Ignacio González Errázuriz, whose San Bernardo Diocese is located just south of Santiago, for writing a public letter urging Chileans not to vote in this month's city elections for candidates who support granting certain rights to gay and lesbian couples...MOVILH also is up in arms about a Saturday conference held by the Isacar Movement, a network of Evangelical professionals. Isacar called the conference to address the so-called Anti-Discrimination Law currently under consideration in Chile's congress."

road.jpg The least attractive photo of The O.C.'s Benjamin McKenzie you'll likely ever see.

road.jpg SPOILER: Meet Mad Men's new gay character.

road.jpg Producing duo acquire rights to French-Canadian comedy Taxi 0-22: "The two will be shopping an American version of the series, which centers on Rogatien Dubois, an outspoken and politically incorrect taxi driver. A modern-day Archie Bunker type, Dubois wrestles with his many prejudices and the fact that his 20-year-old son is gay."

News: Ziro the Hutt, 90210, Margaret Cho, Karl Rove, Obesity

road.jpg Charlie Crist to consider openly gay judge on Florida Supreme Court short list.

Ziroroad.jpg Star Wars: Clone Wars gay-coded character Ziro the Hutt is asexual. Director: Ziro, Jabba’s uncle, originally spoke in Hutt-ese, like Jabba and then he had a different sluggish voice just like Jabba, and then George one day was watching it and said ‘I want him to sound like Truman Capote.’ He actually said that and we were like ‘Wow!’...He’s of questionable [sexuality] at least as a slug. They tell me that these slugs can be either male or female depending. That’s something I guess that slugs and snails do. I wasn’t aware of that but I have continuity experts that tell me these things and I’m like. I guess Jabba is [his son’s] mother AND father from a certain point of view. It’s interesting.”

Kidnappedroad.jpg Child at center of gay kidnapping returned home: " Glazer said his son yelled, "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" when they were reunited and was 'kissing me and everybody.' Glazer's ex-partner, Eric Hyett, was not immediately arrested. Authorities in Israel were still mulling whether to take him into custody and return him to New York to face charges of custodial interference, said Glazer's lawyer, Sam Ferrara."

road.jpg FIRST LOOK: Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth together again on 90210.

road.jpg Obama smear book: this is what "fuck you" looks like.

road.jpg Drugs mimicking effects of GHB outlawed in London.

road.jpg Singer Jackson Browne sues McCain over use of "Running on Empty" song in Obama attack ad.

road.jpg Ed Westwick on a man date.

Madonnaroad.jpg Happy 50th birthday Madonna.

road.jpg Court reinstates dismissed discrimination case by former employee of Merrill Lynch over supervisor's "stupid fag" slur: "On the hostile workplace claim, the appeals court said Taylor's holding -- that a single comment may be severe enough to create a hostile workplace -- applies regardless of who made the comment. 'The fact that it was made by plaintiff's immediate supervisor should be enough because, as Taylor itself noted, a supervisor is someone who should be protecting the employee from such conduct in the workplace,' they wrote. They noted that even before the 'stupid fag' remark was allegedly made, Wonder had been verbally critical of Kwiatkowski's performance. 'At the very least, plaintiff would have had genuine reason to question Wonder every time she criticized his work and evaluated his performance, and to wonder whether the criticism was valid or instead was generated by her bias against gay men,' they observed."

road.jpg Former Big Brother star dishes to HX about the behind-the-scenes action in the upcoming Another Gay Sequel.

road.jpg Last Dance: Hopes for a NYC Roxy revival fading...Documentary to air on LOGO.

road.jpg Margaret Cho would like to be the center in a Lindsay Lohan-Samantha Ronson sandwich: "I would hope that Samantha Ronson would be this hot, mean, butch top. I don't know about Lindsay, though. I'd have to see. I think the three of us would be great in a daisy chain." And here's a sneak peek at The Cho show. The girl's also rocking some major tattoos.

road.jpg Karl Rove: Same-sex marriage won't be the issue it was in 2004...

Keith_bryceroad.jpg An interview with Project Runway's Keith Bryce.

road.jpg Robert Downey Jr. the latest star to adopt the pornstache.

road.jpg Obesity linked to childhood ear infections: "Preliminary results from the University of Florida in Gainesville suggest that severe ear infections damage a nerve that transmits signals from the tongue to the brain, which then changes the patient's perception of tasteso that they prefer fatty foods. A team led by Linda Bartoshuk noticed the link by questioning 1300 subjects – 245 of whom had a history of ear infections – on their medical history, height, weight and taste perception. Of those who had had ear infections, those over 30 had higher body mass indices, with proportionally twice as many obese subjects.

road.jpg Karl Lagerfeld wants to be a rapper.

Karl Lagerfeld: Designer in Headlights


Karl Lagerfeld dons a reflective yellow vest for a new French road safety campaign, declaring, "It's yellow, it's ugly, it doesn't match anything, but it can save your life."

According to Bloomberg, "Lagerfeld agreed to pose in the shapeless protective apparel as part of a French government safety-awareness campaign, which was kicked off yesterday. The vest and a reflective triangle will become mandatory for all drivers and cyclists on July 1. The number of traffic deaths in France jumped 10 percent to 346 in May, the highest since the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Environment said on its Web site. Two cyclists have died in Paris since the introduction of free municipal bicycles last year."

Karl Lagerfeld Worships Model Brad Kroenig in New York [tr]
Karl Lagerfeld to Appear in Grand Theft Auto [tr]
Karl Lagerfeld Has a Diet Coke Butler [tr]

Karl Lagerfeld Worships Model Brad Kroenig in New York


Grand Theft Auto star and fashion designer/photographer Karl Lagerfeld is launching his new book Metamorphoses of an American at a New York gallery opening tonight. It features five years worth of photos of model, sometime Manhattan real estate agent, and occasional private part flasher Brad Kroenig. Lagerfeld's attachment to Kroenig is apparently as strong as his attachment to Diet Coke — he's always on hand.

Maureen Orth yesterday posted a piece on the Lagerfeld/Kroenig relationship for Vanity Fair yesterday:

"'Have you met Brad?' Lagerfeld asked. Brad Kroenig, a top male mode who, at 6 foot 1, looks vaguely like Matthew McConaughey, was sparkling in the same silver sequined jacket he’d worn to the Met Costume gala the night before. He and Lagerfeld attended New York’s 'party of the year' together, and they had just arrived in Paris the afternoon I saw them, none the worse for wear. Kroenig, an easy-going 29-year-old with the uncanny ability to transform himself to look like everyone from James Dean to Errol Flynn, is the American whose 'metamorphoses' Lagerfeld has been documenting for the past five years. 'I thought it would be interesting to follow the physical evolution of someone,' the designer told me in his rapid-fire German accent. 'Without him knowing it, he has an unbelievable range. It’s a kind of gift. He knows nothing about these things. It’s fun for somebody to skate on these images and interpretations without being an actor—the characters, the situations, the attitudes, while at the same time to stay a completely modern all-American.'"

New York mag has a preview of the book.


Karl Lagerfeld to Appear in Grand Theft Auto


More Lagerfeld news. The designer/photographer will soon be pixellated.

PSFK reports: "It’s just been announced that the designer will be playing a role in the newest installment of Grand Theft Auto, where he’ll DJ on air at the game’s K109 The Studio station."

Rockstar Games released the caricature above (I added the background).

According to WWD: "Players can pick from multiple radio stations for the soundtrack, ranging from licensed songs to new ones. Lagerfeld picked his favorite electronica and dance music and peppered the selection with some of his rapid-fire commentary. 'They had written a politically incorrect dialogue,' the designer said. 'I loved it, [particularly] in a time when everybody wants to be so politically correct when they talk.' He didn’t have to dig too deep to find his music selection. 'Music is part of the life of fashion, too,' he said. 'Through the famous sound stylist Michel Gaubert, I’m very much ‘au courant’ and know what’s going on.'"

Karl Lagerfeld Has a Diet Coke Butler [tr]
Lagerfeld Vulnerable as Bodyguard Models Happy Feet Togs [tr]

Karl Lagerfeld Has a Diet Coke Butler


Karl Lagerfeld was out shooting photos in New York recently with his entourage, which includes the first Diet Coke butler I have ever seen.

Lagerfeld is known for his love of Diet Coke and claimed in 2001 to have lost 90 lbs subsisting on that and steamed vegetables. Now we know how he always keeps it on hand.

Lagerfeld Vulnerable as Bodyguard Models Happy Feet Togs [tr]

(via flickr user mordechai der yid via greg.org)


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