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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #884

REAL WORLD DC'S MIKE MANNING: For James Duke Mason's Trailblazer campaign.

KD LANG: The legend talks about being butch with Canada's Xtra.

HEAD-ON COLLISION: Not sure where this guy fits in on the human evolution chart but I'm guessing it's not near the top.

ANGRY BIRDS: Played via mind control.

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Watch: kd lang Confesses, She Loves You Madly


More genius vocal work from kd lang on her latest, "I Confess".

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Lincoln, Joaquin Phoenix, Sundance, Philippines, kd lang

 roadPresbyterian leaders in Kentucky vote to allow gays and lesbians to be ordained as pastors, elders and deacons.

Watch  roadAbraham Lincoln's watchmaker carved a secret inscription to the president on the inside of his pocket watch. The watchmaker's memory of it is nicer than the reality: "The first gun is fired. Slavery is dead. Thank God we have a President who at least will try."

 roadStunt? Joaquin Phoenix attacks "bitch" in his audience - VIDEO.

 roadFlorida judge orders school board to allow Gay-Straight Alliance to meet at Yullee High School near Jacksonville.

 roadCenter Square: San Francisco reading of one-man play about Paul Lynde halted by "cease and desist" letter.

 roadGay man picked to head Sundance Film Festival: "Actor Robert Redford, who founded the Sundance Institute in 1981, said [John] Cooper 'brings to the position an infectious enthusiasm as well as a deep understanding of the Sundance brand and culture. Forward thinking, he is a natural choice of succession to lead the Festival into the 21st century.' In recent years, Cooper has been involved in distributing short films on platforms such as iTunes, XBox360, and Netflix. He's also recently spearheaded the Art House Project, an initiative of 18 art houses from across the country designed to connect regional audiences to the Sundance's films and filmmakers."

 roadIt's probably best not to give a woman-beater a Kids' Choice Award.

Chace_ed  roadOh, just kiss and get it over with.

 roadThree new biographies explore authors who were gay (or struggled with it).

 roadTrial to begin over anti-gay killing in Brooklyn's Crown Heights. Killer thought victim was flirting with him.

 roadPhilippines military opens recruitment to gays. Commanding officer: "I don’t have anything against gay people but I am still in the dark, I cannot imagine how they will perform and discharge their duties once they are accepted in the military"

 roadBoston Gay Men's Chorus to tackle kd lang's "Big Boned Gal" in next concert. Somebody please send a video.

 roadApparently, Sean Penn's suit from Milk is a Mormon magnet.

Croc  roadBig Gulp: Croc gobbles shark in Australia.

 roadWebsite scans NYC sandwiches.

 roadClay Aiken to present GLAAD award to Tyra Banks.

 roadGambling regulators in Las Vegas recommend $50,000 fine and a 6-month suspension of a slot machine license for city's oldest gay bar Snick's, over public sex complaint.

 roadIn praise of Sonny Bill Williams.

 roadGoogle to increase user surveillance: "Google’s influence over our lives is set to grow further after it anounced today that it will track millions of people as they move through the internet in order work out what their interests are. Using that information, it will then provide targeted advertising to suit users' individual tastes."

Now, kd lang Denies Relationship with Madonna


The newswires are atwitter with headlines that kd lang is denying a relationship with Madonna, and I guess Madonna flings are getting attention these days, but the quote has been extracted from a larger and much more interesting profile on the singer in The Guardian in which she talks a lot about sexuality and perception.

Kdmadonna_3Says lang: "I've always had an interesting relationship with my androgyny. It's kind of breadfruit - it looks poisonous but it's really good once you figure out how to get into it. I think the combination of my voice and my look was pre-ordained."

Lang says she often is mistaken for a man: "I like that. I didn't always, it bugged me sometimes, but I like going through the world kind of ambiguous. I definitely get less harassment, less attention...I remember one time I wore a really tight T-shirt that showed cleavage and some guy looked at my boobs and I was like, 'what?!' It was, to me, really crazy. It felt so alien. Being androgynous changes the sexual playing field too, because a lot of gay guys flirt with me, a lot of straight women flirt with me...Or they have - not any more, nobody flirts with me any more."

And here's where the Madonna quote came from: "The Britney-Madonna kiss [at the MTV music awards in 2003] annoyed me. I don't know much about Katy Perry, but I think there needs to be some inning now and then. Ultimately though, it's all good to play with sexuality and not be the gayest gay and not be the straightest straight. Ultimately, we're all bisexual, honestly I think that's true. I think [the gay community's] fears and expectations are the things that get all flustered when someone like Katy Perry has a song...[Madonna] never came on to me, that was a lot of publicity because we had the same publicist and it helped Madonna and it helped me. I don't think Madonna ever really liked me, to be honest. We're very different people."

Lang has a new self-produced album, Watershed. She released a trailer for it earlier this year, in which she played and discussed some of the music. You can watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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