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Man Performs Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' in the Styles of 20 Artists from Sinatra to Slipknot: VIDEO


Anthony Vincent pulls from his stable of band and artist impersonations to cover Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" in 20 different varieties.


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Katy Perry Does the Australian Weather Forecast: VIDEO


Katy Perry offered her help with the Australian weather forecast on a morning show down under, but seemed to get its cities confused with places in a Harry Potter novel.


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Shirtless Frat Bros Dress Katy Perry's 'Roar' Up with Snow Angels: VIDEO


It snowed in the South, so naturally a group of frat bros at the University of Arkansas raided the costume closet and made snow shirtless snow angels for a lip dub video to Katy Perry's "Roar".



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Katy Perry Keeps Calm in an Exploding World in 'Unconditionally': VIDEO


Katy Perry's video for "Unconditionally" debuted this morning.

It's a visual dynamo about trusting the one you love, complete with snow, fire, flower petals, owls, and undersea car accidents. It also gives a moment to this intensely engaged couple who seem to have found each other about halfway through the clip.




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News: Neil Patrick Harris, Shia LaBeouf, Picasso, National Baking Week

Tweedle RoadNeil Patrick Harris and David Burtka up the adorable quotient, dressing the entire family in costumes from Alice in Wonderland for a Halloween party yesterday. The duo dressed up as Tweedledee and Tweedledum while daughter Harper went as Alice and son Gideon as the March Hare.

RoadShia LaBeouf tweets semi-full frontal still from upcoming flick, Charlie Countryman (possibly NSFW).

RoadWe're only hours away from marriage equality in New Jersey!

RoadSpeaker of the House John Boehner on why the government shutdown ensued, after he promised it wouldn't: "I got overrun, that’s what happened."

RoadIn San Francisco, two Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) workers were hit and killed by train one day after BART union workers went on strike.

RoadPicasso overload: 29 works by the famed Spanish painter hit the auction block at the same time.

RoadSuicide bombing in Baghdad kills 35, wounds 45.

QueerRoadBenedict Cumberbatch's WikiLeaks thriller The Fifth Estate bombed this weekend. Still, some might be interested in seeing Cumberbatch as a Disney prince. Any Disney prince.

RoadAs previously reported, Bravo's Andy Cohen will be hosting a ten year reunion of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy tonight. Will you be watching?

RoadWhite House brings in 'best and brightest' to help fix Obamacare website.

RoadBen Cohen's StandUp Foundation, an organization that works to eradicate bullying and advance equality, has a new line of t-shirts, hats and hoodies available for purchase.

RoadArchaeologists unearth pre-Viking age monuments in Sweden: "As archaeologists dug in preparation for a new railway line, they found traces of two rows of wooden pillars in Old Uppsala, an ancient pagan religious center. One stretched about 1,000 yards (1 kilometer) and the other was half as long. Archaeologist Lena Beronius-Jorpeland said the colonnades were likely from the 5th century but their purpose is unclear. She called it Sweden's largest Iron Age construction and said the geometrical structure is unique. Old Uppsala is known as a center for Norse religion, where believers gathered to sacrifice animals to gods such as Odin and Thor. The colonnades were found near a famous burial site where the three Iron Age kings Aun, Egil and Adils are believed to be buried."

UniRoadApparently it was national baking week in the UK. This seems like an appropriate way to commemorate the occasion.

RoadKaty Perry drops new lyric video for "Unconditionally."

RoadSandra Bullock demonstrates what commitment to your Halloween costume really looks like.

RoadBluegrass group Beef Seeds offers rousing rendition of Lorde's "Royals."

SNL's Version Of A Boy Dance Party: Video

Boy dance

Last night's episode of Saturday Night Live (hosted by Bruce Willis) featured skits that mashed Gravity with the government shutdown and provided a look into what a boy dance party might look like (hint - it involves twerking).


Musical guest Katy Perry showed up with her band of animals to perform a lively theatrical version of "Roar." 

Watch all three clips, AFTER THE JUMP.

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