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Forecasting LGBT Progress In Obama's Second Term: VIDEO


Political analysts all have their divining rods honed in on President Obama's second term in hopes of figuring out his post-inauguration agenda, including in terms of LGBT rights. AFTER THE JUMP, Richard Socarides, David Mixner and the National Center for Lesbian Rights' Kate Kendell join Howard Bragman to offer their own insight on where President Obama will focus his energies over the next four years.

One of the things that must be recognized, they all agree, is that that President Obama's first term brought such a tidal wave of progress that the second term will likely be marked by smaller successes.

Check it out AFTER THE JUMP.

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Activists React to Prop 8 Hearing Over Judge's Sexuality: VIDEOS


Activist Sean Chapin put together a video reel of the highlights of the rally held yesterday outside the Federal District Court House in San Francisco before the Prop 8 hearing over the preposterous motion to vacate Judge Walker's ruling because he is gay.

Kendell Also, remarks from NCLR Executive DirectorKate Kendall, who was in the courtroom at the time.

Watch both clips, AFTER THE JUMP...

Here's a lengthy report on yesterday's hearing, with this juicy bit, from NPR:

Ware also heard arguments on whether he should prohibit Walker from using videotaped recordings of the trial in public speeches. Cooper said Walker's post-retirement use of the recordings violated a U.S. Supreme Court ruling barring the trial from being broadcast beyond the federal courthouse in San Francisco.

Ware said he would issue a written ruling at a later date but suggested he was disinclined to prevent his former colleague from making personal use of the videos.

Ware said Walker had been given the videos as a parting gift during a "passing the gavel" ceremony.

"It was done under my auspices," he said. So I want to disclose that in case you wish to make an argument that somehow having presided over that event ... I should recuse myself."

A ruling is expected sometime today.

Watch both clips, AFTER THE JUMP...

Catch up on yesterday's report...
Following Hearing, Ruling to Come Within 24 Hours on Judge's Sexuality in Prop 8 Case [tr]

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Watch: NCLR's Kate Kendell Reacts to Prop 8 Closing Arguments


Kate Kendell of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, who was liveblogging from the courtroom yesterday, recorded a vlog about an hour after closing arguments ended in the federal challenge to Prop 8. 

She's very optimistic about how things went.


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Prop8 Trial Finishes Arguments. Broad Range Of Possible Outcomes.

The closing arguments in Perry v. Schwarzenegger, if one could call them that, are done, with-- as expected-- no ruling from the bench. Judge Walker scheduled the final round of testimony and rebuttal five months after the initial testimony so that he could have time to prepare the 39 questions he asked both sides to address in closing. If you missed the Twitter stream this afternoon, you'll wish it was televised after dipping into some of the summaries.

Unofficial transcript at the AFER site.

More coverage fromOlson_boies Courage Campaign, along with their clever project acting out the trial.

Good round up  at Huffington Post.

One side seemed a whole lot better prepared than the other, with the proponents of Prop 8 so unable to avoid Boies' logic that David Blankenhorn of the Institute for American Values made a number of statements clearly affirming the need for marriage equality (on display at Pam's House Blend).

In fact, Boies' questions were so effective at getting Blankenhorn to make the case that adoptive parents are better that when Olson came back to it during rebuttal, observers were "literally laughing and banging palm on foreheads" in the gallery,  reports Firedoglake. Check it out for their SportsCenter-like play by play of the legal team strategy scoring points today, but also covering bases most of us wouldn't know needed covering for the inevitable Supreme Court appeal.

Blankenhorn's respect for the "dignity of homosexual love" -Though a committed member of those opposing gay marriage -- is not actually news. The Independent Gay Forum noted his take in 2007 commenting on the this Gay Marriage Edition of Bloggingheads.

Not to worry, it was sufficiently balanced by arguments irrational, illogical and surreal. With Twitter the only way to follow along, at times it seemed like sitting behind Waldorf and Stadtler in the Muppet balcony  or with the MST3K commentators without actually being able to see the show. Over the course of this trial, Twitter news coverage has clearly come of age.  Compare the awkward first day's unplanned twitter coverage to today's mastery of the 140 characters.

Kate Kendell's distillation of the trial was so concise she had characters left to pour out a drinking game, counting the shots  each time the other side used some version of the word "procreation."

The re-tweeting, replaying and second-guessing continues.

The judge has broad authority to determine the time and possible outcomes which range from dissolving the 18,000 legal same sex marriages as proponents of Prop 8 asked again today, to ordering that new marriages be performed without waiting for the appeal.

Equality Summit Interview: NCLR Executive Director Kate Kendell

KendellGuestblogger_2BRAD WILLIS

Towleroad correspondent Brad Willis, who filed a report earlier today from Saturday's 'Equality Summit' in Los Angeles, sat down with Kate Kendell, executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, to discuss Proposition 8, Obama's civil rights agenda, and moving forward in the campaign for marriage equality.

What your position was with the No On 8 campaign?

I was a member of the (No On 8 Campaignʼs) Executive Committee [since] 2004.

There are a lot of people within the LGBT community who don’t understand why marriage is important. Why is it important?

What marriage provides is not only the practical security of a legally recognized relationship, but it makes it virtually impossible to continue to think of LGBT people as less equal and less valuable members of society.

If we do win the right to marry in states, it still won’t solve problems like immigration and taxation which are federal issues. Is that something we should be thinking about now?

There is no doubt that a lack of federal recognition of our relationships [inflicts] a tremendous hardship on LGBT people. There are many heartbreaking things about losing Prop 8 and seeing it pass. One of the most significant for me is that for a moment in time it has arrested the momentum for Congress and the Obama administration to move quickly to repeal DOMA. It is very gratifying to see that, notwithstanding Prop 8’s
passage, Obama lists (on his website) repealing DOMA as one of the significant priorities of his civil rights agenda. If DOMA is repealed, issues like social security and survivor’s benefits, or immigration and the rights of bi-national couples will be ameliorated and we will be on our way to fairness and equality.

If DOMA were repealed would our marriages be portable to other states?

Having a repeal of DOMA occur in this first Obama term, which I very much hope happens, would be a [huge] event in civil rights protection for LGBT people. But, until there is national recognition for our relationships, it will depend on where one lives, whether they enjoy both state benefits and federal benefits.

What would you say to people who say, Well, I think gay people should have all the legal rights, but I don’t agree with calling it marriage?

Continued, AFTER THE JUMP...

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