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News: Kristin Chenoweth, Joe McElderry, Arizona, Rent

 road Kristin Chenoweth on the reaction caused by her speaking out against the Newsweek article in which she defended Sean Hayes and other openly gay actors: “If it was a way to get the conversation started then I’m very happy. I said exactly what I needed to in that article and I stand by everything that I said.”

Joe  road Joe McElderry grateful for the support he's received since his coming out. One of those supporters, Simon Cowell, is "thrilled" about his decision.

 road Ne-Yo says that people think he's gay because he's never shot a person before.

 road Madonna-directed film "W.E." takes shoots in Paris.

 road The US version of the incredibly raw UK show "Skins" has changed the original show's gay dancer character with that of a lesbian cheerleader.

 road Dick Cheney in the hospital after heart surgery.

 road Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison won't vote to confirm Elena Kagan: “Her decision on military recruiters while at Harvard gives evidence of her personal views instructing her professional decisions in order to promote a social agenda. I simply cannot reconcile Ms. Kagan’s sparse record and my concerns about whether she will be an impartial arbiter of the law and so I will oppose her appointment."

 road Don't be surprised to find out your Blackberry doesn't work in the UAE.

 road 15 years ago, Lisa Simpson was married on this date - August 1, 2010.

 road Sarah Palin's focus will certainly change over the next 2 years: "I've never committed to running for president. That's not where my focus is."

 road Those affected by the BP Oil spill might get a lump sum payout.

Ar  road Men protest Arizona's immigration law by storming Citi Field with Mexican flags during Mets/Arizona Diamondbacks game.

 road Gay perceptions in both Jamaican and Japanese reggae: "Over the last decade, gay activism, which has led to the cancellations of European tours for a number of Jamaican dancehall artistes, has made Japanese reggae fans aware of the presence of anti-gay lyrics in Jamaican dancehall. This has led to debates within the Japanese dancehall community on the extent to which aspects of Jamaican dancehall performance should be adopted in Japan when the social circumstances in Japan are different,"

 road I don't think Tiger Woods marrying one of his mistresses would improve his PR image.

 road A Neil Patrick Harris-helmed Rent prepares to take over the Hollywood Bowl next weekend.

The Space Station's cooling system is experiencing big problems.

 road Eddie Munster gets a Mrs. Munster.

Neither Kay Bailey Hutchison Nor Rick Perry Want to Be Associated with the 'Offensive' Word 'Gay'

Yesterday, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s (R-TX) gubernatorial campaign website was discovered to be filled with a variety of hidden "metatags" intended to draw internet users from search engines, one of which referenced the current Texas governor: "Rick Perry gay".

Perry Naturally, the camp of the homophobic governor was outraged: "Perry spokesman Mark Miner said he hadn’t seen the site. Speaking before Sadosky said the hidden phrases would be removed, Miner said: 'If they’re behind this, it’s outrageous. They should pull it down immediately. It shows the depths they will seek for their own political gain.'”

Here is the list of hidden metatags.

Hutchison's aides said they would remove the "gay" tags immediately, but not before labeling them "offensive".

Hutchison Said Hutchison spokesman Jeff Sadosky: "We did not know these offensive word associations were being searched for by hundreds of thousands of Texans everyday nor do we condone the computer-generated existence on our Web site."

Think Progress writes: "Hutchison did not clarify what exactly she finds 'offensive' about the phrase 'rick perry gay.' Is she offended by the very notion that her state could be governed by a gay man, or does she simply find the word 'gay' itself to be offensive? In either event, her initial mistake was nothing more than an innocent attempt to monitor search engines. Why she felt the need to respond with anti-gay rhetoric is anyone’s guess."


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