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News: Conservative Tears, Rihanna, Rove Out, Penguin Daddies

1NewsIcon Brazil loves small dogs.

PenguinChick1NewsIcon A pair of male King penguins at a Danish zoo are currently over the moon (well, they would be if they could fly) about the recent birth of their first little chick. According to zoo keepers, the same-sex partners are "natural parents."

1NewsIcon Right Wing Watch has a great compilation of conservatives griping about Tuesday night's election results. "We wrestle with these political issues but at the core our problems as a nation are not political, they are spiritual. These are symptoms of a deeper moral and spiritual problem that we are facing in our nation," said Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council.

1NewsIcon A big congratulations to Stacie Laughton, the first transgender public figure elected to the New Hampshire state legislature. "I believe that at this point, the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community will hopefully be inspired," Laughton told The Telegraph. "My hope is that now maybe we’ll see more people in the community running, maybe for alderman. Maybe in the next election, we’ll have a senator."

1NewsIcon Laughton and about 110 other LGBT candidates who won Tuesday have helped establish LGBT presence in 40 out of 50 state legislatures.

Gandy1NewsIcon There is no such thing as too much David Gandy - period.

1NewsIcon The same could be said about Kate Moss, but for different reasons.

1NewsIcon Just in time for the holidays, a new David Beckham H&M ad campaign.

1NewsIcon Ellen DeGeneres generously gave guest Miley Cyrus two lap-dancing men to celebrate the singer's upcoming marriage to Liam Hemsworth.

1NewsIcon Have a listen to Rihanna and former boyfriend Chris Brown's aural collaboration.

1NewsIcon President Obama will soon fly off to Southeast Asia for a historic trip to Cambodia.

1NewsIcon Charles Blow says the GOP needs to look at the numbers and face the facts, their political vision no longer fits in contemporary America. "If your idea of America’s power structure is rooted in a 1950s or even a 1920s sensibility, here’s an update: that America is no more," he writes in an article called "Picket Fence Apocalypse". "Republicans are trying to hold back a storm surge of demographic change with a white picket fence. Good luck with that."

1NewsIcon Gruesome news from UK's Guardian: "A teenager has admitted killing a gay barman and then setting his body alight after he flew into a rage when they discussed his confused sexuality. Ryan Esquierdo, 19, attacked Stuart Walker, 28, and choked him to death after the pair had met one night while they were separately walking home in Cumnock, East Ayrshire, in October last year."

1NewsIcon Presenting: Kenny Loggins' "Playing with the Boys."

1NewsIcon It's about time: "Conservatives turn on Karl Rove."

CatMirror1NewsIcon This cat will not tolerate reflection.

1NewsIcon TIME looks at how marriage equality organizers finally changed the game: "Evan Wolfson, 55, the Harvard-educated founder of the group Freedom to Marry, helped convince others in the gay-rights movement to use ads that featured loving couples and the importance of commitment. 'We made a real connection on emotion,' he says."

1NewsIcon New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo offers a grim meteorological outlook for the Empire State.

1NewsIcon The top 5 candidates backed by NOM leader Brian Brown's right wing fundraising machine all lost.

Diane Sawyer Drunk Dials Randy Rainbow: VIDEO


Diane Sawyer's effervescent reporting was second only to Karl Rove's Ohio meltdown in terms of 2012 election night hilarity and viral video hits.

AFTER THE JUMP, our friend Randy Rainbow shows us what happened after the after party.

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Karl Rove Flips Out, Sends FOX News Minions Scrambling After They Call Election for Obama: VIDEO


Megyn Kelly is sent marching (literally) to FOX News election analysts HQ to "get to the bottom of it" after the network calls the election for Obama.


Writes Andrew Sullivan: "This looks like it was scripted by Ricky Gervais. I watched with my jaw slowly dropping lower and lower (which was hard since I was smiling so widely as well)."


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Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS Is Spending $25 Million To Run This Ad: VIDEO


Former brain of George W. Bush and perennial conservative strategist Karl Rove and his super PAC Crossroads GPS announced today that they are running this anti-Obama ad, called "Excuses," in nine battle ground states. The price tag for this endeavor, which hammers the president for varying defenses of his economic policies, is $25 million.

ABC News offers some more details:

The new ad titled “Excuses” will run in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia from July 10 through early August.

Pegged to today’s jobs report. which showed employers added 80,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 8.2 percent, the ad is described in a release as the “first wave of a $25 million advocacy effort.”

The 30 second ad begins with an unemployment line before moving to a graphic  over a picture of Barack Obama that reads “President Obama: Bad Excuses for the Economy.” Then a moving graphics lists various reasons for the struggling economy. The commercial ends with “Tell President Obama: Cut the Out-of-Control Debt.”

Watch the advert AFTER THE JUMP.

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Karl Rove Accuses Obama of Politicizing Gay Marriage: VIDEO


Karl Rove, who was key to making gay marriage a wedge issue in the 2004 election, accuses Obama of doing the same.

Writes Jon Bershad at Mediaite: "This interview is basically like watching Michael Jordan go on TV and accuse someone else of being a basketball player."


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American Crossroads Attacks 'Celebrity' Obama: VIDEO


American Crossroads, the PAC founded in part by Karl Rove, is running yet another attack ad against President Obama, and TPM points out that this time they're borrowing a page from John McCain's 2008 argument that Obama is "the biggest celebrity on the planet," yet still not a stellar leader.

Peppered with images of President Obama slow-jamming with Jimmy Fallon, calling Kanye West a "jackass" and drinking beer, the ad ends with startling statistics about student loan totaling over $1 trillion and graduate underemployment at about 50%. Will this persuade young voters  to walk with American Crossroads, or will this ad simply reinforce the fact that the Republican nominee is as flat as a board?

Watch AFTER THE JUMP and decide for yourself.

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